Welcome To Crete Chapter 76

Welcome To Crete Chapter 76

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam surprises Fay


Adam watched Fay as she stood leaning against the doorframe, wrapped in the bed sheet.

God, he must be the luckiest man in the world! She blew his mind! His dream woman standing right there, naked under his bed sheet!

She looked up at him and giggled as she spoke on the phone.

She was so sweet too, and wonderful. God he wished he could tell her just how much he loved her.

He reached for his mobile phone again and went to type her another message but he only got halfway through before he stopped, frowned and put the phone down.

What was he doing? He could do better than send her bloody messages. He would buy her something really special.

He sat up in bed thinking.

What does she love most?

A slow smile spread across his face as an idea came to him and he jumped up suddenly.

Why was she frowning at him now?

Her face lit up however when she heard that he was going to surprise her and he urged her to end the phone call.

"Okay, a quick shower and then I'll take you to the bar. You can have your surprise when I pick you up. It may take me a little bit of time to sort it out," he smiled, pushing her towards the bathroom.

"Are you going in the shower with that sheet on?" he laughed as he turned on the water.

She hesitated.

"Come on silly," he said, whipping it off her and taking her hand to lead her into the shower.

She squealed as he pulled her under the stream of water and tickled her ribs.

"I was going to take it off you know." She pretended to sulk. "I was just..."

"Yeah, yeah, just what?" he teased.

She struggled to think. "Err...just...cold," she said with uncertainty.

They both laughed.

"I don't think so, not in these temperatures! Now you'll have to pay for lying to me," he said, resuming the onslaught on her ribs.

"Stop! Stop!" she begged. "You know I have sensitive sides."

He put his arms around her waist and grinned down at her. "Yes, and today I learnt about all your other sensitive bits too."

She gave him an innocent look and edged closer to him. "You have sensitive bits as well."

The feel of her skin sliding against his under the water made him moan as she ran her hands over his wet body. He stepped back from her after a few minutes, trying to regain control of himself.

"Ohh, you wonton woman. Come on, let's get a move on so that we can get back here and try this again. That's if you want this surprise of yours," he said, pulling her back towards him. "We could just lock ourselves in the house and never come out."

He moved his lips back onto hers and she shuddered.

"How about you just tell me what it is and I can have it tomorrow," she murmured against his lips.

He shook his head and turned away from temptation, reaching for the shower gel. "No, no, that's cheating. Now stop distracting me madam, I have limited time left to sort things out."

He showered quickly, resisting her attempts at seduction with great restraint and leaving her in the shower so that he could get dressed. She giggled to herself as she washed her hair and she was just rinsing the soap out when he popped his head around the shower door.

"If you don't come out of there now and get dressed I'm going to take you to the bar like that!" he warned.

"I'm coming," she sighed, turning off the water and stepping out of the shower.

His eyes ran over her naked body and he whipped an arm around her, pulling her to him.

"Adam, I'll get you all wet!" she said, looking down at his clothes.

"I don't care. Is it my fault that you're irresistible?" he replied, kissing her soundly.

He tore his lips away from hers and looked down into her face with a pained expression.

"You know I thought that it would get easier after we had made love, that this bloody aching feeling would go, but now it's ten times worse!"

She chuckled. "I'd better get dressed. Give me ten minutes and I'll be ready."

"I'm timing you from now," he shouted as she wrapped a towel around herself and ran into the bedroom.

Twenty minutes later Adam dropped Fay off at The Wheelhouse and kissed her goodbye before driving off. The bar was busy when she walked into it, with Ann, Ruth and Pat chatting at one end and Sal, Nick, Susie and the girls at the other. Everyone turned around and cheered when she walked in and she gave an embarrassed laugh, taking a seat by Ann to avoid all the attention.

"So you two kissed and made up then?" Ruth smiled.

"Think they did more than kiss and make up!" Sal said, appearing behind Pat and sitting on a bar stool next to Fay.

Fay simply smiled but said nothing.

"Ah, come on. We need to know what happened," Sal urged her.

"For goodness sake Sal, I'm not going into details about my love life!" Fay said incredulously.

"Ah, so now you have a love life then," Ruth exclaimed, picking up clues.

"Yes, yes, now I have a love life," Fay admitted, rolling her eyes at them.

"Wow, never thought it would happen again!" Sal smiled. "So where is he now then? Don't tell me you scared him off this quickly!"

Fay tutted. "Thanks Sal," she replied sarcastically, "but no, he's gone to get me a surprise."

All eyes lit up with interest.

"What is it? What is it?" Sal asked with animation.

"Err, yes, that's what I asked but Adam said it was a stupid question and that I'm going to have to wait," she explained.

Ann nodded. "Makes sense."

"Did he give you any clues?" Sal pushed.

"Not really, he just said that it might take a bit of time to organise."

They all looked baffled and then Sal suddenly giggled.

"Well I think that he's planning on doing a strip for you in here, or he's going to burst through that door completely naked with a rose in his teeth!" she said, causing fits of laughter amongst the group.

"Nah, that wouldn't take much time to organise. That's just you wanting to see a naked bloke Sal," Ruth teased.

"Who wants to see a naked bloke?" Nick said, catching the tail end of the conversation as he approached. "Ah, let me guess, it wouldn't be Sal would it?"

Sal narrowed her eyes at him. "Don't you know it's rude to eavesdrop Nicholas?"

"Tell you what," he came back, ignoring her comment, "I'll strip for you if you ask me really nicely Sal."

She considered his comment for a split second and a flicker of suprise crossed his face before she abruptly shook her head.

"I bet you say that to all the girls," she joked, moving her eyes away from him and turning suddenly to Ruth.

He looked about to say something in reply but then changed his mind as the conversation was diverted.

"Well, I think that we should all have a drink to celebrate," Sal announced.

"Good idea," Ruth said, moving to pick up a Sambucca bottle.

"Oh god!" Fay exclaimed, watching her pour some shots.

"Come on Fay, it's either that or Campari," Ruth warned.

"Okay, okay, Sambucca will do," Fay panicked.

After several Sambucca shots and much speculation as to what Adam's surprise was going to be, Fay's phone rang and she jumped up to answer it, moving towards the door away from the noise.

"Hello gorgeous, missing me?" Adam asked.

Fay smiled at the sound of his voice. "Very much so, when you coming back?"

"Well, not too long now. How I've managed to organise this so quickly I don't know but I've surprised even myself today," he said proudly.

"Ooh, any clues you can give me?" she asked with impatience.

"Nope, but you'll find out soon," he laughed. "I hope you aren't giving Sal too many details about today," he said, remembering her earlier phone conversation with Sal.

"No, but they are all extremely inquisitive, come back soon and rescue me from them!" she appealed.

"I'll do my best," he replied, "but in the meantime you may tell them what a fantastic lover I am."

"Oh may I," she said with disbelief. "You know you can be extremely arrogant at times mister!"

He chuckled. "Yep, but it's part of what attracted you, admit it."

"Hmmm, you're going to get so bigheaded soon you won't fit through the door!"

He laughed loudly. "It's a good job that I have you to put me in my place eh Fay."

"Definitely, good job. See you soon."

"See you sexy," he said, hanging up.

She moved back to the bar to a sea of faces that were watching her.

"Ahhh, I wish I had some amazing man ringing me up all the time and organising surprises for me," Sal sighed.

Ruth groaned. "Me too!"

"Me three!" Pat added.

"God listen to you lot," Nick said, shaking his head at them.

Sal frowned and turned to him. "It's okay for you, you've got Jen. We have nothing but endless, lonely nights ahead of us!"

"You're so dramatic Sal," he laughed.

"Go away back up that end of the bar," she came back. "This end is for us single people to weep and wail."

"Drama queen," he replied.

"Hey," Sal sat up as a thought hit her, "does that mean that Fay has to sit down that end now that she has Adam?"

"She may just have to," Pat laughed.

"Oh, no!" Sal frowned.

"Okay, how about you and me get it together and then you can sit with Fay again?" Nick suggested to sal.

Sal rolled her eyes. "That's not very well thought out is it Nick? First it means I'll not be able to talk to these lot anymore and second it means that we'll have to spend more time together, and I spend enough time with you as it is!" Nick's face fell then and Sal changed her tune, stroking his arm sympathetically. "Ahh, poor Nick, I didn't mean it really."
His face lit up again and whilst Sal downed another shot Ruth looked across at Nick quizzically. He shrugged and drank his shot. Ruth watched him for a few moments before finishing her own drink.

By the time they had ordered yet another round of drinks Fay had insisted on switching to water.

"I want to be sober enough to appreciate my surprise," she pointed out.

Sal sighed but then smiled at Fay, resting her head on the bar with a melancholic expression. Nick stroked her head.

"You'll get your fair share of surprises," he assured her.

Fay sat for the next hour, barely concentrating on the conversation and glancing at her watch every few minutes until finally her phone rang again.

"Okay sweetheart, I'm outside. I need to take you somewhere," Adam said mysteriously.

Fay jumped off her stool, paid and left quickly to join him in the car.

"Where are we going?" she asked impatiently.

"You'll see," he replied.

They drove to the outskirts of the town and Adam turned off the main road, heading up a hilly track. They wound their way up the mountain, stopping half way up and parking on a plateau where Adam suggested that they get out to take a look at the view.

The area was on a slight slope and it afforded a stunning view over the sea and mountains in the background. Adam led Fay to the edge of the mountain and stood with his arms around her middle, looking out at the view.

"Ahh babe, our pink mountains!" Fay said looking back at him wistfully.

The sun was just beginning to set and the remaining rays warmed their faces as they gazed across the sea together.

"I love my surprise!" she said, turning around to cuddle him closely. "Finally we get to see those mountains I love together."

He chuckled and lifted her face to his. "You don't know what the surprise is yet."

She looked up at him in confusion and he put his arm around her waist, turning her around, pointing to the distance and placing his face next to hers.

"See those olive trees over there?" he whispered into her ear.

"Yes," she whispered back.

"Watch where I point now," he directed her, pointing out an area from the olive trees in the distance. "See this section, up to the edge of the mountain?"

"Yes," she said quizzically.

He turned to face her then. "It's yours."

She paused, searching his face. "What do you mean it's mine?"

"I bought it for you," he grinned.

She watched him, trying to take in the information. "Are you mad? You can't have."

"I have. Well I've put down a deposit on it so it's secured for you. I couldn't do anymore today and we have some lots of paperwork to complete but to all intents and purposes it's yours Fay."

She looked around at the land in shock and turned to him again with uncertainty.

"This is crazy! How can I accept this?" she asked.

"You have no choice," he replied firmly. "Besides, don't ruin it by refusing it!"

She turned away once more to look around her but he turned her back.

"Listen sweetheart, I wanted to get you something to show you just a little of how much I feel about you, and I know how much you love it here so I thought to myself, 'what better?'"

She put her hand to his face as she felt emotional tears threaten.

"You can do what you like with it, just come here to look at the view or build your dream house up here. Now, I'd love more than anything to be involved in that and share that with you but Fay, this comes with no conditions babe. This is your own piece of Crete which nobody can take away from you my love."

Tears began to stream down her face then as she stood there in front of him speechlessly. He wiped them away and kissed her tenderly.

"Are you happy?" he asked.

She finally found her voice. "More than I could ever have imagined. Thank you," she said, feeling that the words fell short somehow for how much gratitude she felt.

He kissed her again and they stayed there for some time, looking at the view and whispering small comments to each other until the sun set.

When they arrived back at the bar everyone seemed considerably louder and more excitable.

"Tell us, tell us, tell us," Sal said, jumping up and down as soon as they walked through the door.

"I'll tell you later Sal. It's a conversation for when we can talk more," Fay said, bending to add something in her ear. "I can't believe how much I love him, or how amazing he is."

Sal smiled and threw her arms around Fay, hugging her tightly. "I'm so happy for you. I love you Fay."

"I love you too Sal, my very bestest friend!"

She turned around to see Ruth, Ann and Pat smiling at her and on instinct she gave them all hugs too.

"Good god!" Ruth exclaimed, hugging Fay back, "you never show this much affection! He must be a good influence on you!" Fay giggled. "Where is he anyway?"

They looked around the bar but saw no sign of him.

"Think he popped outside for a moment to talk to Nick," Ann commented.

Ruth looked thoughtful for a moment and then grinned as an idea came to her.

"Since you are in training to show your feelings more Fay I have an excellent idea for you."

Fay looked a little concerned then as Ruth whispered something into her ear.

"Oh my god! You're not going to make me do that are you?" she said with dread.

Ruth nodded and whispered to the other girls who nodded their approval with excitement. She chuckled to herself as she turned to put some music on and the girls led Fay to one of the tables at the back of the bar, helping her to stand up on it and handing her a microphone.

"I don't think I know all the words," she said to Sal in a last minute panic as music filled the bar and she blushed from her head to her toes.

"Just look at the screen," Sal reassured her, "you'll be fine."

She cringed but followed the words on the TV screen, beginning to sing. Everyone cheered her on and Sal rushed out of the bar then to find Adam.

Outside Sal found Nick and Adam chatting so she interrupted them, grabbing Adam by the arm.

"There's something in there that you are definitely going to want to see," she said, pulling him towards the entrance.

He followed her, wondering what was so interesting in the bar until he entered and saw Fay standing on the table singing.

I see you through the smoky air
can't you feel the weight of my stare
You're so close but still a world away
What I'm dying to say, is that

I'm crazy for you
Touch me once and you'll know it's true
I never wanted anyone like this
It's all brand new, you'll feel it in my kiss
I'm crazy for you...

He grinned from ear to ear and stood in front of her watching her sing to him with disbelief.

She got through the first part of the song but then looked to Sal with pleading eyes as her embarrassment became acute.

"Carry on," Sal mouthed, turning to Nick who was behind her. "This must be hell for her, she hates attention and showing how she feels," Sal chuckled.

"Well help her out then," Nick said, grabbing Sal around the waist and hauling her up on the next table to join Fay. Sal giggled back at Nick and started to sing with Fay, laughing when Susie and the other girls jumped up on nearby tables to join in too. Nick grinned up at Sal as he stood next to Adam with his arms folded, enjoying the show.

Eventually the song finished and Fay put her arms out to Adam with relief as he wrapped them around her, laughing when he carried her down.

"So," he said, still holding her in his arms, "is this a new you? Will you be singing to me in public regularly?"

She shook her head. "Sorry Adam, as much as I love you this is a one off!"

He chuckled and kissed her passionately. The whole bar cheered and clapped then, throwing paper napkins over them in true Greek style. They laughed and looked around them as the napkins tumbled over their heads and fell onto the floor.

"I knew we would work things out eventually," he said into her ear, smiling with happiness.

"Yes, but from now on I promise not to keep secrets from you if you promise not to do anything as silly as pretending to leave the island!"

He kissed her briefly. "Absolutely, no more games Fay. But I did just want us to be honest with each other, I hated all the secrecy to tell the truth."

"I know. I was a bit stupid to think that I could get away with disappearing for so long without an explanation," she admitted.

"Yes you were," he agreed, "especially when I was so madly in love with you. Did you really think when you came back that I would suddenly forget that you had disappeared for three weeks?"

She laughed. "I guess not..."

Hold on!

She frowned and looked up at him suspiciously. "That's what Sal said! In fact, that's exactly what Sal said!"

He grimaced and looked away.

"Adam! You're not telling me that..."

He looked down at her with puppy dog eyes.

"You did didn't you? You knew all along! Sal told you!"

"Err, maybe...but I needed to know and I was worried about you." he added quickly.

"I don't believe it! Why the hell didn't you say something then?" she asked, slapping him on the arm with frustration.

"I was kind of willing you to trust me and come to me with it yourself," he explained sheepishly. "I know you're angry with me baby but I love you more than words can say and I would have flown to London to help you out if I'd have found out that you were in trouble."

She sighed, unable to stay angry with him for long. "Okay, I'll let you off one last time!" She thought for a moment then. "Tell me something though Adam, what if I hadn't come to you in the end? What would you have done then?"

He grinned cheekily at her. "I always rely on my instincts. I knew when I first set eyes on you that you'd give into me in the end," he said with a wink.

© 2011 Repgreece

Author's Note

Well that's the end of this book. Please let me know if you enjoyed it and what you liked. I'll be uploading the rest of 'A Dangerous Affair' next and then the sequel to this book after that(which focuses on Sal and Nick)

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Yay! I love this. Great book. Can't wait to finish A Dangerous Affair. Bev, dear, I love your writing. You are such a caring and loving person and your writing is absolutely amazing

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