Welcome To Crete Chapter 33

Welcome To Crete Chapter 33

A Chapter by Repgreece

Drinks by the lake and a cocktail bar


Sal was already searching for clothes to wear that evening when Fay arrived home.

"Well I've pretty much packed everything up, not that I've got a lot anyway. You are coming out tonight aren't you? It will be our last night out with me staying here," Sal pointed out.

"I guess so." Fay put her arm around Sal. "I will miss you you know."

"And I'll miss you too but we can still get ready together before we go out and you will have to come over to my new place," Sal enthused.

"Of course I will. I can't wait to see it." Fay sat on the bed in her spare room with a forlorn expression.

"Hey, what's wrong? You look sad; you're not allowed to look sad. Tell agony aunt Sal what's up," Sal said, sitting next to Fay and holding her hand.

"Oh I don't know," Fay sighed, "everything seems strange. So much has changed in the last couple of days and I kind of feel...unsettled."

"But why?" Sal frowned, "Things are going great. You have a great new job, your best friend is living just down the road, and a gorgeous, sexy man is lusting after you," she added with a grin. Fay sighed again and looked to the floor. "Oh, so that's it." Sal said, reading Fay's mood. "It's Adam who's getting to you then."

Fay looked up suddenly and turned to Sal. "It's just that if I give in to him how can I continue working there afterwards? It would be so awkward. And even if it lasted for a while when we did eventually split up it would be just as bad, or worse," she added.

"Hey, why all the doom and gloom? You never know how things will pan out and if the worst comes to the worst you can always find another job. It's not as though you are completely reliant on working there," Sal reassured her.

"I guess...but you know I don't think I'm ready for a relationship of any kind with him. The problem is that he doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer and when we get close...I don't know, it all gets very heated very quickly." She looked guiltily at Sal but Sal looked thrilled at her admission.

"So he has kissed you then?" she said with excitement.

Fay gave a small smile. "Well he tried to a few days back but it all went a bit wrong. That was the night he slept with Jen."

"Oh. I always wondered what went wrong that night. What on earth did you say to him because he was distraught after you left?"

"Well he was being extremely pushy," she said defensively, "so I kind of told him that there was no way I was ever going to sleep with him."

"Ever? You said that you were never going to sleep with him?" Sal asked in disbelief.

"Look, I hardly knew the guy, I still don't really." She fiddled with the handle of the open suitcase that was lying on the bed.

"Yes but you must have some idea by now if he's a decent guy, you have spent enough time with him," Sal reasoned.

"He seems like a nice guy Sal but for heaven sake, considering my track record so far I'm not sure I can be trusted to judge!" she exclaimed.

"Well I can, and I say that he's lovely. And for the record I also think that he likes you more than you realize Fay."

"Do you?" she said hesitantly. "I'm sure he was going to kiss me earlier, just before I left the office," she admitted.

"There you go." Sal patted Fay's arm. "Just be a little bit more open to something developing between you two or he'll give up and you'll never know then if things would have turned out fantastically," she warned. "Come on, let's find you something to wear. He knows that we are going out tonight and he usually turns up."
Sal moved into Fay's bedroom and flung open the wardrobe doors.

"I think you should wear something really romantic tonight, give him the right vibes eh," she winked, searching through Fay's clothes. "Hey, I haven't seen this before," she said holding up a dress, "wow, it's lovely, it's so feminine and it would suit you really well. Try it on." 
It was a pale blue chiffon, knee length dress with delicate black lace detail on it. The silk straps formed a cross over at the back and the v-neck dipped enticingly at the front.

She put the dress on and looked to Sal for approval. "What do you think? Is it too dressy?"

"No," Sal dismissed with a wave of her hand, "it's getting really hot now and it's a great summer dress. Besides we are going down town tonight..." she frowned at Fay's expression, "...you haven't been into town with me since I arrived so we are going to make a night of it and no arguing."

"Okay, okay. Besides, we have to find you someone too Sal," Fay smiled. 
When Fay and Sal emerged from the apartment that evening they noticed loud music coming from down the hill.

"That sounds like there's something going on at the lake, let's check it out," Fay suggested.

"Good idea," Sal agreed, linking arms with Fay. 
At the lake they were confronted with a bustling atmosphere as many groups of people had turned out to sit in the tavernas and enjoy the entertainment. Sal and Fay stopped on the path at the edge of the lake and watched the commotion. There was a myriad of yellow and white lights surrounding the waters. Some were on their level from the tavernas which ran around the corner and could be seen to their left, and some were from the hotels and buildings that sat on top of the rocky cliff in front of them. The music was coming from a group of local musicians who were visible from a platform that jutted out into the water. 
"Hey look, there's Ruth," Sal said as Ruth rounded the corner and spotted Sal and Fay.

"Hello," Fay said with surprise, "is the bar closed tonight?"

"No, I've just got a few hours of freedom. Bill has offered to hold fort for a bit tonight," she explained. "I have come to see what's happening down here, they are quite good don't you think?" Ruth gestured to the musicians.

"Yes, it's nice here tonight. Shall we stay for a bit?" Fay asked Sal.

Ruth interrupted before Sal could answer. "By the way, I dragged Adam and that Tom guy down here too. They were in the bar but I thought that Tom should see the lake entertainment. They are over there somewhere in the crowds." She pointed in the direction from which she had come.

"We should find a seat and invite them over," Sal suggested, searching amongst the people for them.

"Quick, grab that table before it gets taken." Fay spotted a free table and rushed towards it, glancing back for Sal and Ruth.

"Listen love, I'd like to stop but I've got to get back. I'll see you later, have fun." Ruth waved and disappeared into the crowds again. 
Where had Sal gone now?
Fay stopped a passing waiter to order some wine, predicting that it could take some time before they would be able to find a waiter again due to the numbers of people.

"Found them!" Sal said appearing again with Tom and Adam in tow. Fay smiled as they approached and then dived onto one of the chairs with her arms as a woman was about to make off with it.

"Sorry, it's taken," she said. The woman frowned but moved away as Tom, Adam and Sal sat down. "That was close. We're lucky to get this table considering the numbers of people who have turned out," Fay said, glancing back at the woman as she began to speak loudly in Greek to a waiter behind them. "Well, we got here first anyway," she said, turning back around swiftly when she suspected that the woman might have heard and understood her. "So, are you enjoying the show?" she said, to Tom and Adam. They sat grinning at the altercation between Fay and the woman.

"I don't know, I was quite enjoying your show. I thought there was going to be a cat fight there for a minute," Tom laughed.

Fay bit her lip and blushed slightly; perhaps she had been a little confrontational. She diverted the conversation. "By the way, I've ordered some wine. Sorry, I didn't know what you two wanted but I thought I'd better get in before the waiter disappeared. Anyway, he'll be back soon so you can pin him down then if you want anything else."

"Very organized Fay, now you can see why I'm lost without her at the office." Adam directed his comment to Tom. "This one here is like a survival handbook to Crete."

"Looks like you fell on your feet then Adam," Tom said observing both of them sitting next to each other in front of him. 
The waiter came then and Adam ordered some beer for Tom and himself while Sal poured out the wine.

"Is it your first time here then Tom?" Sal enquired. Tom's reply was drowned out by the sound of the next group of musicians who began to play. Fay turned sideways to gaze out onto the lake and enjoy the atmosphere while Adam put his arm over the back of her chair. They sat for some time in silence as Tom and Sal chatted away until Adam suddenly spoke on impulse, "You know I'm really getting to love this place."

Fay turned to him in surprise. "You are?"

"I am," he confirmed, watching the reflections on the lake. She studied him with a smile and his eyes turned to hers. 
She liked that. He was glad that she liked that. 
He moved his arm to her shoulder and turned her slightly away from Sal and Tom to whisper, "Have I told you how beautiful I think you are Fay?"

She looked and felt taken aback for a moment, feeling flattered but a little embarrassed and uncertain of how to respond in a way that didn't make her seem like a giddy school girl. She resorted to a cool and somewhat sarcastic reply. "If you keep showering me with complements like that I'm going to get big headed Adam."

Adam wasn't to be put off. "It wasn't a complement, it was a statement of fact," he said shrugging and turning his attention back to the view. She watched him for a while and then turned to the lake again. He pulled her closer and she smiled, resting her head on his shoulder instinctively.

"You know it feels like I've known this place all my life now." He sounded surprised at his own statement.

"Yes, it has that effect on some people. You either love it or you hate it."

"I can't imagine why someone would hate it." He looked down at her with surprise.

"Some people prefer the busier, chaotic resorts but those who like it here tend to return again and again."

"That's good for us then." He put his head next to hers. 

They sat for some time, enjoying the view and the atmosphere. Sal and Tom continued with their conversation, although Tom noted the interaction between Adam and Fay with interest. Adam reached for their drinks and refilled their glasses when they became empty, enjoying the closeness with Fay and the semi private niche they had created for themselves.

After a while the music finished so they paid their bill and decided to find a bar to move to. They walked around the lake, past the harbour and a row of music cafes to a bar looking out onto the sea. Inside Sal sat at a high table on a bar stool and Fay joined her while the men went to the bar to order drinks.

"You seem to be getting on well with Tom," Fay observed.

"Yeah, he seems okay. What about you two? You were in your own little world for a bit back there," Sal replied.

"Oh, we were just enjoying the music," Fay replied casually.

"Hmm." Sal observed Fay thoughtfully until the men appeared with more drinks.
"Have you two known each other for a long time?" Tom enquired, glancing at Fay and Sal.

"Yes, since school actually," Sal said proudly. "Fay was a few years above me and she caught some boys calling me names so she came to my rescue and we've been friends ever since."

Adam laughed, remembering their first encounter. "Yes, I can imagine that."

Tom looked from one to the other. "I'm trying to imagine you two at school. Got any pictures?" he grinned.

Adam shook his head at Tom. "Don't show him anything, he's not to be trusted." He thought for a moment though and then added, "But if you do have any pictures I can always look after them for you... for safe keeping," he assured them.

Fay tutted and shook her head at them. "We don't have any pictures and even if we did, you two certainly wouldn't get to see any of them."

"Ah, I bet you looked cute at school Fay," Adam grinned. "Did you have little blonde pony tails?"

"It's a pity you'll never get to know," she replied. 
The bar soon began to fill up with holidaymakers and there was a bustling atmosphere as the music was turned up and people began to dance. In the holiday spirit Tom insisted on buying Fay and Sal a cocktail each and Fay looked amused as Tom approached their table with two ridiculously over decorated glasses.

"You're looking very touristy there with those Tom," Fay laughed as he placed them on the table. "Thanks very much," she said picking up the glass and taking a sip. "I'll sit here and pretend that I'm a tourist for a bit."

"You're lucky, you can do that all year round," Tom pointed out.

"Yes, but then the locals would make fun of me," she grinned.

"Well I don't care if I do look like a tourist, I'm making the most of my time off. It's probably raining and bleak in England right now." Tom sat back on his stool and glanced out of the window. "Think I'll go to the beach tomorrow, know of any good beaches Fay?" he asked.

She considered his question. "Within walking distance for you the best one is probably Amoudi beach, left out of your hotel. But I prefer Alymiros, which is on the road out of the town." She picked off some of the silver steamers and fruit pieces from her cocktail in order to drink it more easily.

"Yes but where is that other beach you sometimes go to Fay?" Sal asked, wondering if she would answer.

"What beach?" Fay feigned ignorance.

Sal turned to the men. "Fay has a secret beach that she goes to but she won't tell anyone where it is."

"Is that so?" Adam said, turning to her.

"Hey, that's my 'get away from everyone' beach. No one is allowed there but me," Fay said firmly.

"Why is that then eh?" Tom asked, "Do a bit of topless sunbathing there do you?"

"No I do not!" she frowned.

"Well if I had a secret beach I know I would," Sal interrupted. "Stops you getting white bits."

Sal looked down her top as if to see if she had any tan lines and Tom followed her eyes with interest.

"See any?" he asked.

"Unfortunately yes, I will have to join you Fay on that beach of yours," she announced.

"No you won't. If anyone is doing any topless sunbathing on that beach it will be me and me alone, in peace," she stated. Adam's face lit up with the thought of it and Tom laughed.

"Well I think it has to be your mission to find this beach then Adam."

"Definitely!" he confirmed.

"So what is your mission then Tom?" Sal asked suggestively. He gave her a wicked look, whispered in her ear and took hold of her hand, leading her off through the crowds. Fay looked at Adam in shock. "I hope your friend isn't absconding with Sal."

"She's not at school anymore Fay, she's a big girl now," he teased. 
Tom led Sal to a quiet area by a back exit and pulled her boldly towards him, kissing her soundly on the lips.

She pulled away with a surprised laugh. "Slow down, whatever happened to getting to know each other a bit first?"

"Hmm, just intrigued to see those white bits of yours," he said, slipping down one of the straps of her top and kissing his way down it. Sal looked shocked for a bit but then shrugged.
Oh what the hell.
He replaced his mouth with his hands and looked up to kiss her again. She obliged and they stood there in a steamy embrace but jumped guiltily apart when someone brushed past them. Sal cringed when she saw who it was.

"Nick, I...er..." she stuttered, feeling awkward about being discovered by him. A lazy smile played at his mouth as if he found something vaguely amusing about discovering her like that. This girl seemed to have unlimited amounts of energy and enthusiasm for everything! His eyes swung to Tom’s though, at which point he realised that he may have been staring a fraction too long at Sal.

"Hey don't mind me," he said, holding up his hands and strolling away.
"I think we had better get back," Sal said to Tom, heading for the crowds again. Fay watched them with suspicion when they returned to the table and Sal sat down sheepishly, taking long sips of her cocktail.

"Well, where to next then?" Tom asked, finishing his drink and looking around the table.

Adam put his arm around Fay. "Want to go somewhere else?"

"Sure. Fancy experiencing some Greek night life?" she challenged.

"Lead the way." He took a last swig of beer and they all stood, following her out of the bar and pushing through the crowds of people. 

As Sal was approaching the door she caught sight of Nick again and he whispered into her ear when she was jostled past him.

"Looks like the sun tan is driving all the men wild after all," he grinned.

"Must be," she laughed.

"Watch out!" he called as she moved away from him.


"You're peeling!" he chuckled.


© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, the ending was funny and a bit embarassing for sal, but stil u gotta love her! ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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