Off the Cretan Track chapter 31

Off the Cretan Track chapter 31

A Chapter by Repgreece

A secret affair


Okay, so this is a bit of a warning. This chapter is a little explicit. I have no idea how readers will interpret this chapter, so let me know what you were thinking as you were reading. Thanks, Bev.


Sal woke up with a start. She felt panicked. She had missed something. She had a sudden urge to return to Matala beach; she just had to know!

Slipping off the bed, she pulled her nightie off over her head and grabbed a bra and sarong from her backpack, clipping on the bra and tying the sarong around her body.

The night air was cool against her skin and the streets were completely silent. Strangely, she didn't feel afraid to be out alone on that quiet beach road. Then the caves loomed ahead of her and the beach stretched between her and the cliff face. Taking her sandals off, she jumped from the pathway onto the sand. It felt cool against the soles of her feet. She began to stroll towards the caves, the soft breeze blowing the sarong around her legs.

Then she saw a shadow in the distance and she knew it was him. She had been right. He'd gone there for her. What was going to happen? Her heart thudded with nervous excitement.

They walked slowly towards each other, as if fate was pulling them together, and met at the base of the caves, on the edge of the beach.

He smiled in welcome. He was pleased. So was she.

"I thought you’d forgotten what we’d said... or changed your mind. Did you wonder where I was when you woke up?" he asked.

"No," she replied immediately, not wanting any misunderstandings, "I remembered as soon as I opened my eyes."

He nodded in understanding.

"Come here," he said suddenly, holding out his hand to her.

This was really happening. He was going to do what he'd said. He smiled at her, as if he could read her thoughts. She smiled a shy, knowing smile back as she took his hand. She was so nervous, but so excited at the same time.

He led her to the dense area of woodland at the very far end of the beach, just past the caves. She knew he would take her there.

They found a clearing. The ground was soft with moss and sand. He sat, leaning against a tree with his leg hitched up, one arm resting on his knee. He grinned up at her, such a sexy smile, and his eyes sparkled at her through the night. He was as excited as her.

"You know what we are going to do, don’t you?" he said.

Her heart picked up its beat then.

"We can’t," she replied, but knowing it wasn’t true, or else why had she gone there?

"Yes we can. Here we can Sal. Here it is okay. Do you believe me?" he asked.

In a strange way she did. She shouldn’t, but her instincts told her that everything would be okay with him.

She nodded slowly, and saw his seductive smile in response. He knew it was going to happen now. There was no turning back, even if she wanted to...which she didn’t.

A breeze whistled gently through the trees then, tugging at the edges of her sarong, loosening the knot.

His eyes fell to her body, the thin material barley covering it.

"Take it off," he said, gesturing to the sarong.

She may as well; the breeze was looking to whip it from her anyway. The knot slid undone so easily; the thin material floated to the floor and was carried away by the breeze.

Now she was standing before him wearing only her bra and lacy briefs. She could feel the open air against her bare skin; there seemed to be a lot of herself open to both the air, and to his smouldering eyes. She was so aware of the way his gaze ran all over her, taking in every exposed part. She tingled with anticipation.

"Hmmm. I've waited for this," he sighed, placing his hands behind his head and leaning it back against the tree trunk as he took time to leisurely assess her.

It seemed that he was in no rush; he wanted to savour every part of this. She crackled with sexual tension. What was going to happen next? She knew he'd thought about it; he seemed to be calling the shots. Would she do all he wanted? Her body tingled with the thought of it. Okay, she would see how far this went; then she would decide.

At last, he had seemed to become impatient with trying to visualise what he couldn’t see.

"Take off the bra," he said with a challenging look.

"Here?" she replied. She was just stalling and she knew it. Obviously he meant there. He meant it all to happen there.

He nodded. "Yes, right here."

Okay, it was only a bra, right? People went sunbathing topless all the time on beaches over there. So...she could take her bra off.

He would see her though. That was the difference. Not a load of strangers on the beach, but him; he would see her.

"Take it off," he urged again.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, reaching behind her back and unclipping the clasp of her bra, but still holding it against her, despite that fact that it was falling away from her body. Maybe she wouldn’t let go. She didn’t have to.

Opening her eyes again, she locked into his intense gaze.

"Let go," he ordered.

Her hands seemed to listen to him, and of their own accord, they released the bra and it fell to the floor, exposing her bare breasts to him. He smiled, a satisfied smile.

A heat grew in the pit of her stomach at the look on his face and the feel of his eyes on her.

"Good," he smiled, tilting his head to one side, " and very sexy Sal." His eyes ran slowly over her. "Very, very sexy. I knew you would be. But now..." he went on, "now I’ve seen this much Sal, I need to see more. You know what i want you to do, don’t you?" he said, lowering his eyes to her only remaining clothing.

Yes, she knew exactly what he wanted her to do, but would she do it? Could she?

Slowly her hands crept to the sides of her lacy underwear and hovered there, uncertain and nervous.

"We shouldn’t be doing this," she said to him.

"Yes we should. But I won’t force you Sal; if you want to stop and go back to the hotel, we can."

God, she didn’t want that. She was so hot inside. She had to know what came next, and next, and how it would feel.

"Okay. I want to stay," she said.

His smile genuinely brightened up his face then and she was glad. He was happy that she wanted to stay with him.

"So?" he said, lowering his eyes to her hands.

She giggled. "Can you look away?" she asked.

"Not a chance," he replied. "I want to see. I want to see you naked. Completely naked Sal."

God, she wasn’t sure she could take the tension.

"Okay," she heard herself finally say. Then she stripped for him, feeling the breeze whip around her whole body, caressing it, as he soon would.

He went very still. His eyes burning into her, moving over every inch.

Then he stood suddenly, his legs slightly astride.

"I've waited for this a long time. I've thought of nothing but this, and you and me Sal. I can’t wait any longer," he said, unzipping his shorts with one swift, sharp tug. He was already bare chested so the only remaining clothing between them were his shorts. Soon they were gone, disposed of, and he was there, so masculine and hard and hot and sexy.

"Come here," he said, his voice low and deep. He held out his had to her again. She put her hand in his tentatively. He pulled her sharply and very suddenly to him and she gasped as their naked bodies collided. She was burning and shaking with desire as his hands slid everywhere. He groaned out his sexual delight.

"Feel my hands on you Sal. I know you've thought about this much as I have. You can’t imagine what I want to do with you. Do you want me to Sal?" he whispered to her.

She was finding it hard to breathe through heat his touches were creating.

"Yes," she replied breathlessly, with every last ounce of restraint gone from her.

"Do you want me to now Sal?"

"Yes, now. Please now," she begged.

And then it was all sensations and heat and, gasping and moaning and frenzied movements, until he finally had his way with her, as he had wanted for so she had secretly needed him to.

"There it is, can you feel that Sal?"

Oh yes, she could feel it! She couldn’t escape it! He had her right where he wanted her and she gave into him because she wanted it too, it was every one of her secret fantasies. It felt so exciting, so daring and erotic.

God she hoped and prayed no one was on the beach at the point. What if they were discovered like that? But then why would there be, at that time?

He took her again and again, over and over. She was helpless to resist him. She couldn’t get enough of the excitement his demands evoked in her. But each time he tipped her over the edge of her desire, it was only moments later when she wanted him again. It was as if she was never going to be satisfied unless they stayed there for a very long time...until he had done everything there was to do and abated her intense hunger.

"Don't stop!" she shouted out, opening her eyes suddenly and coming face to face with Nick. Damn it! It had been a dream!

His eyes were assessing her closely and with interest, trying to read her thoughts. He must know, just by the heat of her body, how aroused she was.

"Were you dreaming about me?" he asked.

She didn’t know what to say.

"It looked like you were having," he grinned, "a very sexy dream. I hope it was about me."

He shouldn’t say that. Especially considering how much the dream had worked her up into a sexual frenzy, and how she still needed satisfying.

He seemed to be reading her thoughts. "You look so hot."

Did he mean hot as in temperature, or hot as in sexy?

"I always need sex in the morning," he went on, sighing.

Well, she could hardly offer herself to him.

And then he did something she would never have expected. She watched it happen, as if in slow motion. Reaching out a hand, he slipped down first one, and then the other, strap of her nightie!

With utter disbelief she heard him say, "I knew you were aroused," as his eyes widened at her bare breasts.

Then, without wanting to, thoughts began tumbling into her head. Forbidden thoughts like, "Kiss me there," "Touch me" "Take me." It was more than she could stand.

"Take me!" she shouted out, opening her eyes suddenly and coming face to face with Nick.

What the hell was going on?

All was silent. Sunlight was flooding into the room. He was staring at her.

"Am I awake?" she asked him.

He chuckled. "I hope so Sal, because I think you were having a naughty dream and after all, it is morning and I am a guy, and if you don’t stop rubbing yourself against me and moaning like that, I’m going to have to take drastic action!" he replied.

She still wasn’t sure if she was awake. Reaching down, she dug her nails into her leg. Awch! She must be awake! Oh God, but what had she revealed to him when she was asleep?

© 2012 Repgreece

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