A Chapter by cesar

a dark secret is hidden inside a famous childhood story. Mixing in fantasy with reality, this tale will be pure horror.



"And I declare you witch you evil wench!, why did I have to kiss you? Why did I have to wake you from that endless purgatory that you were in...These were the words said by a prince who met his untimely death at the hands of a mysterious princess who laid asleep for many years, and now my dear friends we have uncovered her tomb. The tomb of Princess Joana." The lights dimmed in the auditorium and Dr. Francis Jones swallowed it all in. The applause, the congratulations, the world was all his.


"Dr. Jones and when do you propose that we start digging?" a voice echoed through the hall as it lay in complete silence after a few seconds.


"My dear boys, as we speak arrangements are being made for a select group of archaeologists who will accompany to this trip to the remote parts of England." The doctor replied in an enthusiastic but calm demeanor.


"Who is being selected Dr. Jones?" A guy who couldn't have been more than 30 stood up and let his voice be heard.


 The doctor again very enthusiastically replied "I have already selected a group of 10 fellow diggers and phone calls will be made to their residences. We will depart in two days from Newark International Airport.


A room full with women enveloped in Dr. Moriarty's sights, he loved every second of it. Beautiful women started fondling him as he became aroused. He closed his eyes and let his body at their mercy, these women were playing with him. He opened his eyes and in his sight was a demonic creature biting his neck. He was fading away.


"Moriarty!" a rough voice woke him up of his nightmare. "Another one of your nightmares?"


Dr. Moriarty composed himself in his seat and dried his face full of sweat. “I’m sorry Jake; it seems that these dreams are getting worse as every day goes by.”


“I’m sorry to say it David but you really need to get laid.” Jake laughed as Dr. Jones emerged from the cockpit.


“Ok gentlemen we should be arriving at Heathrow Airport in about 3 hours so keep doing what you are doing, and oh Dr. Moriarty I need to have a word with you in private.”


Moriarty let himself up from his seat as his face was still flushed from the nightmare he just had. That terrible creature still haunted his thoughts.


“What’s going on David? I know about these dreams that you have been having. Better tell me now if you don’t feel good about this expedition because there is no going back.”


“I’m ok Francis.”


“Do you want to talk to me about it?”


“Yeah sure, I mean I’m in this room full of gorgeous women and then suddenly I close my eyes. When I open them there is a strange human/dog faced creature trying to bite every inch of my body.”


“David, as a fellow scientist I cannot fathom that you get harmed in this expedition. Are you sure you will be ok?”


“Yes, Doctor Jones.”


“And David, about these gorgeous women in your nightmare.  You need to have sex.” The doctor said. Both men bursted in laughter as the other archaeologists watched with puzzled looks…


© 2008 cesar

Author's Note

what do you guys think of the dialogue?

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I thought it was okay but...there are parts where your grammar made me yell, "Commma!" or "Erm..there's not suppose to be a comma there." Not really yell....but you get the idea...

Posted 14 Years Ago

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North Bergen, NJ

The name is Cesar and I specialize mostly in writing horror stuff. Writing horror stories with a twist ending is my specialty. I got into writing at a young age and I absolutely love it. Once in a whi.. more..

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A Chapter by cesar