Scary Eyes (Aspiring Sociopaths)

Scary Eyes (Aspiring Sociopaths)

A Poem by Cahjli Symes

Mia f*****g Wallace.

Oh scary eyes,
How could I trust you anytime?
Why would I love you anyway?
If it's the same old f*****g games?

Or even worst.

You got darkness in your soul.
You don't care who you hurt.
They got control of your mind,
cause you're afraid to leave the past.

You're so scared you attack
right from behind.
You twist your blade into his lungs.
You manipulate for love.
And you killed just for fame.

Oh scary eyes how could you
be so blind?
You're just a product of a never
ending game.
Just a pawn for things to stay the same.

Oh scary eyes you have no soul.
Oh scary eyes you gut for gold.
Oh scary eyes you kill with a smile.
Oh scary eyes you worship horns.
Oh scary eyes you are a w***e.
Oh scary eyes please stay away.
I'm through playing all these gore drenched games!

Your skin is sticky from their blood.
No remorse, you wash it off with cum.
Your narcissism on display.
You'll slit the throats of who you loved, just for riches from these scum.

I know you suffered growing up,
and now you eat hearts just for fun.
Taking these opiates to cope, you were conditioned to lose hope.

You tell these lies to fill your hole.
Because your eyes reflect your soul.
Your subconscious is full of monsters, that's why you act so goddamn heartless.

© 2016 Cahjli Symes

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Sorry here is the review Damn it's good

Posted 7 Years Ago

Damn double damn this is good..Nicely creeps you out penned.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 16, 2016
Last Updated on June 16, 2016
Tags: greed, lust, manipulation, anxiety, depression, addiction, happy, happiness, dark, horror, fear, betrayal


Cahjli Symes
Cahjli Symes

Cloud City, FL

Hi my name is Cahjli and I write poems,screenplays and lyrics. Hope you enjoy :D more..