Welcome To Crete Chapter 32

Welcome To Crete Chapter 32

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam, Fay and Sal meet Nick, Jen's new boyfriend


The morning seemed to pass slowly for Fay; she kept making small typing errors and was forced to go back over her work again and again to check its accuracy. Typing up the information on the trips reminded her of the time Adam and she had spent together, but it also made her realize how quickly their relationship, if you could call it that, had progressed. In one way she was very flattered by all the attention he was paying her and she felt excited every time she knew that she would see him again. However, the more practical side of her was wary. She was a realist, able to make choices about her life based on logical decisions; although recently her mind had been overtaken with distracting thoughts brought on by secret, steamy glances and emotionally charged encounters.

She was so lost in thought that she didn't even realize that someone had walked into the office until they stood in the middle of the room and shook Adam's hand.
"Hi, I'm Nick. Jen said that you were looking for workers." He sat back against a table and loosely folded his arms in front of him.

Bloody hell, how had Jen managed to trap such a good looking guy?

He had a casual, relaxed look about him with blonde, ruffled hair and the kind of blue eyes that could persuade you of almost anything. He spoke with Adam and they seemed to fall into conversation easily as Adam drew Nick's attention to his computer screen and Nick appeared to sort out some kind of dilemma that Adam was having.

Fay turned her attention back to her work with determination to get it finished at some point that day. She only managed to type up another couple of paragraphs however before Sal burst into the office and demanded her attention.
"I'm so jazzed up about my new apartment," she enthused, sitting on top of Fay's desk and glancing at her work. "Plus now we will be working in the same place, how excellent is that Fay?" She clapped her hands with excitement.
"Calm down Sal, besides most of the time you will be at the airport so I won't see you that much. Even less now that you'll be moving out," she added.
Sal pouted and jumped off the desk, running around it and throwing her arms around Fay dramatically. "I'd forgotten. And I love you so much; you're my best friend in the whole wild world," she said, kissing her face. Fay looked astounded and glanced up to see Adam and Nick watching them with amused expressions.
"Yes, I love you too Sal but perhaps we shouldn't show it quite so much here in the office!" she frowned, untangling herself from Sal's arms.
Nick laughed. "Oh I don't know, carry on you two," he said cheekily.
"I'm with him on this one," Adam added with a grin.
Sal giggled, "You see, it's only Adam and..."
"Nick," he provided for her.
"...yes and Nick, they don't mind."
Fay shook her head in disbelief at Sal and nudged her away. Sal shrugged and turned her attention to Adam.

"So, when do I start work then Adam?" she called across the office.
"Officially, probably in a couple of weeks but you could collect some one off guests who are arriving tomorrow for me if you'd like," he offered.
"Okay," she agreed and then turned to Fay, "going to be busy tomorrow then what with moving out and going to the airport. Oh well, no rest for the wicked eh," she winked. "Who's he anyway," she whispered looking in Nick's direction.
"Looks like he is going to be working along side you, he's Jen's new boyfriend...I know," Fay said, noticing the surprised look on Sal's face.

At that point Nick glanced in their direction and Sal smiled, moving towards Adam's desk.
"Do I get to wear a sexy uniform then Adam?" she asked with a grin.
"Not tomorrow Sal but I'll get one organized for you to wear when you officially begin." He had moved back to his computer and began frowning again as he fiddled with the settings on it. "Nick, can you help me out here again." He appealed to Nick who was standing next to Sal around the other side of the desk.

Nick edged past Sal, taking her by the arms as he moved between her and the corner of the desks.
"Awch! Awch! Awch! Sunburn mister," she exclaimed, cringing and blowing on her glowing skin. He glanced back at her with surprise and watched as she inspected the skin of her arms, shoulders and back.
"You'll have to get used to using sun tan lotion you know Sal or you'll end up frazzled," Fay warned.
"Hey, I did use it but I still got burnt," she sulked.
"What factor did you use?"
Sal looked slightly guilty. "Okay I admit it wasn't a very high factor but I want a golden tan to drive all the men at the airport wild," she laughed. "Mind you, I'm beginning to regret it now." She winced as she patted her burnt skin and glanced around for her beach bag. She found it by Fay's desk and delved into the bottom to pull out a bottle of after sun lotion. "Always be prepared, that's what I say," she looked at Fay proudly and handed her the lotion, pointing to her burnt back and indicating for Fay to apply some.

Nick elbowed Adam and they both watched with excited, boyish anticipation. Sal narrowed her eyes at them, sighed and snatched the lotion off Fay, moving back towards the men with her arms crossed.
"I can't imagine what you two are grinning at," she said sarcastically.
They shrugged and she gave them an exasperated look. "Bloody men! Here I am in agony and all you two can think about is...well never mind, you do it then," she said, passing the bottle to Nick who looked astounded.

Sal stood with her back to him and moved her long, auburn hair aside. "And be gentle, it hurts like hell," she added.
Nick shrugged at Adam and Adam grinned back at him as he watched Nick pour some lotion onto the back of Sal's shoulders and begin to rub it in.
She turned and watched him. "You don't think it will all peel off do you?"
"No, I'm sure you will drive all the men wild," Nick laughed.
She looked satisfied and took the bottle back off him, turning and holding out a hand. "I'm Sal, looks like we will be at the airport together then."
He wiped the greasy residue from the lotion onto his jeans and shook her hand.
"Should be fun," he smiled.
"Right, I'm going back to sleep before my celebratory drinks tonight," Sal said decisively, grabbing her beach bag. "What time do you want me here tomorrow Adam?"
"It's a night flight but I've got to talk to the coach drivers yet so I'll phone you tomorrow," he informed her.
"No problem, see you all later, bye." She waved over her shoulder as she left the office.

Fay eventually finished her work at around four thirty; an hour after Ann had to leave to pick up her daughter. She saved the documents on her computer with a satisfied smile.
"I've finally finished Adam," she called across the room, "in fact it didn't take as long as I'd imagined."
He got out of his seat and moved over to her, leaning back against the edge of her desk. "That's because you haven't stopped for a break since you got here this morning."
She dismissed his comment, "I just wanted to get it done."
"Well you have and I appreciate it Fay, thank you for all your hard work sweetheart." He watched as she stood and tidied up her desk. "Listen I've taken into account all your extra work and the help that you have been to me and I have given you a raise in wages. I'll have it ready at the end of the week."
She stopped and looked up at him with surprise, unsure of how to respond. "Gosh thanks. It's nice to be appreciated," she smiled.
"What, your last employer didn't appreciate you then?"
"Well he wasn't one for rises anyway. Oh but I shouldn't be telling you that or you'll take it back," she bantered.
"No, I wouldn't do that. Just don't go leaving me to work for another company will you Fay or I'll have to hunt you down and drag you back here."
She laughed. "No, I'm happy here...for now," she added.

Adam reluctantly acknowledged to himself then that there was actually a possibility of conflict between Fay as his employee and Fay as a possible lover. She was doing a fantastic job and her background knowledge and contacts were invaluable to him at that time. However, should any developing relationship between them go wrong at any point would she leave the job? And how would he feel about a failed relationship with her? No, she seemed different though. A little hard to figure out at times, but different from any of the other women he had ever had relationships with.

She reached for her bag and prepared to leave. He watched her thoughtfully.

How was he going to get to see her tonight? Would she go out with Sal?

She put her phone in her bag and looked up.
"Well, see you tomorrow," she said, glancing at his face and pausing at the expression she saw. His eyes held hers like a magnet and the atmosphere abruptly changed. She suddenly had a vision of them in the storeroom with him unfastening her dress and she turned her face away as she felt her cheeks begin to redden.
"Bye," she said quickly and he leaned over, intending to kiss her on her cheek. She moved awkwardly to look back into his face however and her lips skimmed his accidentally. She gave a small laugh and pulled back, throwing him a flustered look of confusion.

Hell, if she wanted him to kiss her properly he'd be more than happy to oblige!

Suddenly her mind had gone blank and her eyes searched his face as she waited for him to say or do something, unsure of what exactly.

Should he kiss her? Did she want him to? God, he'd love to kiss her, to taste her, to feel her tongue and lips.

"Will you phone me tomorrow?" she asked out of the blue. He was thrown by her sudden question. "To tell me when to come in," she finished.
"Oh, yes," he said, shaking his head abruptly and watching with disappointment as she finally moved to the door and left.

Damn! Not so much thinking next time and lots more doing!

© 2011 Repgreece

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