Welcome To Crete Chapter 43

Welcome To Crete Chapter 43

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay gets a surprise at her welcome meeting for the tourists


Adam dropped Fay off at the hotel and watched her disappear into the grounds before reaching for his mobile phone and dialling Sal's number.
"Hello Miss Transfer Rep, I've got a job for you to do. I'm on my way to your place now."

Fay reached the pool area of the complex to find a few groups of people seated at the café tables and a couple of children in the pool. She sat for a while until it was time to begin the meeting at which point she informed the people that the talk was going to be held in the café area, and she urged everyone to gather there. She stood, gazing out into the sea of faces. Then she took a deep breath and began.
"Well good afternoon everybody, my name is Fay and today I'll be telling you all about the beautiful island that you have come to visit. After the talk I'll stay around for a short while so should you have any questions or queries you can put them to me then. These contain some extra information for you about the trips," she said, handing out the leaflets to the nearest people who went on to hand them around to the rest of the guests.

As she waited for the leaflets to circulate a tall, overdressed woman with long blonde hair made a fuss and disturbance by arriving late. She tutted and grumbled, climbing over people's legs to get to the front tables. She gave up with a sigh though when she saw that they had all been taken and she resigned herself to sitting one row back. Fay glanced at her and frowned. Something seemed odd.
The woman noticed Fay's look and shouted out loudly in what seemed to be a threatening way, "I know who you are, you're Fay aren't you?"
Fay looked surprised that the woman should know her name considering her absence during the introduction. "Yes that's right. If you'd like to take a leaflet then I can begin." The woman looked daggers at her, causing Fay some discomfort and leaving her with a strange feeling as she began the talk.

At several points during her description of the trips she found her eyes wandering back to the woman as she struggled to fathom out why her face seemed to be familiar, and why on earth the woman was looking at her so sternly. She finally finished the talk with a sense of relief and asked the people if anyone had any questions. The blonde woman put up her hand and Fay cringed inwardly but invited her to speak.
"Yes, I'd like to know if the trips are as badly planned as the transfers?" the woman asked, folding her arms and sitting back in her chair with a challenging look. Fay was taken aback for a moment but she had faced difficult guests before and she remained calm and polite.
"I'm sorry to hear that you had a problem with your transfer Madam, if you could just wait for a few moments until the meeting has finished then I'll be happy to discuss it further with you," she smiled.
The woman laughed but there was no warmth in the sound. "I bet you would! What about the shoddy state of the accommodation here?"
"Excuse us for a moment," Fay said, addressing the rest of the people and taking the woman to one side.
"What seems to be the problem?" Fay asked, struggling to hold on to her patience with the woman.
"You!" the woman shouted, placing her hands on her hips, "I have a problem with you!"
Fay looked behind her at the startled guests and decided to lure the woman out of sight of the pool area.

She began to walk away and the woman followed her as she had predicted. They finally came to a standstill around the back of the apartment block.
"Why may I ask do you have a problem with me?" Fay queried.
"You may well ask," she began, and each word dripped with hatred, "because I was asking myself why my transfer rep was informing me that my boyfriend is sleeping with some blonde, curly haired harlot!"
Fay stared at the woman in horror as a multitude of questions buzzed around her head. Then realization hit her and she knew where she had seen her face before. She was the woman in the photograph on Adam's shelf. Suddenly she felt furious at the way the woman was enjoying her reaction and the way she had spoken to her.
"Excuse me, but if you say another word to me like that I will have you thrown off the premises. One, I am not sleeping with Adam, I assume that is who we are talking about here. And two, it seems to me that you should rethink your status as his girlfriend considering that you don't even live in the same countries anymore!" she said with triumph as she turned on her heel and left the woman lost for words.

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Yay for Faye for telling her off! Pretty sure that had to be an akward situation...lol, I have a feeling this was al Sal's fault for babbaling. lol!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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