Angels Chapter 2

Angels Chapter 2

A Chapter by Repgreece

Angelo first sets eyes on Charlotte.


Angelo di Genova had never really looked closely at media images of Charlotte Laroche, but then again, he wasn't exactly the type of guy to go around reading front page gossip or flicking through glossy magazines. He was vaguely aware of who she was though: some famous, rich, woman who was known as ‘The Woman of Steel’ in business circles. So, when the agency had appointed him as a security guard for Charlie's Fashion House, he'd not been entirely thrilled; upper class, snobbish types were hardly his cup of tea. He needed the money however, as he’d not had any viable work through his website lately, which advertised himself as a bodyguard. As far as his new boss was concerned, he had a picture in his head of what Charlotte would look like: something similar to his old school teacher, with scraped back hair and beautiful features hidden behind a stern looking pair of spectacles.


But, was Charlie as he'd expected? Nothing like it! The last person he’d have thought would turn out to be the CEO of ‘Charlie’s’ was the woman he’d shared an elevator with that morning. Maybe it was because she was so different from all the other upper-class snobs he’d noticed in the building block so far, people who had not even bothered to so much as smile at him or utter a friendly ‘hello’. To them he was just a menial employee, and to some, not even worth a second glance. She was different though, which had surprised him in the elevator, but astounded him later when he’d found out who she was.


He’d pondered then about why she had been labelled ‘Woman of Steel’, as everything about her was soft and playful, even quite childlike. However, like a child, she was cunning and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. Nobody could say ‘no’ to Charlotte Laroche. And even Angelo had felt the effect of her charm in the few minutes they had stood next to each other on the ride up to the first floor. First of all, he’d been hit by the fact that she was one foxy lady, and it didn’t help that he’d not had a woman in months now; he’d been too busy trying to make ends meet. He’d tried not to make it too obvious that his eyes were instinctively roaming with interest over the bronzed skin of her shoulders, arms and legs, which her designer, coral coloured chiffon dress had revealed. Her tan was amazing, especially against the coral of the dress; it suited her well. She had that healthy 'glow' about her without looking like dried up, burnt toast, or a fake Satsuma.


Then he’d realised that he might have been focused a little too long on her amazing pair of smooth, exquisitely shaped legs, when she’d cleared her throat to draw his attention to her face. He’d thought he was going to be in trouble then, but to his surprise, she’d simply given him a knowing smile and lifted her sunglasses to assess him with equal interest. In fact, when she’d placed the sunglasses on top of her head, he’d got the impression that she’d enjoyed his attention but simply wanted him to look at her face. It was a very appealing face too, and he felt that, if there was a way a woman could look at a man and make him fall for her, this woman had found out how. The innocence of her warm, treacle coloured eyes and her baby pink lips, contrasted in a very stimulating way with her figure, which shouted out all woman.


“Hi,” she’d surprised him with.


“Hello,” he’d replied, unable to stop himself from smiling.


Her eyes sparkled into his as they stood there smiling at each other in silence. It was a significant moment and, without thinking about the practicality of it, Angelo’s instincts were to grab her there and then and crush his lips to hers. He could almost see it happening, that was until the elevator ‘pinged’ to indicate they had reached the first floor. His stop, damn! Her smile grew when he hesitated, reluctant to go. He couldn’t delay anymore though.


“Bye,” he’d finally said, unable to think of anything else to say or do as he’d left the elevator. He’d felt a lot like a school boy again as he’d looked back over his shoulder to catch one last glimpse of her before the elevator doors had closed. Oh well, he was bound to see her again.


Little did he know how soon though.

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Added on July 15, 2011
Last Updated on July 18, 2011
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