Too Late

Too Late

A Story by reyna rodri

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                   I laid in a pool of water as blood dripped slowly from my arms, for the first time I was happy. As I laid waiting for my inevitable death I stared into the tiles. My last thoughts alive were very dear to me. In the corner of my mind I was with April, the sun behind her only magnified her beauty.

              We were underneath a tree, which I pronounced as my tree of false hope. I know this tree this tree is not real, it's what I want to be real, but I know my wish is one that will never be granted, live or not.

             Coldness began to take over my body. My blood started to mix with the water like a tornado of thin blood. I felt the streaks of ice run up my blood and into my finger tips. At the same moment firemen pounded and knocked down the door.

                   "GET HIM OUT OF THERE!" the firemen yelled, pushing and shoving to get to my body. April's image was burned into my skull. April was sitting under a bright blue sky looking up to the clouds as if nothing happend. She was most defiantly lovely.

                    Finally, I was released from my prison of flesh and bone, yet the firemen continued to save me from the body of crimson water. I watched, amused at the site of them. I saw my mother as the firemen passed around the cold soul-less cage with blood still pouring out of the wrists. My mother stood in the corner shaking her head in vain. There wasn't even a hint of sadness in her eyes,only shame.

                    I laughed at the sight of her, typical, I thought. And now the firemen stopped, they finally realized they were too late and they could do nothing more. Every single one of the men was strucked horrified, and I was free. Bounded by nothing that used to hold me to that body.

                   I roamed the streets finally with no one to stop me. Around an hour I felt somthing tug inside me, I was compelled to move forward, I needed to move forward. My feeling led me to a hospital.

                  As I entered I noticed a woman sitting alone wearing tired glasses, her hand covered her face as if she tried to be unnoticed. A man dressed in green scrubs approached her.

                   "Ma'am," he said trying to be as sensetive as possible, "we tried everything we could to save your son but..." he stopped, couldn'tmake out the last words... " I'm sorry."

                  She nodded while her head was low, I couldn't tell if she was crying or not.

                  "Can I see him?" she asked seeming not to care for either answer.

                 "Sure. Of course."

                 They walked into a cold dark room as I followed. The surgeon stepped into the room first to turn the lights on. The room was lonely and had a cold shade of green tiles spread across the floor. The walls were white and sad.

                 "I'll leave you alone." he said and left the room.

                My mother waited until the surgeon left the room until she started to speak. "I can't believe you did that. Do you know how embarassing this will be for me? Your death will be on the front page of the paper." After her speech she stormed out leaving the body uncurtained. I decided to stay with my body.

                My body was familiar yet unfamiliar. On the outside was my apperance but i knew that was not me, yet it was me. I felt empty, I never had the chance to pour my feelings out to April, never had the chance to change the world. April will never love me and the world would never listen to me, i thought.

                A day later my reception came, nobody said a word. In the corner sat my mother surrounded by white flowers sent by businessmen sucking up for a early promotion and saw this event to be an ideal place for it to happen.

                "Thank god he died, now I can close esgrow if she promotes me. Ha ha Ha" they would joke between sips of their fiery drinks. I walked away not wanting to listen to them.

              As walked into the chapel where my body laid I noticed there were no flowers for me, no candles were lit for my honor, nobody watching my body. And then...

              She broke open the door with tears flying off of her face and stopped right im front of my casket, then dropped to her knees and cried even harder.

               "WHY" she screamed "Why couldn't you stay with me?" I was confused, who was she?

                 A group of girls came to restrain the sobbing figure.

               "Please, April don't do this-"

               "I don't care," the group was finally able to grab her and was pulling away as hard as they could, but she continued to protest and cry hysterically. "NO! Martin, I love you" the girls dropped April and she looked down to her knees "Martin, I love you". I could see the beads of tears falling from her face and roll of her knees. I walked up to her.

              "I love you too." I said as I tried to wipe away her tears and comfort her, but my hand went through her. At that point I realized my life was great all along. Now I felt at peace as I began to fade away.

© 2010 reyna rodri

Author's Note

reyna rodri
might have some grammar errors

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Added on July 14, 2009
Last Updated on February 20, 2010
Tags: sad


reyna rodri
reyna rodri

san jose, CA

i like making up stories more..

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