Welcome To Crete Chapter 60

Welcome To Crete Chapter 60

A Chapter by Repgreece



Fay descended the steps of the aeroplane and was hit by a wall of heat, a huge contrast to the wind and rain she had been faced with over the last few weeks. She boarded the shuttle bus, which was crowded with excited tourists, and she smiled to herself as a different kind of excitement hit her. After handing over her passport for inspection, she followed the line of tourists into the baggage claim area and waited impatiently for the luggage to begin emerging. Eventually her bag fell out onto the belt and she pushed through the crowds to retrieve it, making for the exit and grabbing a taxi before they were commandeered by anyone else on her flight.

An hour and a quarter later Fay pushed open the door of The Wheelhouse and entered, catching the attention of Ruth, Pat and Sal who were sitting at the corner of the bar nearest to the entrance. As soon as they realised who had just entered their faces lit up and Fay was almost mowed down by Sal when she reached them.

"I can't believe you're back!" Sal squealed, throwing herself at Fay and kissing her on the cheek.

"Hi Sal," she smiled.

"I can tell you've come from London," Ruth said, assessing Fay's appearance. "Aren't you hot in that suit?"

"Absolutely roasting but I didn't have an opportunity to change," Fay explained, taking off her high heeled shoes with relief.

"Isn't there someone else you want to say hello to?" Sal grinned.

Fay took a moment to understand what Sal meant. "Oh yes but I can't seem to find him. I've checked the office and his house."

Sal rolled her eyes and looked towards Ruth whilst Pat began asking Fay about her trip. Ruth moved to the back of the bar then, heading for Adam who was sitting amongst a group of men engrossed in a football match. She reached across the bar and tapped Adam on his arm to get his attention.

"I think you're going to want to see who's just walked in," she said, motioning back down the bar with her eyes.

Adam froze and his heart jolted suddenly at the implication in Ruth's words. He leant backwards on his stool to cast his eyes down the bar and his pulse began to race with excitement when he caught sight of Fay. He jumped off his seat and watched as Sal whispered something into Fay's ear which made her swing her head around abruptly in his direction. Her eyes widened in surprise and, throwing down her bag and shoes, she began to walk towards him. With a growing impatience which matched her own, he watched her approach until she gave up and sprinted towards him, throwing herself into his arms with an enthusiasm he hadn't expected from her. Their lips collided immediately and his arms encircled her body so tightly that she feared for her ribs.

He drew back his head briefly to refill his lungs when they ran out of air. "Don't," he kissed her, "ever," he kissed her again, "leave me like that," another kiss, "again!"

He finished with a long lingering kiss, weaving his fingers through her hair and holding her head to his. They eventually inched apart and glanced around to giggle at the sea of intrigued faces that were watching them. He moved his gaze to her again and put a hand under her chin to turn her head back to him.

"Let me look at you," he said as his eyes travelled from her face down her body. "You look different, sexy as always but something's not right. It's these clothes. They're not you. I know, let's get them off," he grinned.

She laughed and slapped his hands away when he went to unbutton her blouse. "You're not different at all!"

He linked his hands behind her back and beamed at her. "So how was London?"

"Okay," she said vaguely, "but here is much better."

His eyes assessed the guarded expression on her face and she edged away from him to move back down the bar to Sal, Pat and Ruth.

"Hey where do you think you're going?" he said as she slipped out of his arms.

"Just down here, come on," she coaxed invitingly, taking his hand and leading him with her.

He followed behind whilst his eyes roamed over her appreciatively, taking in the skirt which fitted snugly to her hips and showed a tempting amount of shapely leg beneath it.

Ooh, never mind about taking him down there, he just wanted to be taken to bed!

"Ahh, the lovers reunited," Pat sighed when Fay and Adam reached them.

Fay's eyes flicked to Adam and she gave a small laugh.

"Here," Sal said handing Fay a glass of wine, "this is to say welcome back."

Fay smiled warmly and took the wine, kissing Sal on the cheek. "Thanks Sal, it's so good to be back."

Ruth briefly disappeared and came back seconds later with Adam's beer, whispering to him, "I guess the football has lost its appeal now."

They smiled at each other and he took the beer from her.

"Ooh, I forgot," Fay began, reaching into her handbag, "I have a little present for you." She took out the gift she had bought earlier for Adam and handed it to him. He looked quizzically at the object which was wrapped in a brown paper bag. "I thought it might come in handy," she grinned.

He looked at her suspiciously as he took the object out of the bag and glanced down at it.

"The beginner's guide to Crete! How the hell did you find that in London?" he laughed.

She shrugged and chuckled at the book in his hand.

"Right, that's it madam, you're in trouble," he said, grabbing her around the waist and finding the most sensitive parts of her to tickle.

She gasped for air and begged him to stop whilst the girls watched them with amusement. Eventually catching hold of his hands, she pushed them away but not before he was able to whisper to her, "I'll let you off for now but you're going to have to pay in unspeakable ways later on."

Her head sprang back from him when she registered what he'd said but he simply gazed back at her without remorse. She gave him a look that told him she couldn't imagine what he meant by 'unspeakable ways' and they shared a secret moment before she turned away to take off the jacket that was beginning to make her unbearably hot. Adam watched with interest as she slid the garment off and his fascination was noticed by Ruth who grinned at the girls, drawing their attention to him. They giggled and Fay frowned with confusion, glancing back at Adam and realising that he was watching her every move. The girls laughed aloud at her reaction and she blushed, reaching for her glass of wine and beginning a conversation to dispel her embarrassement.

"So, what's the news then?" she asked, with a look of warning as they continued to laugh at her obvious attempt to avoid his intense gaze.

She was beginning to get hot and flustered and it had nothing to do with the temperature.

"Sal has an interesting story to tell about her transfer don't you Sal?" Pat chuckled.

"Ah, not when Adam is here," she said, elbowing Pat. "I was trying my best to impress my boss by being so efficient."

Sal glanced at Adam but his attention was elsewhere.

"You may as well tell us Sal, Adam wouldn't care at the moment if you'd left the entire plane full of guests at the airport!" Ruth laughed.

"Come on then, what have you been up to," Fay asked.

"Well, it wasn't my fault but I had a bit of a shock when I did the final head count and reached the end of the bus. It seems as though there was a group of rather over excited lads at the back who decided to impress the girls with a strip tease!"

Fay covered her face with her hand and began to laugh at the picture that was forming in her head of Sal faced with a bus full of naked men.

"How did you control yourself Sal?" Fay chuckled.

"Hey, like I said, I was extremely efficient and professional. I told them to behave themselves or I'd throw them off the bus!" she said proudly.

"That must have gone against the grain for you eh Sal, telling men to put their clothes on!" Ruth exclaimed.

They continued to discuss Sal's amazing competence at the airport and Fay suddenly stifled a yawn as the long journey began to take its toll on her.

"You must be shattered," Adam said with a grin, "it's getting late, I guess I should take you home."

"Err actually it's only nine thirty," Ruth pointed out with a knowing grin.

Fay rolled her eyes. "Will you lot give up with the innuendos? I am shattered if you'd like to know and I'd appreciate a lift home, thank you Adam."

Adam's grin widened. "Come on then, let's get you home," he said, picking up her bag and paying the tab.

They said goodbye, leaving the bar and the girls to their whispers and giggles.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Added on June 12, 2011
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