The Wizard's Son

The Wizard's Son

A Story by Katie Rose

A wizard runs away from home to become a thief but things don't go exactly how he planned


A slight breeze blew through my hair when I appeared in the field. I had just turned seventeen and had decided to get myself a present. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted. Maybe a new cloak or one of those fancy knives.

I pulled a hood over my head and crept into the night. I strolled through a corn field towards a small house made of stone and wood. It was only one story tall and probably only had three or four rooms within. From what I could hear they had no dogs but a horse was tied to a post next to the house. Maybe I could get myself a horse. That’d be a nice present. But horses were expensive to take care of. So, no, I wasn’t going to get a horse.

I walked past the horse and went to the side door of the house. I tried the knob. It was locked. But I could take care of that easily. Taking a deep breath I held my hand to the door knob.

“Delok,” I whispered.

The palm of my hand glowed slightly and the door squeaked open.

I stepped into the house looked around.

I was in the kitchen. A stove sat in one corner and an empty sink sat in the opposite corner.

There were cabinets next to both the sink and the stove and on the counter was a basket filled with fruit.

Grabbing an apple, I headed into the main room.

The main room had a fireplace and two comfy chairs. There was a shelf filled with assorted items next to the front door. On the other side of the door hung a bow and quiver.

I walked up to the shelf and looked at a dagger that had gems in it’s hilt. I could probably get a good price for that. Then I could buy myself something really nice and useful. I took a bite of the apple and picked up the dagger to inspect the gems.

“Drop the dagger,” a woman’s voice ordered.

I set down the dagger and slipped the apple into my pocket.

“Good, now turn around slowly,” the woman said.

I put my hands in the air and turned to face the woman.

The woman was in fact a girl, probably around my age with long golden hair. She wore a man’s tunic and trousers and in her hand was a stick, or to be more precise a staff, a magician’s staff.

“A female wizard, been awhile since I’ve seen one outside the school,” I said. “My name is Dustin.”

The girl pointed her staff at me. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, you see, I just turned seventeen today and I figured that I should get myself a present so I came by here to see what you got,” I said. “But since you don’t seem to want to part with any of your belongings I should probably try elsewhere. Good day to you and bye.” I headed towards the door.

“Stop right there, thief,” the girl said.

I halted. “I haven’t stolen anything so I am not a thief.”

“You broke into the house,” the girl said.

“Your door was unlocked and open, I didn’t break into anything,” I started for the door again.

The end of her staff glowed. “Take one more step and you’ll regret it.”

I sighed. I really didn’t want to do this but it seemed I had no choice. I turned towards the female wizard and took a deep breath.

The girl lowered her staff slightly.

“Shokom,” my hands glowed electric blue with magic power.

The girl brought up her staff to block my attack.

A bolt of magical lightning hit her in the chest.

She stumbled back into the wall but remained standing.

That was weird. That spell should’ve knocked her out.

“You’re a wizard,” she was breathing heavily and was leaning on her staff for support. I had weakened her.

“So are you,” I said. “You’re actually pretty strong for a female wizard. Most would’ve been knocked out by that.”

Her staff began to glow again.

“There’s really no need for that,” I said. “I’ll just leave you be and I wouldn’t touch any of your belongings. Have a nice evening.” I turned around to find an arrow aimed at me. I was really going to have to work on my detection skills. I should’ve heard the door open and the archer come in.

“Jenna, are you alright?” the archer asked the girl.

“Yes, daddy, I am,” the girl said.

The archer was her father. I could see the family resemblance. They both had the same blond hair and sapphire eyes.

“Hello, sir,” I said. “I was just leaving.”

“No, you’re coming with me,” the archer said.

I really didn’t want to have to use magic again but it looked like I had no choice. “I’m sorry, sir.” I held out my hand.

There was a bright light and I found myself falling into darkness.

When I awoke I had my hands tied behind me and I was sitting in a rather uncomfortable chair.

Two men stood in front of me. One was Jenna’s father and the other appeared to be a well armored knight.

“Good, you’re awake,” the knight said.

“Hi,” I said. “I’m Dustin. I would shake your hand but I’m tied up at the moment.”

“I am Sir Kold, a knight of the King’s Army,” the knight said. “Did you use magic to break into Hunter Roberts’ home?”

“Maybe,” I said.

“So you’re a wizard?” Sir Kold asked.


Sir Kold glared at me. “Answer my question, son, or your punishment will be worst.”

“If you must know, yes I’m a wizard,” I said.

“You know using magic for illegal activities can be punished by several years in prison or death, right?” Sir Kold said.

“Yup,” I said. “But you wouldn’t do either of those things. You’re going to call the Great Wizard.”

“Why should I call Zeke the Wizard?” Sir Kold asked.

“Because I was trained in the magical arts by him,” I said. “And I believe he likes to punish his students for whatever illegal activity they conduct.”

“The Great Wizard is very specific about who he trains,” Sir Kold said. “He only accepts kind and caring kids who are magic users. I highly doubt he’d ever agree to train a boy such as yourself.”

“I was not chosen the same way as the rest of his students were,” I said. “And, Hunter Roberts, I think you should see if the Great Wizard would train your daughter. She has great magical power and Zeke is the best wizard out there.”

Hunter Roberts looked at me but said nothing.

“If you were not chosen by the Great Wizard why did he train you?” Sir Kold asked.

“Call the wizard, I’m sure you have a crystal ball somewhere around here,” I said. “He’ll tell you that I was his student.”

“Why would Wizard Zeke ever train you?” Sir Kold asked again.

I sighed. “Do I have to tell you?”

“If you tell me I’ll ask the lord to contact the wizard to make sure you’re telling the truth,” Sir Kold said.

“I’m his son,” I said. “And since I know you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of me it’s because my father kept it a secret because he thinks I might be one of the most powerful wizards out there. Even more powerful than the old wizard himself.”

Sir Kold burst out laughing. “You being the Great Wizard’s son is crazier than the idea of you being trained by him. Lady Katlyn never bore Zeke a son.”

“She did, just before she died,” I said. “If you don’t believe me call the wizard.”

Another man walked into the room. He wore expensive clothing and had a sword embedded with emeralds at his side.

Sir Kold and the hunter bowed.

“Lord Ryde, what brings you here?” Sir Kold asked.

“Is this the young thief?” Lord Ryde asked.

“Yes, sir,” Sir Kold said.

Lord Ryde turned to me. “Boy, who trained you in magic?”

“Great Wizard Zeke,” I said.

“He says the the Great Wizard is his father,” Hunter Roberts said.

“He does resemble the wizard,” Lord Ryde looked at me. “Did he carry a staff or wand?”

“No, he used his hands,” Hunter Roberts said.

Lord Ryde walked over to a pedestal under one of the windows. On the pedestal was a crystal ball.

“Who are you calling, sir?” Sir Kold asked.

“The Great Wizard,” Lord Ryde said. “This boy looks like the wizard and uses similar magic. What he says may be true.” Lord Ryde tapped the crystal ball. “I would like to speak to the Great Wizard Zeke.”

The crystal became a murky white. A minute later the head of a man with short dark hair appeared in the ball.

“Lord Ryde, I was not expecting a call from you,” the man said.

“We caught one of your students breaking into the home of my best hunter, Wizard Zeke,” Lord Ryde said.

“What is his name?” the Great Wizard asked.

“Dustin,” Lord Ryde said.

A surprised look came across the wizard’s face. “Let me see him.”

“Untie the boy and bring him here,” Lord Ryde ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Sir Kold untied me and brought me before the crystal ball.

“Hi, dad,” I said.

“Dustin, what are you doing in Kurl?” the Great Wizard asked.

“Exploring the world,” I said. “I met a female wizard here that I think you should train. She’s powerful.”

“She’s probably pretty too,” the Great Wizard said.

“Well, yeah,” I said. “But she also has strong magic abilities. She was able to withstand my unconsciousness spell.”

“I will consider it,” the Great Wizard said. “Right now I want you to get to the nearest teleportation stone and get back to the school. You are in major trouble for running away.”

“I kinda figured I would be,” I said.

“Lord Ryde, send the boy to me,” the Great Wizard said. “And ask your hunter if he’ll drop all charges on Dustin. I will punish my son for his crimes.”

“Yes sir,” Lord Ryde said.

“Oh, and see if the female wizard wishes to come see me,” the Great Wizard said. “My son’s unconsciousness spell is extraordinarily powerful and someone who can withstand it must be in fact also extraordinarily powerful.”

“I will,” Lord Ryde said.

“Dustin, try not to cause anymore trouble over there,” the Great Wizard said. “Good bye.” The crystal ball returned to normal.

“Hunter Roberts, with your permission may I take Jenna with me to see my father?” I asked the hunter. “I promise she’ll be in safe hands.”

“I don’t trust you,” Hunter Roberts said.

“If I had Sir Kold escort her would you allow it?” Lord Ryde asked.

Hunter Roberts nodded. “Yes I would.”

“Sir Kold, take the young wizard to the transportation stone,” Lord Ryde said. “Hunter, tell you daughter to go to the stone.”

“I will, sir,” Hunter Roberts left the room.

Sir Kold followed the hunter out.

I walked up beside the knight. “Told you I was the wizard’s son.”

“Shut your trap, kid,” Sir Kold ordered.

The knight led me down several passageways to a round room with a large black rock in the middle.

A few minutes later Jenna came in.

“Hi,” I said.

Jenna glared at me. “Why are you here?”

“He’s the Great Wizard’s son,” Sir Kold said.

Jenna’s mouth dropped open. “He’s what?”

“Wizard Zeke is my father,” I said.

“Then why did you break into my house?” Jenna asked.

“I’m in the rebellious teenage stage of my life,” I said. “And I wasn’t really going to take anything.”

“I see,” Jenna said.

Sir Kold placed his hand on the stone.

Jenna and I did the same.

“Dustin, since you’ve been to the Great Wizard’s home before you should utter the spell,” Sir Kold told me.

“My pleasure,” I closed my eyes. “Stone of transportation take us to the home of the Great Wizard Zeke and please don’t rip us to shreds.”

The world began to turn. A minute later we were all standing around an identical stone in a garden.

My father approached us. He was wearing dark grey robes and glasses. “Dustin, I’m so glad your home. I was so worried when you ran away.”

“I’ve only been gone a few hours,” I said. “And I was going to come back.”

“You still ran away,” my father said. “And you most certainly shouldn’t have broke into that hunter’s home. What were you thinking?!”

“I was bored and it’s my birthday,” I said. “I wanted to do something fun so I figured I’d try to be a thief. I was never actually going to take anything, even though they had a nice dagger.”

“Stupid boy!” my father said. “You know what the punishment for using magic to perform illegal activities is!”

“I didn’t think I’d get caught,” I said.

“If you ever do that again I may let them throw you in a cell for a few years,” Father said.

“Sorry,” I muttered.

Father turned to Sir Kold and Jenna.

“Sir Kold, you may leave now,” Father said. “They are safe in my hands.”

“Yes, sir,” the knight went back to the stone and recited the spell to return home.

Father turned to Jenna. “So you’re the female wizard Dustin told me about. He said you withstood his unconsciousness spell?”

Jenna nodded.

“May I see your staff?” Father asked.

Jenna pulled a small twig from her pocket and tossed it into the air. It spun twice and when Jenna caught the twig it was a five foot long staff. She held it out to the Great Wizard.

“You use magic without speaking, impressive. Not even Dustin can do that yet,” Father took the staff and inspected it.

“That’s because I never bother to practice,” I said. “Staring at stick and thinking is boring.”

“It is a very useful skill that you should learn.”

“Yeah I know,” I said.

Father gave Jenna back her staff. “Very nice staff.”

“Thanks,” Jenna said.

“One of my students will show you to your new quarters,” the Great Wizard said. “You will begin training in the morning.”

“Wait, you’re accepting me as a student?” Jenna asked.

“Yes,” Father said. “You have strong magical power and you’re polite, of course I’m going to train you. You may use the crystal ball in the dining hall to call your father.”

“Thank you, sir,” Jenna said.

A young girl in a simple brown dress walked over. “I will show you to your quarters, Miss Roberts.”

“Okay,” Jenna said.

The two girls left.

“Well, um, I’m gonna go get something to eat,” I backed away from the Great Wizard.

“Dustin, go to the library and sort the ancient scrolls,” Father ordered.

I sighed. I hated sorting those old scrolls. They always end up shoot fireballs at me when I try to pick them up.

“Once that is done you may eat and go to bed,” Father said. “In the morning you will clean the stables without using magic.”

“Can I use a little bit of magic?” I asked. “Just to deal with the unicorns?”

“No,” Father said. “You better get started on those scrolls if you want to eat a hot dinner.

I headed to the library. Next time I get some wild idea of running away I would just ignore it. Coming back home would mean having to do a ton of work. Staying here and reading a dictionary for the ancient language is better than running away just to come back home to a disappointed wizard.

© 2014 Katie Rose

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