Welcome To Crete Chapter 45

Welcome To Crete Chapter 45

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam and Fay head to The Wheelhouse


Adam went to open the office door but Fay looked down suddenly with a frown and bent to pick up the broken pieces of coffee cup.
"Leave that," Adam said, taking her by the elbow and urging her upright.
"I'll just pick up the big bits or someone might trip on them," she replied.
"That someone would only be me, and it would serve me right for throwing the thing in the first place," he said as she threw a few of the pieces in a bin under her desk. "Come on now, or George will have sold out of his special chicken by the time we get there," he urged.

Fay and Adam entered 'Popeye's' giros takeaway to the appetising smell of roasting meats and freshly baked breads. They went to the counter and waited with the dozen or so other hungry people while the three men rushed to and fro, filling and wrapping giros pitas and throwing meat on the grills.
"Yia sas," came a voice from behind them as a smiling man with a moustache sat on a seat next to the till.
"Yia sas, ti kanette?" Fay asked, waving at him across the room.
"Kala, ke esas?" The man looked from Fay to Adam with curiosity.
"Kala efaristo." Fay turned back to Adam. "That's George, he's lovely."
Adam smiled. "It seems to be a popular place, what are those things?" he asked, watching as one of the men handed a giros across the counter to a customer.
"You've never had a giros before?" Fay said with astonishment.
"I've led a sheltered life ," he replied sarcastically, placing a hand on his chest.
"I doubt that. It's a pita filled with pieces of seasoned meat, tomatoes, onions and tdzadziki. Then they twist it into a cone and put chips in the top. They aren't bad; they're cheap and filling anyway. Tell you what, I'll order some of those too and we can share the food with whoever is hungry in the bar. That's if we ever get served," she added as more people came in and caused a crush. One man pushed to the front of the counter and was about to order out of turn, however Fay stopped him by leaning forward and demanding the attention of the server.
"Tria koutopolo ke tessera giros parakalo," Fay shouted out, glaring sideways at the man.
The man behind the counter smiled at Fay and leant forward to say quietly, "I serve you next honey but the chicken; you will have to wait little. You sit, I call you when it ready."
"Okay, thanks," she smiled.
"No problem. " The man winked at her and moved back to his work.

She turned around to look for a seat and saw Adam grinning at her.
"What?" she frowned.
"That guy."
"What about him?" she asked.
"He's after you," he said with narrowed eyes.
She laughed. "Don't be ridiculous, he's just being friendly."
"Hmm, very friendly. Looks as if he'd like to get even friendlier!"
"Oh shut up and let's find a chair," she chided, fighting her way through the people to the row of seats at the back of the room.
Adam followed but they were both forced to stand up until one man got out of his chair and Adam made a beeline for it, grabbing Fay by the arm and sitting her on his lap in the process. Her eyes widened.
"Adam! I'm not sure we should be doing this in a giros takeaway!" she exclaimed.
"You make it sound as though I'm trying to get you naked," he grinned.
She tutted.
"Not a bad idea actually," he said, sliding his fingers into the opening of her blouse and slipping the first button out of its hole.
She grabbed his hand and pushed it away. "Are you insane? I think that wine must have gone to your head!"
"No, it's nothing to do with the wine and everything to do with you sitting on my lap," he purred into her ear as his eyes moved to peer down her top.
"Think I should get off then," she said, moving to stand up.
He caught her around the middle and pulled her back. "Don't move now. Nobody is watching anyway, they're all too busy trying to get food."
"That's not the point! You're getting way too..."
"Way too what?" he grinned.
"Frisky," she said glaring down at him.
He laughed and reached to press tiny kisses by her ear and down her neck.
"See what I mean," she said breathlessly as she shifted on his lap to move her neck away from his persistent lips.
"It's all your fault, you're too alluring for me to resist," he whispered into her ear before teasing her earlobe with his tongue.
She shifted again.
"Hell Fay, keep moving like that and I'm going to lose all control! You're turning me on something rotten," he said under his breath. "You're such a tease."

Oh god, hurry up food!

He watched her face begin to glow as her eyes moved coyly to his.
"Even more so when you look at me like that." He moved back to her ear again to whisper, "I bet I could make you blush right down to your toes."

She bet he could too! Where was that damn food?

"How about we forget the food and..." he began, but was cut off suddenly.
"Koutopolo ke giros!" the man behind the counter shouted.
"Too late," she said with relief, jumping off his lap, "food's ready."

© 2011 Repgreece

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