Welcome To Crete Chapter 56

Welcome To Crete Chapter 56

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam begins to cope more as the days pass


Adam finally spoke to Fay the following evening on returning home from a day at the office, spent largely timetabling the excursions and arranging the transfer of guests back to the airport for the end of the week. Fay had tried to reach Adam again on his home phone that morning but he had already left for the office and so she had texted him to ask when he would be returning home. He had resisted the urge to rush back that minute to speak to her, telling her that he wouldn't be home until later that evening.


Although his pulse had raced at the sound of her voice, he sounded cool and distant during the call, and they had struggled for conversation as both avoided bringing up the subject of why she was there. Most of the phone call was taken up with Adam explaining what had been revealed by Michaelis on the yacht and he had suggested that Fay put some details of what she could remember happening the day at the cave and the evening in the bar into an e mail, which she could send to him so that he could pass the information on to Pedros.


That evening he had stripped the sheets off his bed and replaced them with fresh ones which didn't bear the scented reminder of Fay on them. In a way he had been thrilled that she'd finally telephoned him, however the call had in some ways made him long for her more and he made a decision then that if he was going to get through the next three weeks with his sanity intact, he was going to have to distance himself as much as possible from Fay. She had ended the phone call by saying that she would telephone him again. However she had not said when and so he pushed it to the back of his mind, determined not to spend every evening waiting expectantly for her to call.


A couple of days later she had telephoned and spoken to him for the second time but by the end of the week they had resorted to simply sending text messages, which seemed to express more and took away the pressure they felt to evade the subject of her leaving.


After Sal and Nick had taken the coaches full of tourists back to the airport Adam had just over a week to prepare for the first official arrival of his guests. The original, unofficial visits had proven to be a useful experience for Adam as he had been able to reassess the company's organization and make necessary improvements before the first flights arrived. He had also added a few extra trips to the itinerary, including boat trips around Elounda by Nikos who had taken Fay and Adam out into Elounda bay to see Spinalonga a week before.


Much to Adam's relief Julia had left at the end of that week, but not before causing a final scene in the office where she demanded to know where he had been over the last few days and why he hadn't made an effort to see her. He had ignored her irrational ranting and raving and she had eventually stormed away, announcing to his delight that he would never see her again.


Adam found that the days passed quickly as there was always something to arrange or organise at the office, however it was the evenings which were difficult for him. He had avoided going into The Wheelhouse as there were too many memories of times spent with Fay in there, and he rarely felt in the mood for socialising anyway. Instead he stayed in the office for as long as he possibly could and then returned home, ate, watched some television and went to bed where he would more often than not lie staring at the ceiling until he eventually fell asleep in the early hours of the morning.

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Added on June 5, 2011
Last Updated on June 5, 2011
Tags: romance, love, danger, humour, suspense, mystery

Welcome To Crete