Welcome To Crete Chapter 38

Welcome To Crete Chapter 38

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay tries to cope alone


A day later

Fay bent to retrieve the front door key from under her mat, slotted it into the lock and let herself into her apartment.

Oh my God!

She went cold with shock as she looked around her lounge. The sofa was turned upside down, all the cupboards and drawers were left open, there were papers and books covering the floor and every loose item on her desk had been swiped off it. She ran a hand through her hair, turning around and then back again as her mind struggled to accept the scene. She thought for a moment and then on instinct she reached for her phone and automatically pressed a button in her contact list.
"Adam, it's Fay."
He didn't like the tone of her voice. "Fay, what's wrong?"
"I can't believe I'm saying this but I've been robbed!"
"Where are you now?"
"At my apartment, looking at the chaos."
His voice became louder and harsher. "Fay, are you sure they're not still in there somewhere?"
She froze. She hadn't thought of that.
"Fay? Are you still there?" She could hear the rising panic in his voice.
"Yes, I'm still here."
"Look just get out, go to a neighbour. I'll be there in a few minutes."

The previous day

The following morning Sal woke up early and slipped out of the bed to get changed. She kissed Fay on the cheek and whispered when she stirred,
"I said I'd meet Jo this morning to arrange moving into her apartment. Adam is still here, go back to sleep and I'll be back later."
"Okay," Fay yawned.

Sal left and Fay lay awake, trying to figure out how to deal with last night's events.

She had to get control of her life again! She was not letting what had happened destroy the life she had built for herself there. Why was she so pathetic last night? They must all think she was so weak. Well not any more. She would talk to Dimitri and Michaelis; they would help her . She could also see what Manolis had to say about it all too, see if he knew those people who went into his bar.

She got up and changed then with determination. Adam was sitting on her sofa when she entered the lounge and she gave him a smile that hid her inner turmoil.
"Coffee?" she offered, walking over to the kettle.
He watched her intently, trying to figure out her mood. "No, I'm all right. Leave that and come and sit down, we need to talk."
"Well I could do with a coffee even if you don't want one and some breakfast wouldn't go amiss," she said, reaching into the cupboard for some bread and putting two slices into the toaster. He frowned and stood up, moving over to her and stopping her busy hands by taking them in his.
"Come on, talk to me Fay."
"I don't want to talk about it!" she shouted back at him suddenly, snatching her hands away.
He looked shocked at her reaction. "We have to talk about it; you could be in danger."
"Adam, I managed to look after myself before you came along and I'm perfectly capable of looking after myself now," she replied.
"It's not just a case of looking after yourself for god sake, these men are dangerous, they are even above the law damn it!" He took a deep breath to calm himself down and then continued in a softer voice. "Listen, Tom has been looking into this whole thing for me. He is well connected in the tour industry and we think that this might all be because I have put someone's nose out by setting up this new company out here. He also knows people in high places, people in higher authority than the police who made a mess of my face that night. We will get to the bottom of all this sweetheart but before we do I need to make sure that you are safe."
There was a short silence and her eyes moved angrily around his face as she took in all the information he had just given to her.
"You didn't think of sharing this with me before now?" she accused.
He frowned. "Look, I didn't want you to be involved."
She laughed loudly. "In case you hadn't noticed I already am involved! Both times I was the one who was grabbed and threatened, remember?"
He held his head as if he was in pain. "Of course I bloody well remember! It's eats me up every time I think about it!" She crossed her arms and glared at him, determined not to be taken in by any false displays of concern. "Fay, it's obvious that you are only involved in all of this because of your connection to me. I think we should spread it around that we are not a couple any more, it might make the situation safer for you," he reasoned.
She gave him a look of disbelief. "Hold on a second Adam, we are not a couple anyway so it shouldn't make any difference!"
He could feel his anger rising again at her rejection and denial. "What the hell was last night then?" "I don't know, what was last night?"
"Well put it this way, anyone in that bar could be excused for thinking that you and I were very much a couple," he bit back.
"Well they'd be wrong then, wouldn't they?" She turned away from him and began to wash up the dishes in the sink.
He became incensed by her attitude and spun her around to face him again. "So you are suggesting that there is nothing at all between us?"
She shrugged casually.
"So how do you explain reacting so passionately when I kissed you then?" he pushed.
"The drink had gone to my head," she said without hesitation, using the alcohol as an easy excuse.
He laughed wickedly, "Right, so if I was to kiss you again now then you wouldn't feel anything?"
"You're not doing any such thing, you're leaving now," she said, walking around him and opening the front door to let him out.

He strode towards her, slammed the door shut and caught her suddenly around the waist with one arm, pulling her abruptly to him and covering her mouth with his. She stood there stiffly for a moment, desperately searching for a way to put him off. She went to pull away to speak again but he refused to allow her the space and it was then that something clicked in her head. She'd play him at his own game, that would shock him enough to stop. She reached between them and began to unbutton his shirt and sure enough he pulled back and look at her with confusion.
"Come on then Adam," she said, undoing the buttons with one hand and letting the other slide underneath the material to explore his chest, "this is what you want isn't it, to have sex with me. So let's do it, and then maybe I can get you off my back and get my life back to normal."
He stared at her in shock but his eyes closed as arousal hit him with force when he felt one of her hands move onto his behind and she began to cover his chest with passionate wet kisses. He groaned and his entire body started to burn with lust for her, which intensified to fever pitch when she went on to push herself against him.

Okay, call it off now Adam. He wouldn't let it happen like that, would he?

"Come on Adam, I'm right her for the taking. That's not bad for a week's worth of seduction wouldn't you say?" she goaded him. Her words brought him back to reality and he growled, taking hold of her wrists and holding her hands away from him.
"You're playing a very dangerous game Fay. If you're trying to call my bluff I'm this close to taking you up on it," he threatened. He had meant to push her away but suddenly he changed his mind and pulled her abruptly back, sliding his hand onto her lower back and downwards over her trousers to edge between her legs. He needed to prove a point, to make her realise that the passion between them was by no means onesided on his part. His fingers moved against the material but that barrier did little to stop the intense throbbing created by his touch. He was in control now and she was filled with anxiety at the realisation because despite what had happened, now she could focus on nothing but the heat that he was creating between them. She fought desperately to stop the desire that was rising in her but when his fingers brushed her intimately she lost all reason and cried out. He felt immense satisfaction at watching her react to him but he could also feel his own desire rising so he moved his hand back up to her waist.

"You know what I think?" he said contemplating her with narrowed eyes, "I think that even if you were going to go ahead with that, which I'm not entirely convinced that you were, it would only be to be to find an excuse to walk away from me. To label me the b*****d who slept with you after the hell you went through last night. Well I'm not giving you the satisfaction Fay."
She hung her head, unable to look at him any more and confused with emotions. He sighed and put his hands around her face, lifting it up to press a tentative kiss onto her lips. He could feel them shaking under his so he moved an arm around her waist, holding her while he kissed her tenderly. Tears began to slip down her face in a reaction to his gentleness but he kissed them away, resting his forehead against hers and whispering, "I've told you before, you can fight this as much as you want but I won't let you run away from it." He moved back to take a look at her and wiped the remaining tears from her face with a finger.
"Now, I think I had better go. Get something to eat and rest. I need your help later in the office with the transfers. If you need me at all, phone me. Sal should be back soon eh?"
She nodded. He took one last look at her, stroked her cheek and then turned to leave.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Way to go Adam. Not giving in and not letting her ruin it...

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