Welcome To Crete Chapter 48

Welcome To Crete Chapter 48

A Chapter by Repgreece

Passion on the beach


The four of them walked along the coastal road and approached the beach that Tom and Sal had run across two nights before. As they reached the path which ran along the beach, Adam slowed down and kept Fay close by. When Sal and Boycie overtook them he suddenly made to leave the path and pulled Fay with him.

"What are we doing?" Fay whispered.

"We're making our escape," he answered, leading her down the steps, onto the sand and out of sight of Sal and Boycie.

He suddenly started to run across the beach, pulling her behind him.

"What's the rush?" she asked.

"Don't want to get found out," he replied, "head for that hut."

She ran with him, feeling like a naughty school girl playing truant, and they made it to the hut laughing and trying to catch their breaths.

"You are very naughty you know," she giggled.

"I haven't even started yet," he grinned, pulling her slowly towards him.

She edged forward coyly and their eyes flirted with each other.

"Let's see, where shall we begin?" he said, moving his lips towards hers.

The moment their lips met the teasing of the last few hours took full effect and shocked them both with its intensity. To his delight she opened her mouth and welcomed his kiss, moaning with pleasure as their moist lips slid over each others and his tongue entered her mouth. He held her head to his, afraid that the pleasure would end, as he explored her mouth from every angle, kissing, sucking, nibbling and licking her into a frenzy. She made a sound that was something close to a screech as she lost herself to anything but the delight of his mouth on hers.

"Oh god Adam, how can you make me feel like this?" she murmured in-between ragged breaths.

"I've just been waiting, waiting to kiss you like this Fay," he groaned back as his hands raked down her body and he moved his mouth downwards.

He covered every inch of exposed skin above the line of her dress with hot kisses and she threw her head back, struggling to get air into her lungs. Suddenly he wanted more, he wanted to pleasure her beyond reason but he could feel his own body struggling for control so he pulled away for a moment to catch his breath. He watched the look of abandon on her face and her flushed skin, and he wanted more than anything to push her to her limits. He moved behind her and began the onslaught on her neck again as one hand slid up over her ribcage to hold her breast. She gasped when she felt his hand and her reaction encouraged him to slide it under the material of her dress and bra to reach her heated skin. His fingers found her naked breast and she whimpered, reaching backwards blindly to pull him closer. With his second hand he tugged at the top of her dress, forcing it over her bra and down to her waist where he caressed the skin there. The hand then moved up her back, over her shoulder and down her front as his first hand continued the torment under her bra.

"Adam, god your hands! They drive me insane!"

She yearned to pleasure him back and she turned around to face him, fumbling with the buttons on his shirt with shaking hands. She managed to get three undone before giving up and dropping her head onto his chest to kiss the skin she had exposed, whilst moving her hands underneath the rest of the material over his stomach and around to slide up his back.

"Bloody hell Fay, have you any idea what you're doing?"

"Get this thing off!" she cried out in frustration, tugging the shirt out of his trousers.

He tore it over his head and grabbed her around the waist, pulling her down onto the sand and rolling on top of her. The feel of her body so pliant underneath his broke his patience and his hand shot down to the hem of her dress, easing it up and trailing a path along her inner thigh.

"Adam, Adam, oh god I'm shaking!" she cried when she felt his fingers on her panties.

"I want to rip these off! I'm going to take you here, right now," he growled, beside himself with desire for her.

She stared into his eyes then as the shock of what they were doing, what they intended to do, hit her. She wanted him desperately but... He paused and his eyes moved over her face intently.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Added on June 2, 2011
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Welcome To Crete