Welcome To Crete Chapter 55

Welcome To Crete Chapter 55

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam suffers when returning to Agios without Fay


Sal, Tom and Adam arrived back in Agios Nikolaos following a long, tedious four hour drive from Hania. After dropping off Sal and Tom, Adam sat in his car and contemplated what to do next. He was too tired to socialise but he also didn't relish the thought of going home alone and dwelling on the events of the last two days. He looked at his watch, seven o clock. She would be in London by now. He didn't even know where she was staying; he supposed that it was with relatives. She had said that she would telephone him when she got there. Would she phone him on his mobile phone or on his landline? Considering the expense for a call to a mobile phone he concluded that she would try to reach him at home. He made a decision to go back to his house, stopping off at Minos to pick up a take away. On instinct he ordered the chef's special chicken and smiled to himself at the memory of ordering the same meal for Fay and sending it to her apartment while they had chatted on the phone.


When he arrived home to his consternation Fay had already telephoned him, leaving a message explaining that she had arrived safely and that she would phone again the next day. He replaced the receiver and stood frowning at the telephone. Suddenly he wasn't hungry anymore but he placed the food that he had bought on a plate nonetheless and began eating, more for something to do than anything else. As he sat on the sofa with the takeaway on his lap he slowly became aware of how silent his house was. Why hadn't he noticed that before? Probably because he had always been out with Fay. He tried to remember what he had done to fill the evenings before he had met her but his mind hit a blank and he looked down at the meal he had started with a groan. He was forcing the food down him and it was beginning to make his churning stomach feel nauseous. Throwing the knife and fork down on the plate, he pushed it to one side and headed for the kitchen where he poured himself a large whiskey. He reached inside his freezer for some ice and recalled the time when Fay had first stormed into his house, angry about his attitude towards her after she had picked him up from outside the jail. The sexual tension between them then had been intense and he had been desperate to kiss her, to touch her, to make wild, passionate love to her. But then it had always been like that with her since they had first met. Since then he had carried around with him a constant aching feeling, as though no matter how much time he spent with her it was never enough. He always wanted more, although he was unsure of exactly what. Sex? A relationship? Love? But she had given him none of those, and now she was god knows where. She obviously didn't feel the same for him or she would be aching to speak to him as much as he was aching to speak to her.


He knocked back the glass of whiskey and refilled it again immediately afterwards in an attempt to drink her out of his mind. Picking up the bottle and taking it with him into the lounge he sat on the sofa but jumped up minutes later, unable to quell his restlessness. He began to pace the room, his mind in turmoil as one memory after another came back to haunt him. Growling angrily, he finished his second glass of whiskey and found himself in front of the telephone. He reached down to pick up the receiver with his heart racing but paused suddenly with the headset halfway to his ear.

Why am I chasing after her again? Damn it, she has all the control and here I am utterly lost without her! Is she even thinking about me now? Who is she with and why the hell hasn't she phoned back! He slammed the receiver down suddenly, angry with himself for being so desperate for her.


After his third glass of whiskey he could think of nothing else to do but to go to bed, however even his own bed seemed to taunt him with memories of the intimate moments they had shared in it. When he placed his head on the pillow he immediately noticed the smell of her perfume from two nights before when she had spent the night there. Her scent made him so desperate to be with her that he would have driven to the airport there and then and flown out to London if he could, or if he had known where to find her! Unable to bear the stark reminder of her in his bed he tore back the covers and got up, striding back into the lounge and throwing himself on the sofa again. He refilled his whiskey glass and turned on the television, staring blindly at the screen whilst his mind struggled helplessly to dispel Fay from it.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Added on June 5, 2011
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