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Welcome To Crete Chapter 72

Welcome To Crete Chapter 72

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam and Fay say goodnight


Fay became gradually aware of something lightly touching her lips and she opened her eyes in confusion to see Adam's face inches from hers. She took in a breath to speak but he suddenly bridged the gap between them and leant forward to kiss her again, caressing her lips with his using feather light touches. The kiss was so gentle and unassuming that she leant her head back against the cushion of the sofa and indulged herself in the intimacy. His fingers slid through her hair and leisurely wound around the curls sending a dreamy, tingling feeling through her. The kiss went on, the fingers continued to play with her hair and she could easily have stayed there all night like that until he moved back to speak.

"The people have arrived sweetheart and I've phoned you a taxi."

She gazed at him, trying to clear her head and he smiled.

"I'll return your car tomorrow, you had a fair amount of wine and I'm making sure you get home safely," he explained.

She nodded and struggled to sit up on the sofa. He stood up then and held out a hand for her which she took, allowing him to pull her up to a standing position. As she rose she wobbled slightly and he put a hand on her back to steady her. He tilted his head and gave her that slow, knowing smile of his which always made her feel as though he could see straight through her.

"We have a transfer on Friday, would you like to come into the office tomorrow at about one o clock to go over the details?" he asked, more as though he was inviting her on a date than asking her to work.

"Okay," she replied simply, dazed and confused from her sleep and his kiss.

His eyes delved into hers then deeply and it seemed for a second as though he was going to say something more significant but he changed his mind and moved to the window to glance out of it.

"The taxi should be here soon."

She didn't want to go. She wanted to stay there with him.

"Well at least there were no hitches with the transfers," she said, trying to make casual conversation.

He turned from the window and their eyes met.

"No, it all went well," he replied, in a way that made her wonder if he was still talking about the transfers.

What did he want? Why was he being so nice to her? He could have taken advantage of her that night but he didn't, why? And why the hell was he going back if he wanted to be with her? It seemd like he did. or did he?

She sighed and then her eyes darted to the lights that flashed through the window as the taxi pulled up outside. She picked up her bag from off the sofa and fumbled in it for her front door key. Just as she fished out her keys she jumped when she felt his hands on hers.

"Goodnight sweetheart," he said, bending to kiss her on the cheek.

She leant her head towards him, prolonging the moment and willing things to change, willing him to make everything right between them again.

Say you want me Fay. Say you want to stay. Tell me you want us to be together forever.

"Goodnight Adam," she finally replied, turning her head impulsively and kissing him briefly on the lips before heading for the door and leaving.

© 2011 Repgreece

Author's Note

Only 4 chapters left till the end of the book!

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Added on June 15, 2011
Last Updated on June 15, 2011

Welcome To Crete