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Welcome To Crete Chapter 34

Welcome To Crete Chapter 34

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam finally gets a kiss


Adam, Fay, Tom and Sal left the bar and headed for 'Soho Street', nicknamed by the British for the number of bars that lined the road there. The street was positioned at the end of the costal road on which they were walking but before they reached their destination they passed the small, sandy beach of Kitroplatia. As they approached the beach Sal gave a squeal of delight at the view and jumped off the paved path into the sand where she took off her shoes and ran with abandon across the silvery surface. Tom looked delighted and chased after her while Adam and Fay stood by, laughing at the sight of their childish antics. When Tom and Sal became figures in the distance Adam eventually turned to Fay and stepped down into the sand himself, holding out his hand for her.
"Come on, let's take a walk along here...we'll lose them otherwise," he said.

Fay took his hand and jumped into the sand, searching through the darkness for evidence of Sal and Tom.
"So this friend of yours, can he be trusted with Sal?" she asked dubiously.
Adam put his arm around her shoulder as they strolled down the beach. "Probably not, but then I think Sal will give him a run for his money."
She nodded. "You could be right."
"You're very protective over Sal aren't you? Are you like that with all your friends?" He hesitated for a moment and then added, "Would you be like that with me if some unscrupulous woman turned on the seduction?"
She thought for a minute. "Hmm, I would resist the temptation..." she began. He raised an eyebrow. "...I wouldn't want to spoil your fun," she finished.
He laughed loudly at her tenacity. "I tell you what," he halted and moved in front of her, taking hold of her arms, "as a small experiment, before an unscrupulous woman comes along, you try the seduction bit and I'll see how long I can last out."
She watched him with narrowed eyes as he threw her a challenging look.

He didn't think she'd do it.

She smiled slowly at him and placed her arms around his neck, noting his reaction. His eyes widened in shock and excitement when he realized that she might take him up on the challenge and his gaze ran up and down her body as she sidled towards him provocatively.
"You don't think I've seduced a man before?" she questioned when she saw his expression.
He whistled. "I've absolutely no doubt you have, this is just the first time I've seen evidence of it!"
She smiled and inched slowly forward whilst her eyes flitted around his face, from his eyes to his lips. Her body hovered in front of him enticingly until her hands met behind his neck and linked, at which point she was near enough for him to feel the pressure of her upper body against his.

Damn it, she was hot. He dared her to kiss him.

Her fingers traced circles on his neck and in his hair and he closed his eyes briefly in torment.

"For god sake Fay just kiss me!"

She smiled, enjoying the power she had over him and she pressed her lips softly onto his jaw and up to his ear where she whispered, "Think you might be weakening Adam, it's a good job they're on their way back."

She moved away then but not before brushing her lips briefly against his, after which he felt her warmth recede as she turned and made towards Tom and Sal who were fast approaching.

His hand shot out and caught hold of her arm though as she moved away, spinning her back around to face him.
"I don't care if they are coming back! I've waited six of the longest days of my life for this!"
He pulled her firmly towards him again in one swift movement, catching a quick glimpse of her shocked expression before he placed a hand on her back and propelled her the rest of the way where his lips collided with hers. Moments later Fay felt a second pair of hands on her shoulders as another head suddenly appeared next to theirs.
"No smooching until later, we have a club to go to." Tom chastised. Adam groaned as they pulled apart and he growled into her ear, "I'm getting that kiss tonight if it bloody well kills me!" Then he turned to Tom with annoyance. "Next time you want to come for a beer with me, remind me to say no!"

They eventually reached the hustle and bustle of 'Soho Street'. On the one side there was a row of cafes and fast food restaurants with people sitting outside watching the action, whereas the other side was buzzing with life as people burst out of doors and moved from bar to bar. Fay grabbed Sal's hand and moved purposely towards the end bar where she knew the owners and the bar staff well.
"I guess she knows where she's going then," Tom observed, watching the girls push their way past the crowds to enter the bar.
Adam laughed. "Yes, she usually knows what she wants does that one."
Tom threw him a look over his shoulder as he pushed open the heavy entrance door of the bar that the girls had entered. "And does that include you hey?"
"I'm working on it," Adam smiled.
Tom glanced around the dark, noisy chaos of the Greek bar and turned back to shout his reply. "You'd better watch her Adam, she'll have you under her thumb before you know what's happening."
Adam shouted back, "She's not another Julia you know Tom, I think I've got her figured out."
Tom looked unconvinced. "Talking of Julia, have you spoken to her lately? She's been asking about you."
"I've been busy." Adam said simply.
"Yes but she'll want to hear something from you," Tom pushed.
"Come on Tom, you and I both know that it's all show with her. She'll be more interested in how the business is going," he said bitterly.
"Maybe, but you left on good terms didn't you?" Tom looked slightly uneasy.
"Yeah. You know Julia, she can worm her way into anyone's good books." He rolled his eyes and made for the bar, scanning the room for Fay and Sal.

Adam ordered a bottle of wine for the girls, although they seemed to have disappeared for the time being, and a beer each for Tom and himself. He paid the barman who looked at them with curiosity, unused to seeing many English people drinking there.
"We seem to be the minority in here," Tom pointed out as the Greek music blared out and he noticed a group of people cheering loudly in the corner, throwing white paper napkins in the air with wild abandon.
"Here throw some," Fay appeared from nowhere, holding out a handful of napkins to Tom and Adam, "It's the Greek way."
They took the napkins but looked at them with uncertainty.
"Ella, Fay! It is you!" the bar man shouted. "Ti Kanis koukla mou?"
She spun around with a smile. "Yia Sou Manolis. Kala, Ise?"
"Kala, kala." He glanced at Tom and Adam who were standing next to her, and addressed them, "You are with Fay?"
Adam nodded.
"Oh, why you not say? Here," he pushed the money that they had given him for the drinks back into his hand, "you friend of Fay, you have drinks on the house."
Adam looked at Fay in amazement. The barman disappeared briefly, came back with five shot glasses and proceeded to pour a white liquid into them.
"One Raki from me," he grinned and passed the glasses out.
Fay leant over to Adam and whispered, "Go on, impress him with what you know."
Adam smiled, banged his glass on the bar and held it up to the barman, "Yamas!"
The barman looked both surprised and delighted. "Yamas!" He clinked with them all and downed the shot.

Tom, Adam and Sal drank their shots immediately, however Fay took one sip of hers and hid the glass in her hand under the bar, aware of how potent the clear liquid could be. Nobody appeared to notice until she caught Adam looking at her suspiciously.
"Come on Fay, drink the rest of it," he said, putting his arm around her shoulder and reaching down to her hand which held the drink. He put his head close to hers and looked down into her eyes with a grin.
"Oh but it's nasty Adam, you drink it for me," she implored.
"Well, there may be a way you could persuade me to," he replied suggestively.
She narrowed her eyes at him, pulled back and tipped the rest of the contents into her mouth.
"Ah, kill joy," he accused.

The barman watched their interaction and leant across the gap to speak to Adam.
"You try to win Fay eh? You will have some problems with her," he warned.
"Tell me something I don't know!"
The barman laughed. "You on holidays?"
Adam shook his head. "No, I moved over here a few weeks ago to set up a tour company."
"Ah, you bring the tourists to Agios," he looked excited. "You bring them in here, we make special prices," he winked.
"Sure," Adam laughed.
"Hey, I help you with Fay. She is a nice girl. A bit..." he struggled to find the word in English but Adam nodded, understanding his gist, "you know. But I will help."

He disappeared again and produced another shot for each of them. Fay grimaced but Manolis held out the drink to her and stood watching until she drank it all.
"No more please, I hate Raki. In fact all shots should be banned!" she exclaimed.
Manolis tapped Adam on the arm then. "You two," he gestured to Adam and Tom, "you must come with me and do some of the Greek dancing."
Adam looked shocked. "Er, it's okay. I haven't got a clue how to Greek dance."
Manolis dismissed his comment. "You will learn," he grinned at him, "Fay wants you to do the Greek dancing eh Fay?"
She giggled at the thought. "Definitely."
"Right, so we do the Greek dancing in two minutes...after Fay sends you to the dancing with a kiss, eh Adam. Like the tradition," Manolis added.
Fay frowned. "I've never heard of that tradition."
"Yes, yes. A lady must send out a man to the dancing with a kiss or it is very bad."
She looked at Manolis dubiously. "You're making this up!"
"No, no," he insisted.
Adam leant towards Fay and whispered, "Listen madam, if I'm going to go out there and do Greek bloody dancing the least you can do is send me off with a kiss!"
She contemplated his comment and sighed.

Oh what the hell, a bit of flirting and one kiss wouldn't hurt.

She took a step towards him and then stopped as though reconsidering. Then she smiled mischievously and took another step forward, pausing again. He grunted with impatience.

She looked at him thoughtfully; making him wait until he finally snapped and shouted out, "Just kiss me will you?"
She laughed and eventually closed the gap, lifting her head and pressing her lips gently onto his. He lunged towards her in desperation, catching her off guard. She lost her balance and they fell backwards towards the bar. She managed to land on a bar stool and sat facing him, laughing at his enthusiasm.
He grinned. "I think that officially means that I've fallen for you."
"Come here," she smiled feeling impetuous and light-hearted, pulling him towards her but pausing for a second before their lips met.

At that point their smiles faded as the emotions that they had felt for each other over the last few days showed in their faces. Suddenly the carefree atmosphere had gone. Fay shrank back at the intensity of the moment but Adam reached out for her and kissed her on the cheek, whispering, "I know sweetheart but..." He bent his head and stroked her lips gently with his. "I just can't stop it..." He caught her lower lip in his mouth and she gasped as the warmth from their mouths transmitted from one to the other and spread as heated flushes down their bodies. He tilted his head and moved to press kiss after kiss onto her lips making her shudder and snake her arms around his neck.
"Ahh god, Fay," he moaned against her mouth.

He was suddenly frantic to taste her and he opened his mouth, easing hers open at the same time. Her tongue just had time to skim his before he was abruptly pulled backwards onto the dance floor and she was left gasping for breath and staring after him in bewilderment.

© 2011 Repgreece

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maybe it was jan who pulled him away from er. Curse whoever it was! The moment was so sweet! Ur really good at creating moods for ur stories! ^

Posted 10 Years Ago

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