Welcome To Crete Chapter 44

Welcome To Crete Chapter 44

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay clears up a misunderstanding with Adam


Fay stormed into the office half an hour later and headed straight for Adam's desk, leaning over it and scowling angrily at him.
"Don't you think you might have told me that your girlfriend," she emphasised incredulously, "was going to be at the meeting?"
Adam looked astonished and shook his head in confusion.
"You know, your girlfriend," she reminded him, "the one with a foul mouth. The one who thinks that nothing here is good enough for her and who isn't afraid to say so...loudly...and in front of all your other guests I might add!"
Adam groaned and ran a hand over his face. "I guess that you can only be referring to Julia. I had no idea that she was coming over Fay, god knows I would have stopped her from coming if I have known."
This took some of the wind out of Fay's sails and she moved back from him then, falling into one of the office chairs.
"Nevertheless she is well and truly here. Oh and by the way, Sal blurted out in the welcome speech that we were sleeping together so she's livid about that too," she said matter of factly.
"Look Fay, she is not my girlfriend anymore. I've told her time and time again but she won't seem to accept it!" he said with frustration.
She contemplated him for a moment. "You may have to remind her again Adam. And while you are at it, have a word about her attitude around the other guests or she'll end up putting everyone off!"
"Oh don't worry, I'll tell her!" he said angrily. "Anyway, apart from her, did the meeting go okay?"
She picked up a pen off his desk and fiddled with it. "I suppose so. The other guests seemed nice and quite a few showed interest in the trips."
He looked relieved. "Thank you so much for that, and I'm really sorry about all the trouble with Julia."
She shrugged. "Don't worry. I kind of shouted back at her a bit though." She looked up suddenly from her inspection of the pen and added defensively, "but only after I got her away from the rest of the guests."
"Yeah? What did you say to her then?" he asked with interest, picturing both of them at loggerheads.
"Well... I told her that if she swore at me again I would throw her out." She glanced cautiously at Adam to judge his reaction but was surprised to see that he looked pleased so she added, "I also told her that we weren't sleeping together and that she couldn't be classified as your girlfriend because you don't live in the same country."
Adam laughed out loud. "I bet she loved that!"
Fay began to laugh too. "Actually I don't know, I stormed off and didn't give her a chance to answer back."
He beamed at her. "Well done! I love feisty Fay," he chuckled, picking up a coffee mug from off his desk and taking a swig of its contents. His expression quickly changed however to a look of horror as he saw the object of their conversation making speedy progress towards the office.
"Oh hell!" he exclaimed.

Julia exploded into the office and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw them both sitting at the same desk.
"Don't start Julia," Adam warned, pointing a firm finger at her. "What the hell are you doing here anyway?" She narrowed her eyes at him and suddenly her expression completely changed. Fay had never seen anyone switch so quickly from fury to sweetness and light.
"Come on babe, I've flown all this way to see how you're doing. I thought I'd surprise you," she smiled.
"That's a surprise I could do without," he said under his breath. "I hear that you have already been causing chaos in the hotel, are you totally intent on destroying my business?" She glanced briefly towards Fay with steely eyes but then turned her attention back to Adam with a softer look.
"You know I wouldn't do that," she said innocently, "I have always supported your business ventures."
"Then complaining about everything in front of the other guests is not the most productive thing to do!" he replied with rising annoyance.
She huffed and frowned. "Yes but couldn't you find better accommodations than those? We live in the twenty first century now Adam."
"Not everyone is as shallow as you are Julia, some people appreciate the simple things in life and more traditional hotels with character."
She pulled a face and gave him a look of disgust.
"I never asked you to come here," he snapped, "so if you're not happy then you should bloody well go back to London!"
Her expression abruptly reverted back to one of fury then. "You want to get rid of me so that you can be with her!" she shouted, pointing a finger at Fay. Fay sat there in silence, listening to the exchange but feeling a little uncomfortable being there.
"You know what? Yes. Yes I do like spending time with Fay because she's actually got a heart!" he emphasised loudly.
"How could you?" she asked, looking surprisingly hurt. "How could you spoil what was between us for her?"

Adam suddenly got to his feet then, making a loud scraping noise which reverberated around the room as he pushed his chair back. Both women's eyes widened in reaction to the anger that was now clearly written across his face.
"Spoil what was between us!" he yelled with disbelief. "I don't know how you dare point the finger of blame at me considering your track record!" She scowled back at him and Fay began to cringe, wishing that she had left earlier and hoping that the conversation would end soon. "Why are you bringing that up again? You can't just leave it alone can you?" she accused him.
"I'll leave it alone when you leave me alone!"
His body resembled a tightly coiled spring and Fay sat, crossing her fingers that Julia wouldn't push him any further. This wasn't to happen however and Julia's next comment provoked the most extreme reaction from Adam that Fay had ever seen.
"Go to hell then!" she screamed, "You and your w***e here!"
He burst into action the second that he registered her comment. Grabbing hold of the sides of the desk, he propelled himself over it and lunged towards her. Fay jumped out of her chair in shock and backed away from them.
"Get out! You get the hell out of here now or I swear to god I'll not be responsible for my actions!"

He pushed her roughly towards the door and she stumbled a little as she grabbed for the handle. Her expression when she turned around for her parting comment was both a mixture of fear and indignation. Adam had banked on her leaving immediately however and he had turned his back on her, striding angrily towards his desk again. In her outrage at being rejected by him, Julia came up with a comment that she knew would even the score.
"You should watch her you know Adam," she said, turning her eyes towards Fay, "if you treat her like you treated me then she'll be jumping into someone else's bed too!"

He reached the desk in a blind fury and grabbed the first thing that he could get his hands on. Holding the coffee cup firmly, he swung around and hurled it in Julia's direction. She predicted his reaction however and darted out of its way, running down the street shortly afterwards. The cup made a loud cracking sound as it hit the doorframe and splintered all over the floor. Neither the sound nor the destruction seemed to shock Adam out of his fury though and he paced the office, breathing heavily and raking his hands through his hair.
Fay watched him with widened eyes and took a few moments to decide what to do next. Adam seemed to be beside himself and she began to wonder if he could handle his anger. She moved cautiously towards him and put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him in mid pace and holding both of his arms.
"Calm down now eh. She's gone," she coaxed.
He threw his head back and looked to the ceiling, struggling to control his chaotic emotions.
"Adam," she called, "look at me."
He took in a deep breath and looked down at her.
"Calm down," she repeated firmly.

She waited until she saw some of the tension leave him and then she urged him to sit back at his desk before moving into the back room to grab the carton of wine from the fridge. After pouring two glasses, she went back to him and handed him one.
"Here, drink this... and I could do with one myself," she said, sitting opposite him and taking a gulp from her glass. He downed half of the glass in one go and she raised her eyebrows at him. "Go easy mister, I'd like some more of that myself," she joked in an attempt to lighten the mood.
He closed his eyes and shook his head. "What can I say? This is the very last thing you could do with right now."
Reaching across the desk, she placed a comforting hand on his. "I'm fine. I'm just concerned about you at the moment."
He downed the rest of his drink. "I'm okay now...and I'm sorry. She just...she's just..." he struggled find the words.
"It's all right," she reassured him, "I know."
He poured another glass of wine but sipped it this time. "No Fay, you don't know. You have no idea what she's like, or what she is capable of."
She frowned and looked at him quizzically. "Why on earth were you ever with a woman like that?"
He laughed bitterly. "You know, I ask myself the same question frequently. She has a way about her though, a way of sweet talking people into doing what she wants and I guess that I was trapped before I realized it."
"Trapped?" Fay questioned, taking another sip of her wine.
"Yes, oh she had me well and truly caught in her web."
Her eyes scanned his face curiously. "I can't imagine you giving in like that, you seem to know what you want," she observed.
"It wasn't just her," he confessed, "it was the whole lifestyle I got caught up in. The stupid thing about it all is that it was never for me, the lifestyle, my so-called friends and Julia. Thank god I woke up one day and came to my senses."
"And came here?" she asked, wondering if his life in London had been the reason why he had moved so far away.
He smiled. "Yes, and came here... and met you."
His eyes filled with emotion then and he reached out to softly stroke her cheek. She tilted her head and smiled warmly at him.
"You know what I'd really like to do now?" he said on impulse.
"I'd like to lock up the office and go to 'The Wheelhouse'. Let's pick up Sal and see who else is down there and have a few friendly beers. What do you say?" he asked expectantly.
She looked surprised at his answer but jumped out of her seat with enthusiasm. "Sounds good to me."
His face broke into a smile as he grabbed his keys, threw an arm around her shoulder and directed her towards the door.

"You know something else," she added, "I'm famished. There's a fabulous little fast food place just before the bar which sells the best herb encrusted chicken. Do you think we could stop there at some point to pick up some food?"
He closed his eyes briefly and such a huge grin lit up his face as he stopped to turn her to face him just before they reached the door.
"Do you know what I love about you?"
She thought. "That I'm feisty?" she replied.
"No!" he laughed, "although that is quite sexy," he added after second thought. "But what I really love about you is that you enthuse about the simplest things in life."
"Hey," she exclaimed, "there's nothing simple about George's special chicken. It's a secret recipe made up of a million different herbs I'll have you know!"
He laughed and put his arms around her, pulling her closer and putting his forehead against hers.
"The chicken, a drink with friends," he said, listing the things that he could remember her enthusing about. "A late night telephone call and a bar of chocolate, some mountains that turn pink if I remember correctly. Oh, and not forgetting a big round stone that was apparently used for making bread on at some time just after the dinosaurs."
She moved her head back to look at him. "It wasn't just after the dinosaurs as well you know!" She giggled. "They were very old though."
"I know, and you made me feel them," he said, smiling down into her face and suddenly feeling overwhelmed with affection for her. He placed his lips by her ear and whispered, "I wish that I could show you the way I feel about you Fay." She was touched by his words and reached forward to kiss him on the cheek and rest her head on his chest.
"I'm glad that you're here," she paused, and then added tentatively, "and I'm glad that you escaped from Cruella De Vil!"
He howled with laughter.
"Sorry," she pulled back from him and bit her lip sheepishly, "I know that I shouldn't say that as she was your girlfriend but..."
He nodded. "I just hope that I get to the end of my life without wringing her bloody neck!"

© 2011 Repgreece

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Wow, if i was Fay, i would have tiptoed out of the office while they were arguing, but when i heard the word "track record" I would have stayed just tosee if he'll explain what her track record was, though i knowit couldn't be good. She was probably charged with sytalking. :P and I wonder if the guy that attacked fay recently had anything to do wth the ppl Adam used to hang with.

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