Welcome To Crete Chapter 49

Welcome To Crete Chapter 49

A Chapter by Repgreece

The famous 'Walk of Shame'


"This isn't right like this, is it?" Adam said, hoping that Fay would disagree, but knowing that it was true.

She simply continued to stare up at him with a distraught expression. He groaned and rolled away from her, sitting on the sand with his body still buzzing from their encounter. She slowly rose to a sitting position and turned away from him as she began to pull her dress back up. His eyes darted sideways to her and he sighed, reaching out and turning her around to him. He took her hands away from her dress and rearranged it back around her shoulders with gentle movements.

"Don't look like that," he said, taking her face in his hands.

Her eyes moved to the floor. "I feel humiliated," she confessed.

He frowned. "Why?"

She bit her lip. "I don't normally act like that...I wasn't going to stop you," she said, shocked by her own revelation.

"Hey, it's a bloody miracle that I had the willpower to stop! I still want you now... you can't imagine how much," he stressed, running the back of his fingers down the side of her cheek and onto her collarbone before letting his hand drop onto the sand. "I've been wanting to make love to you all night...and all last night...in fact," he thought, "I can't think of a time when I haven't wanted to make love to you since we first met! I lie in bed thinking about it every night and I'm getting no bloody sleep!"

She laughed.

"In case you hadn't noticed things always get heated very fast between us, but just now I think it was happening a little bit too fast, for you anyway," he added. She watched him, unsure of where this conversation was going. "I know you better than you think. Okay so we could have had sex just now, and you may have wanted it at the time, but I can just imagine you waking up tomorrow with a huge hangover and regretting the whole thing. Kind of like I think you're doing right now. And then you'd be all defensive with me and avoid me like the plague, and I'd have to work twice as hard to get things right between us again."

He was right... completely. How did he know all that?

He laughed at the look on her face. "Come here," he said, taking her by the arm and moving them across the sand to lean against one wall of the wooden hut. They sat next to each other with his arm around her waist, looking out towards the sea.

"You know, when we do make love I want it to be right for both of us. Preferably not at a time when you need god knows how many shots to be relaxed enough to consider it!" She gave him a guilty glance. "I saw the doubt in your eyes Fay, that same look that you give me all the time. That's what prompted me to stop." He laughed wryly then. "The irony of it all is that if this had happened only a couple of days ago I think I would have jumped at the chance to have my wicked way with you, doubts or no doubts. But now I want more, I want you to be as sure as I am...just give me a little time and I'll see to it that you are," he smiled.

He was so sweet. Maybe it would work.

She rested her head on his shoulder and he reached up instinctively to stroke her hair, planting a kiss on the top of her head.

"I'm pretty tired now, I guess we should go," she said reluctantly.

"No, lets stay here for a bit," he replied, tightening his hold on her waist. "The sun will be coming up soon, maybe once and for all I'll get to see if those mountains of yours really are pink."

She turned to smile at him and he winked. They sat, listening to the sound of the waves lapping on the shore and looking out into the shadows on the beach. However they never did get to see the pink mountains in the distance, as by the time the sun had begun to rise both of them were asleep.


"Adam! Adam, wake up!" Fay called in panic, shaking his arm. "We've got to go, it's nearly seven thirty!"

Adam groaned and opened his eyes, taking a few moments to focus and realize where he was. Fay jumped up off the sand and yanked at Adam's arm, trying to get him to stand.

"Okay, okay, what's the panic?" he said, standing up and running his hands over his face.

"We fell asleep for ages and now it's morning!" she exclaimed.

"Yes," he replied, frowning at her, "I had gathered that but there's no law against falling asleep."

"No but everyone will be getting up and people might be out and about by now!" she stressed, tugging him impatiently.

"Oh no, how terrible!" he said with sarcasm, "what does that mean?"

She gave him a look of frustration. "It means that we will have to do 'The Walk Of Shame' stupid!"

"The walk of what?" He looked confused.

She tutted. "You know, 'The Walk Of Shame!'"

"Oh, silly me! Can you enlighten me further?"

She sighed. "We have to get home right?"


"And these aren't my usual seven thirty in the morning clothes."

"I guess not," he said, running his eyes over her.

"So what do you think people are going to think when they see us?"

"That we fell asleep on the beach?" he supplied.

She rolled her eyes. "No, they'll think that we've been doing naughty things on the beach."

"Well we did get a bit naughty," he grinned.

"But I don't want them to know that!" she screeched.

He laughed. "You're not a teenager any more Fay, you can do what you like."

"Right, but I get seen walking through town with you looking like this and my reputation will be in tatters. It's okay for you," she said crossly, "you'll probably just get a pat on the back!"

"Okay, okay, calm down. I'll tell everyone that nothing happened," he reasoned.

"No, that won't work," she said, thinking through their options. "Well, we'll just have to go down the back streets and hope to god we don't see anyone," she concluded, dragging him out of the hut and running down the beach to the concrete platform at the far end.

When they got there however she ducked down, pulling him down with her and peering over the platform onto the street above. He tried to stop himself from laughing at her as she scanned the street nervously.

"Right, if we can make it across that road then we can take the back street over there," she pointed to a small street yards away from them. "We will still have to be careful down that street though, and it leads out on to a fairly busy road at the other side, but we can reassess when we get to the bottom."

He barely heard her frantic rambling as his eyes moved appreciatively up the length of her bent legs which were exposed beneath the hem of her dress. He grinned, recalling vividly the feel of her inner thigh and the cries of passion that the touch of his hands had evoked. She stood up suddenly and sprinted away. She only got half way across the road however before she stumbled and ran out of one of her high heeled shoes, leaving it on the road behind her. She cursed and did an about turn to collect it, trying to take her other shoe off in the process and hopping around precariously on the road.

"Come on dopey, before you get run over!" he laughed, taking her shoes and pulling her towards the back street.

She rushed him down the pavement, jumping at every small noise she heard, until they made it to the bottom of the street where she hid by the side of a wall and took a quick glance around the corner.

"See anything suspicious?" he joked.

She hesitated and gave a look of concern. "This isn't going to be as easy as I'd first thought."

"Well we can't stay here forever, come on," he said, moving to turn right.

"Wait!" she panicked, "we definitely can't go that way, we'd have to pass 'Gossip Kiosk!'"


"That kiosk down there is 'Gossip Kiosk', it's open twenty four hours and the man there sees everything. He's the worst gossip in town!" she exclaimed.

He rolled his eyes. "Okay, this way then."

She thought for a moment. "Alright, but we'll have to make a dash for it when we get to the square, and then we could turn by the chemist. Yes, that's it! That street runs almost to the back of my apartment," she said with relief, darting out from behind the wall and taking Adam with her.

"Thank god, we made it. We may just be okay from here," she panted, after they had turned onto the desired street.

Adam shook his head in disbelief as she hurried him up the hill. "I wouldn't mind so much if we'd actually done something raunchy enough to warrant all of this! Next time I'm holding nothing back, I may as well be hung for a sheep as for a lamb!"

"What are you rambling on about? Wait..." she froze suddenly. "Oh hell, I'm sure that's Penny over there. She works in the pastry shop so she gets up early...wait, it is her! What will we do?" She turned to Adam in distress.

He groaned. "Do you want to go back there?"

"No! That's just as bad."

Think Fay, think! What would Sal do?

"There's only one thing for it, you'll have to kiss me," she said, grabbing him by the arms and backing against the nearest building.

"Not that I'm complaining or anything, but I fail to see how this is going to save your reputation," he laughed, slipping his arms around her waist.

"Well, I figure that she'll not see me behind you and she'll just think that we are two over sexed people making out after a night on the town...so she'll just ignore us," she calculated.

But they were two over sexed people making out after a night on the town. There was a flaw in her plan somewhere he was sure.

He bent his head and covered her mouth with his. Their lips moved slowly over each others until she suddenly inhaled deeply and pulled back.

"That never fails to burn me up," he claimed.

She tried to regain her composure, frowning at him. "We're only supposed to be pretending! And wait till she gets nearer or we'll be rolling about on the bloody floor again before she gets here!" she said under her breath.

He gazed down at her with a grin as their lips hovered around each other's while they waited for Penny to approach.

"Fancy a shower when we get back?" he whispered with excitement.

"Adam! You're supposed to show remorse on the 'Walk Of Shame,' not have another go at seduction," she reprimanded him, taking a quick sideways look to see how close Penny was. She was a couple of buildings down so she added in a whisper, "Besides, I thought you'd concluded that that kind of thing was a bad idea for now."

"Oh no, but now we're sober, so watch out Madam because I only need to see the smallest sign of a green light from you and there'll be no holding me back!"

She narrowed her eyes at him. "Shut up now anyway, she's coming this way."

They heard the sound of footsteps approaching and Fay hid her head behind Adam's, pulling him closer as the sound became louder.

Once she's gone she would be home in a few minutes.

She put her arms around his neck and tilted her head, pressing her lips onto his as Penny walked past.

"Hi Fay," penny said casually, glancing at them and strolling further up the hill.

"What!" Fay said, swinging her head around in shock.

Adam put his head on her shoulder and shook with laughter.

"No! Please tell me that she didn't say that!"

He lifted his head and kissed her again, unable to stop himself from laughing against her mouth. She put her forehead against his and started to laugh with him.

"This is a bit silly isn't it?" she admitted.

He nodded.

"Come on, we're almost there now. We won't see anyone now anyway," she chuckled, beginning to walk the last stretch up the hill towards her apartment.

They were only two buildings away from their destination when they suddenly heard a loud beeping noise of a car that was going to pass but stopped and pulled over when the driver saw them. Fay sighed and looked up to see Dan rolling down the window.

Great! Of all people too. Now everyone would know!

"Hello girls and boys," he called with a smug expression. "Did you enjoy our opening night in the bar then? It looks like you two enjoyed yourselves last night anyway," he said, raising his eyebrows at them and looking them up and down. "Lucky b*****d," he mumbled as he went to drive away. "Oh by the way, Pedros has been trying to reach you on the phone Fay. He's been wondering where you you've been," he laughed as he sped off.

"Oh fabulous! How am I going to explain this one to him?"

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, that's funny! sdhe didn't think penny would notice her, but she did! Great job with this! ^^

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