Welcome To Crete Chapter 50

Welcome To Crete Chapter 50

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam and Fay talk about the night before via text messages


On arriving back at her apartment Fay went straight to the phone to listen to her voicemail while Adam turned the kettle on and proceeded to make two mugs of coffee. The first two messages were from Pedros, one was asking her to return his call and the other explained that he was going to Hania early that morning, but that if they wanted to meet him there they could contact him on his mobile phone. She was about to hang up when she realised however that there was another message waiting for her. She pressed the button but immediately regretted it when the message began. Her eyes darted nervously towards Adam as she listened. He was leaning against the kitchen counter, sipping his coffee and watching her, waiting to see if she had heard from Pedros about their trip to Hania. She slowly put the receiver down and glanced at Adam who had an expectant expression on his face.

"Was that Pedros?" he asked when she remained silent.

"Oh, err, yes." she replied, trying to clear her mind of the thoughts which were then racing through her head.


She ran a hand through her hair.


"Yes, err, he said that we can meet him there," she continued, giving him a smile which seemed polite but lacking in warmth.

"What's wrong?" he asked, as he picked up on her change of mood.

She shook her head and walked towards the counter top where the coffee was waiting for her.

"Nothing," she said casually, picking up the mug. "I guess I'm just tired. He said that we can phone him on his mobile."

"Okay." He tilted his head to get a better look of her face. "Do you still want to go?"

She tasted her coffee. "Yes, we need to talk to him about what's been going on at least. And if he says he has a friend who could help then we can't miss that opportunity."

"Hmm." He watched her for a moment and then took the mug out of her hand and placed it back on the counter, turning her to face him and putting his arms around her waist. "Well then, if it's not that then what is it?"

"What is what?" she shrugged.

"You look...distracted," he observed.

She laughed nervously. "Like I said, I'm just tired."

He couldn't help but get the feeling that there was more to it than that.

"Okay well then you get some sleep and I'll phone you in a couple of hours. We should book a hotel really to make the visit worthwhile," he suggested hesitantly.

Her eyes lifted suddenly to his.

"Don't panic, you can share with Sal and I'll have to make do with sharing a room with Tom," he sighed, teasing her with a look of disappointment.

She laughed. "We'll be able to find a hotel when we get there. Actually I know of a few places from previous trips."

"Great," he smiled. "Well, I suppose I should go...although I don't imagine that I'll get much sleep."

"You're probably overly tired now, perhaps you should get Tom to drive later," she suggested.

"A good idea, but it has less to do with being overly tired and more to do with you, this dress and a certain beach hut," he grinned.

She couldn't help but smile. "You're very good for my ego you know...are you sure you don't say these kind of things to all the women though?"

His expression became more serious then. "I really don't have an underhanded, ulterior motive Fay. If I did, I sure as hell would have taken advantage of last night, wouldn't I?"

She nodded, looking to the floor.

"One of these day's you're going to trust me," he said, lifting her head and kissing her briefly on the lips. "I'll see you later."

"Do you want to borrow my car?" she asked as he walked to the door and opened it to leave.

"No, I'll risk the gossips," he smiled, hesitating before he left to take one last lingering look at her before growling and shutting the door behind him.

As soon as he had gone she went back to the phone to ring Pedros to confirm that they would meet him in Hania later that day. She then made a second phone call to Sal.

"Hi Sal, it's me."

A rather groggy sounding Sal answered. "Fay? Why are you up so early?"

"I have just spoken to Pedros and I said that we would meet him in Hania today. Adam's going to phone me later but I just wondered if you still wanted to come."

"Yeah, why not?" Sal said, perking up a bit.

"We will be staying the night so you and I can share a room and Adam will share with Tom," she explained.

"What happened to you two last night anyway?" Sal asked.

"Err, we went for a walk along the beach," Fay answered vaguely.

"Ooh! Come on, don't I get any details?" Sal prompted.

"Lots of kissing going on but he was a gentleman." She bit her lip, remembering how uncontrolled she'd been. "I assume that Boycie got you home okay."

"Yeah, he tried it on when we got back here but I got rid of him eventually."

"Good. Anyway, I'm going now but I'll ring you back when I hear from Adam."

"Okay, speak later," Sal said, hanging up.

Fay headed straight for her bedroom next, stripping off and sliding wearily under the bed clothes. She closed her eyes and waited to fall asleep but to her annoyance she found herself mulling things over in her mind. She turned around in the bed, trying to find the most comfortable position and telling herself that she would be exhausted if she didn't get some sleep, but still she lay awake. Suddenly her phone beeped and she looked towards her bedside table with surprise, picking her phone up and reading the message.

Are you asleep? Adam

No, neither apparently are you.

She typed in a reply.

If I was then you'd have woken me up!

His answer came moments afterwards.

So you're not then. Can't stop thinking about last night. Did I make a mistake, stopping I mean?

She replied immediately.

No, we were both a little inebriated.

The phone beeped and she opened the message with curiosity.

I guess. But I'm sober now and I still want you as much. How come?

She thought for a moment and then replied.


He chuckled when he read it.

Tell me about it! I feel like I'm bloody sixteen again! I seem to remember that your hormones were running riot last night too.

She grimaced.

Hmm. Had a bit of a wild moment.

He grinned.

I'm waiting with bated breath for another one. But in the meantime I'll settle for you telling me something risqué.

She frowned.


Yes, go on. Be daring.

Pausing for a moment, she considered her reply.

Not sure I want to. You go first.

His grin widened.

I'll start off with mediumly risqué by saying that I loved the way that you were desperate to get my shirt off. Now your turn Madam.

She read the message and squealed, pulling the sheets over her head. After she had regained her composure however, she came up for air, took in a deep breath and typed in her answer.

God this is weird, and a little disconcerting but here goes. You're a bloody fantastic kisser! Had me shaking all over!

His face filled with excitement when he read her message.

I had a good subject to work on! So do we get more risqué?

Will she go for it?

You give me an example of more risqué and I'll let you know.

Ohh, very daring for her.

Okay, since you asked. I'm so turned on right now and all I can think about is getting you naked.

Oh lord!

She typed in a reply and quickly sent it before she had time to change her mind.

Okay, this has to be a very risqué response. I am naked at the moment.

His head fell back against the headboard when he read her reply.

Wooo! My hormones have just gone through the roof! I'll never get to sleep now! Tell me something else.

How far will she go?

Not sure I should! Anyway you missed out on a risqué one.

Fair enough.

Mmm. I'm trying my hardest to censor my replies! You know, I've imagined making love to you so many times. It gets me so incredibly excited when you're aroused. I'm thinking that you may be now??

Go on Fay, don't let him down now.

Maybe just a bit.

She closed her eyes and sent the message. He opened it and his eyes widened.

Hey, this texting thing is good. What else can I get you to admit to I wonder?

Don't go overboard Adam!

What else do you want to know? I warn you though, I may not reply if you get too risqué!

He shrugged.

Chicken! Well, I've got nothing to lose. Do you ever imagine us making love?

He smiled as he pressed send and waited expectantly for a reply.

What do you think?

Hmm, evasive.

I think that you do, but I want you to admit it.

She hesitated.

I may do.

He laughed.

Take out the 'may.' Okay I have another question. Ever imagine it when I'm there?

Hell, he wants to know everything!

God, you're ruthless! I guess.

He narrowed his eyes.

Take out the 'guess.'

She was quick to reply.

Then you're just left with 'I!'

He growled.

Don't be cheeky with me Madam or I'll come over there and you'll find yourself doing more than just imagining!

She was tingling all over at the thought of it but she wondered where this was going to stop.

Okay, I won't be cheeky any more but we really should try to get some sleep.

He nodded his acknowledgement.

I know. But all joking aside, I really am falling for you babe. Hook, line and sinker.

His answer surprised her and her thumb hovered over the letters on her phone as she tried to think of a response.

Look, I'm not very good at this kind of thing but you make me feel good Adam. In a way I haven't experienced before. Now I've admitted quite enough for one day. See you later.

He smiled and stared at the message for some moments before he sent his final reply.

Sweet dreams.

She turned over in her bed and curled up with a wistful expression, holding her mobile phone in her hand as she eventually drifted off to sleep.

© 2011 Repgreece

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