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Human Trials: Unethical Experimentation (Part 2 of 2)

Human Trials: Unethical Experimentation (Part 2 of 2)

A Chapter by Cahjli Symes

Mr.Goldwasser's experiment begins.


One Hour after ingestion:   
    The experiment started at three am on the dot. I was logging down my observations while Ethan was busy smoking cannabis, observing as well. He offers me a pull, but I don’t even drink alcohol so I politely turn down the offer. At first the test subject woke up disorientated yet relaxed. He started to check his pants and noticed he had no wallet, gun or any form of identification on him due to Ethan's confiscation. So he started looking for a way out while shouting random obscenities and getting violent. This obviously isn’t the drug but just a defense mechanism to hide the fact that he’s in fear for his life waking up in an unknown location with no windows and one door.
    Within three minutes he started to fling incense and pillows all over the room getting even more violent. The fight stage of fight or flight. He began shouting violently for help, threatening to murder us. Ethan was laughing his a*s off while I turned the volume up on the music to drown him out, ignoring his fear. Within twenty minutes of wasting his energy, he started to charge towards the door leading into the next room. Like the ignorant barbarian our subject was, he kicked the door down but as he got his leg stuck through the caved in door his body literally froze with his pupils dilating like a deer in head lights. He then began to start walking around in circles on a broken leg for the next forty minutes, with blood seeping down his leg from the splinters of the broken door.  

Two Hours after ingestion:
    The results were rather…horrific to say the least.  Well first the effects seemed like the usual depressant, the test subject's body calmed down due to the perception of his environment.  When idle he's calm, reflective and nearly motionless. Even began talking out loud about how he suffered from satanic ritual abuse from his stepmother while his father was away on business trips, and how nobody ever believed him because he was subjected into a mental ward for most of his teenage years. From observation from his slurred rambling, he seemed to be making amends with his "father" who’s already dead. He started hugging himself while simultaneously walking into the third room full of goth like trance music.
    I played a series of different genres to test out his reaction to each. With the genres of anything rock, metal or anything with low frequency sound waves, the drug acts as a stimulant giving the test subject a more euphoric perception of reality. Based on the test I performed on some lab rats ten hours before I began human trials, depending on their emotions their senses would heighten as well as their sixth sense; which I believe was activated through the drug locking into his subconscious thinking he could see energy. His body started losing pigmentation and he started sweating profusely. I had Ethan put the a/c on full blast that way our test subject doesn’t died from a significant rise in blood temperature. 
    As a crude joke, Ethan asked if he could play some eighties music from YouTube and see his effects of the speed on his perception. The subject’s body began shaking rather violently shortly after we started playing “Hey Mickey” by Toni Basil. The subject literally punched himself in the mouth so hard, he broke his four front teeth. After that he violently spits them into his right hand and began to start cutting his face with the same pair of teeth to the rhythm of the music. This got both of us completely surprised. Then the subject started attacking the air, using his teeth as if it’s a knife. He’s reacting to the projections on the walls of people in a nightclub, meaning at that moment he was having horrific psychophysical hallucinations. Being the dick that Ethan was, he joked about how he murdered his first loose end with an ice pick to this song and how he was my age when it happened. As soon as that irrelevant conversation ended, I looked at my watch and realized we’re going into the next hour.

Three Hours after ingestion:
     As soon as we hit the three hour mark, the test subject’s body froze again. The subject’s eyes are now rolled to the back of his head and he begins to vomit all over himself and the floor. He began screaming while simultaneously vomiting about these scaly like creatures contorting their bodies trying to steal his soul. I paused in the middle of writing down my observations and noticed Ethan staring at the security screening in complete shock. I caught him with his eyes widen consciously focused on what was happening. F*****g speechless.
    The subject started getting up to the best of his ability while simultaneously vomiting, trying to get to the next room. However as he was about to enter into the next door, the subject grabbed his own throat with his right hand and chokes himself violently to the floor. He starts choking up more vomit while punching himself in the belly and face with full force. The subject then picked himself up and starts smashing his own head into the next door so hard he splits a hole in the wooden door. Within the process of getting his head caved into the next room, he stopped vomiting and got wooden splinters all over his face, neck and eyes. Ethan then looks at me out of traumatic shock. I then look back at him. We then simultaneously focused on the surveillance footage showing the subject pulling his head out the hole of the door and proceeds to open the door calmly like nothing ever happened. The subject smiled at the strobe lights of the next room then dropped to the floor unconscious. 
    “Jesus f*****g Christ did he just die on us!?” exclaimed Ethan out of complete shock. “If so we need to get him out of here.
    I turned to him coldly “We’ll check in thirty minutes.”

Four hours after ingestion:   
    Thirty minutes later, me nor Ethan said a word to each other since. We’ve both had our eyes peeled at the subject's surveillance the whole time focusing on the subject. Within seconds the test subject woke up purging his body. He woke up profusely vomiting and defecating himself for five straight minutes then had a full out panic attack. He started giving in to his pain and began hyperventilating. He then threw his own body into the strobe lights in the room, burning him as his body weight breaks into the lights glass.
    He started screaming about how the women that he murdered are eating out his large intestines. Then punched and proceeded kicking the air while on the middle of the floor as hard as he possibly can, screaming in excruciating pain from all his injuries. His hands then started punching himself with full force in his abdomen, testicles and throat. This act went on for one whole hour.

Five hours and five minutes after ingestion:
    The subject began laughing manically while crawling on the floor. He stumbled upright to stand. In that process the subject began to close his eyes shut. He walked to the door leading to the fifth room with his eyes closed. Once he grabbed the door handle, blood started to slowly seep out from his eyes. The subject’s face went cold and he opened the door to walk into the final room to drop cold dead on the concrete floor. Our test subject died of in laymen’s terms, an aneurysm and his injures.
    Ethan was completely speechless. “You’re a f*****g genius! Where do we go from here? Cause we gotta’ eventually do something with his body” said Ethan in excitement. “Well, there’s definitely something wrong in the chemistry and if this is what my fiancé had to go through, I need to make sure this doesn’t get to the public in any way, shape, or form. Meaning destroying all my research.” I said. 
    “What the f**k are you nuts?! Don’t do that- what you have here, this s**t right f*****g here! Jorge! You’re talking real black market sales.” said Ethan.
    I told him “What the f**k are you talking about?! I’m not selling this s**t on the streets you f*****g psycho! If this s**t gets into the wrong hands-“ but he cuts me off “No-no-no Jorge, I’m not a greedy f**k-exactly, see what I mean. The right hands, our hands!”
    “And do what?! F****n’ save lives?” I asked sarcastically. 
    “No smartass- we sell this s**t as poison and you sell it however you so desire since you made the s**t.” said Ethan. 
    “You mean…for assassination purposes?” I asked. 
    “Think bigger my friend-everyone in the world whether they know it or not has an addiction. And a lot of rich people have egos as big as their addiction. Now supply and demand. Market your product as like a drug.” Ethan said out of excitement. 
    “A party drug.” I stated. 
    “Yes! Now we’re thinking!” Ethan joyfully exclaims.
    “I don’t want the public to have access. Only high profile cliental.” I declared.
    “You’re talking to the connoisseur of high profile cliental. Got no money, you get no honey. That’s how the world works Jorge. I know a South Korean connect who would love to use and distribute this among his clan.  Just tell me your proposition and I’ll make a few calls.” Responded Ethan.
    “How much are you asking from me?” I inquired.  
    Ethan asked “You need a lab. So you want a built in one at home or-“
    I then said “An isolated lab in the middle of nowhere if that’s okay?” 
    “Say no more. I’ll provide you tools, maintenance, lab, distribution, protection (including financially, legally and physically) and an investment of three million dollars to make it.” Said Ethan.
    “What’s your cut?” I asked.
    Ethan responded with “Well I’m going to be generous cause you’re a good guy who looks like he got his s**t together, fifteen percent. I know you’re going through a lot.” 
    I was flattered by the offer but I don’t really give a f**k about the money, so I responded “How kind, but I don’t think I need that much-“
    Ethan then cuts me off “Jorge don’t be f*****g stupid, from a guy like me you’re lucky it’s not forty percent. Take the offer. It’s your money, burn it for all I f*****g care.”
    “I’ll take your offer on a few conditions.” I said sternly. 
    “I’m all ears.” Said Ethan. 
    I responded sternly “Number one, I do not under any circumstances sell to anyone who is under the age of 25 and does not have they're life going for them. Two, I only take high profile cliental. And I’m f*****g serious about this Ethan, I’m not going to sell to the poor, the needy, the young nor the innocent. They have a life way ahead of them… sell to the men who f**k up people’s lives for those who don’t stand a chance. Are we cool?” I asked looking him down seriously.
    Ethan smiles “We’re cool, and we got a deal. It'll take care of our rivals/enemies in return, we have no interest in ruining innocent lives for money or power. Look just give me a week. I have to fly back to Brooklyn to see my brother and my niece since they came up to visit the family and my wife is f*****g threatening to divorce me!”
    “I’m sorry to hear that.” I said in the least awkward way as possible. The fact he has a wife caught me a little at left field…however Ethan had a reason for bringing up his marital issue since this literally affected me and the Goldwasser’s directly and indirectly all at once.
    “It’s fine. It’s my fault. I cheated on her…a lot actually. But the thing is, I used to feel bad you know cause we use to love each other. But she’s so obsessed with trying to look like she’s twenty-five again is making me lose my f*****g mind! She’s also racist which is kinda’ a turn off to me and I found that out later into the marriage when she found out my brother was married to a black woman during their divorce. She’s f*****g ruthless when she’s angry and when she doesn’t get her way, she's f*****g manipulative and we always fight.” Said Ethan in a distressed manner.  
    I had to ask “You mean like-“. 
    Ethan immediately responded with “I mean like I offer her to go see a movie and she tells me to go f**k myself because I didn’t notice she was getting these “sacred facelifts”. When literally the process she does for this is f*****g disgusting and inhumane! So I think she’s honestly aged MORE since she’s been doing this. So with my thoughts on that with the combo of her telling me to go f**k myself when I wanted to spend time with her, cuts me. Cuts like a f****n’ knife. I tell her to watch her f****n’ mouth before she says something she regrets.  She decks me in the nose and calls me an insensitive n****r chaser and a dirty German. I got angry, slapped her up a bit and next thing you know I kick her in the belly down the stairs and call her an Italian c**t.”  
    I can’t believe what I’m hearing. A made man complaining about his wife. That’s very odd. I figured it would be a bit uncomfortable for business. This chick is sounding pretty unstable. I had to tell him “You guys are dangerously incompatible. I recommend you leave her before something bad really happens.”
    “Yeah well the thing is Jorge, the only reason I need to talk s**t out with her is because she’s a lawyer. One of our family’s lawyers actually and a damn f*****g good one! She has her doctorates in both law and psychology. Meaning she has a lot of f*****g files on everything, everyone and knows how to get around. If I don’t calm this b***h down she’s going to cause a s**t storm big enough to start a civil breakdown in society! If we out her, we’ll get a lot of heat because we were both booked on domestic abuse charges for an incident involving her leaving out at two am every morning and a butcher knife.” Responded Ethan aggressively. 
    “Jesus f*****g Christ, this woman is nuts! What was she doing, like cheating or some s**t?!” I said out of complete shock.
    Ethan responds “Ah…Jorge it’s complicated. It’s complicated. I found out somethings I wasn’t supposed to find out but it’s my right as her husband to know, but she's obsessed with power and looking young. I’m so f*****g disgusted and ashamed about what she does I don’t even want to talk about it. I just got to do what I gotta’ do and wait a few months before we take her out once and for all.” “Anyway, where do you wanna' go from here?” asked Ethan. 
    I told him “I’ll fly back and get started immediately.” 
    “Sounds good. I’ll pay your way back and everything. The lab will be built in Okeechobee within two days with everything you need. Just make me a list. I’ll be back down south in a week with my South Korean connect and we can get business started right away.” Ethan then puts his hand out. I gave him a firm handshake. “I’ll get you a flight right now. You need some sleep.”  
    “What about him and this warehouse?” I inquired pointing at the surveillance footage.
    “F**k him and this warehouse. Nothing but laundry.” Responded Ethan coldly.
    Ethan later got me a driver to drop me to the airport to fly me back. I returned home rather reflective on my research. Watching every hour of the experiment’s footage continuously for days without any eating and occasional bathroom breaks. 
     A week later, I got a call from Ethan’s brother from the hospital notifying me Ethan was shot dead in the street outside of his Brooklyn condo. His brother was with him at the time. He was visiting Ethan with his fourteen year old daughter from Florida but as they all got near the condo, Ethan’s wife came out with a Glock.45 and shot Ethan’s brother in the belly, the arm and the thigh; then proceeded to shoot Ethan coming to aid his niece from his wife's gunfire. In the process Ethan got shot in the heart twice, back the temple and his ear hole with the bullet exiting out his other ear, which hits an innocent bystander on a bike), which Ethan’s niece also got hit in the crossfire as well getting shot in her left arm and a graze on her mid right thigh right before Ethan's wife ran out of bullets. I was horrified when his brother told me this. I was shocked that him and his daughter survived but also sadden Ethan was shot dead in front of his niece in cold blood after a heated argument. 
    At that point I was confused as to what to do with my research. But a day later I received a call from his brother telling me to meet up with his South Korean connect the following Friday. I was concerned for him and his daughter but he told me they were alive and healing. However the experience really traumatized his daughter and the family swore revenge since Ethan's wife was later put into protective federal custody. Meaning I have no choice but to show up to this meeting.

© 2016 Cahjli Symes

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This so dark and brutal. But I like it. What the drug does is so cruel. I am surprised he would want to put anyone through that because of his love but same people do deserve it. It makes a person open up and realize why and what they did. I lover your descriptions and how he fought against himself and those he hurt. His death was not expected to be so simple but I love it. I would have said something like. The blood started it trip from his eyes down to the floor forming a pool and blood started to pour out of his noise and pores. He screamed in pain that chilled me to my core then he cold lifeless body fell to the floor. But I love what you did. I just a little dark. But I enjoyed the read. It was a nice read and well written. I loved your word chose and format. Yours truely a mad lord

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


I read the first part and then this one I really like it. I live to read but don't like leaving things unfinished so I will have to keep an eye on this. I love the characters and I was even sad when Ethan died. I hope his b***h a*s wife gets the drug.

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Cahjli Symes

2 Years Ago

The full story is up if you'd like to find out more about Ethan's delightful wife lol
This so dark and brutal. But I like it. What the drug does is so cruel. I am surprised he would want to put anyone through that because of his love but same people do deserve it. It makes a person open up and realize why and what they did. I lover your descriptions and how he fought against himself and those he hurt. His death was not expected to be so simple but I love it. I would have said something like. The blood started it trip from his eyes down to the floor forming a pool and blood started to pour out of his noise and pores. He screamed in pain that chilled me to my core then he cold lifeless body fell to the floor. But I love what you did. I just a little dark. But I enjoyed the read. It was a nice read and well written. I loved your word chose and format. Yours truely a mad lord

Posted 2 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

For some reason or other, much of this has print overlapping and unreadable. But that aside, several comments.

• First, pick a tense and stay with it. The first line is past tense the next, present.

• Use tags only where the reader might know, by turn or wording, who's speaking.

In line with that the tag must not be all that far from the start of the dialog, other wise it's like presenting the Gettysburg address with "Lincoln said," appended.

• Our goal is to entertain, not inform the reader. And to entertain takes emotional content, not a series of facts.

• If you want to write fiction that a reader will enjoy you have to write with the knowledge of HOW to write for the page. The techniques we learned in school are useless because they're nonfiction techniques. For fiction we need a very different approach. So some time spent in the local library system's fiction writing section will pay off big. It's not a matter of good or bad writing, or talent. It's having the necessary skills and tools and knowing how to use them, as it is in any other profession.

I am the slowest to learn, so if I can learn them, anyone can. So put a bit of time aside to learn how a scene on the page differs from one in film, what the three things a reader needs to know, quickly, and the other tricks of the trade.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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