Welcome To Crete Chapter 61

Welcome To Crete Chapter 61

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay is nervous about telling Adam why she had to leave Crete.

As soon as they got into the car and were alone Fay began to feel nervous as she contemplated the imminent conversation she had planned to have with Adam on her return. Adam was quick to pick up on the tension, which in turn caused him anxiety and much of the drive back to her apartment was filled with a tense silence.

Whatever was wrong? He was going to make it right if it was the last thing he did!

When they reached her apartment Fay turned to Adam. "Will you come in for a bit? We need to talk."

Adam's nervousness increased with the look on her face but he followed her up to the apartment and watched as she picked up a pile of post from off the floor, turned on her computer, put the kettle on and did everything she could think of to delay the impending conversation. Eventually he could bear it no more and he went to her, catching her by the hands and stilling her skittish movements.

"Hey! Calm down will you? It's me, Adam. Remember? The guy I thought you couldn't wait to see," he said, cupping her face and looking into her wavering eyes.

He bent his head and placed his lips gently on hers, putting his arms around her and moulding her body to his. There was not an inch between them and the feel of her soft curves pressed so invitingly against him, together with her warm lips yielding to his, pushed all other thoughts out of his head.

"Fay," he sighed, looking deeply into her eyes and trying to find the words to express how he felt about her. "I'd forgotten how incredibly good it is between us. It's a good job really or I'd never have got through the last two weeks!"

Why was she not smiling anymore? He'd make her smile.

He held her head in his hands and kissed her lips, her cheeks, her ears, her neck, trying desperately to show how much he felt for her. She ran her hands up his back and neck into his hair, exalting in the feel of him. Suddenly he was lost in his need for her and he yearned for more contact, slipping his hand underneath her blouse and bra to find the sensitive skin of her breast. She rested her head on his chest, fighting her arousal with thoughts of the conversation she knew they would need to have soon. He continued the torturous teasing with his second hand which she lost track of as it roamed all over the skin underneath her blouse until, without her realising it, he had unbuttoned the back of her skirt and was edging his hand downwards. Her body began to tingle and throb when she felt his hand slide past all barriers to the skin of her behind and she grabbed a handful of his shirt, frantically trying to hold on to her sanity.

"God knows how much I want you baby! You're so beautiful and so passionate! You burn me up every time Fay, every time!"

"Oh god, so do you!" she grated out with abandon as she allowed his hand to explore behind her. "You turn me on so much Adam with the things you say and the way you touch me. Who cares about all the rest? I just want this!"

Was she ever going to tell him? Damn he was so impatient for her that he couldn't focus.

Her admission tested his control, however he had to acknowledge that the more passionate they became the less likely she would be to explain her trip to the UK.

They needed to talk properly and he couldn't do it like that.

"I need to think Fay," he said, pushing her away from him with more force than he had intended. "We need to talk."

She looked both shocked and fearful at the same time by his retreat and this caused him further confusion. He rubbed his hands over his face in torment.

"Listen, get some sleep and we'll talk tomorrow. But I warn you Fay, I want to know why you went back or this is never going to work between us."

"Why don't you stay for a bit?" she said quickly, feeling bereft by his withdrawal and hating the desperation she heard in her own voice.

"Because Madam if I stay, you and I both know that there will be very little talking going on!" he pointed out. "Tomorrow Fay, we'll go for a quiet coffee somewhere and we can talk it through eh?"

She nodded, trying to hide her disappointment with his decision to leave so soon. He kissed her briefly on the lips then and abruptly left before he changed his mind. She stood in the middle of her lounge, fighting the urge to run after him.

© 2011 Repgreece

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