The Wolf who Baked Pie

The Wolf who Baked Pie

A Story by Katie Rose

Ware is rather odd for being a wolf. Instead of hunting with his pack he stays at home and bakes pies.


There once was a timber wolf named Ware who loved to bake. He baked cookies, he baked cakes, he even baked brownies sometimes but his favorite thing to bake was pie. He baked pies all the time for every reason. He baked them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He baked them for himself. He baked them for his friends. He baked them at night. He baked them at noon. He baked a lot of pie.

Now one day Ware the wolf decided to invite some friends over to help him bake his favorite type of pie, berry pie. He invited Harry and Barry the hamster brothers to help him. So they came over to his den after dinner to bake. Ware had already gathered berries earlier that day so they got right to work with the baking.

Ware set his oven to the right baking temperature for baking the pie and got out the tools used in making the perfect pie. Harry and Barry got to work making the crust while Ware started crushing the berries for the filling. Ware started with raspberries. He put them in a clay bowl and used a rock to smash them. As he smashed the raspberries he reached over to the basket filled with them and grabbed another handful of berries to smash. Unfortunately Barry the hamster was sitting in the basket and eating the raspberries and Ware accidently picked him up with the berries.

Barry the hamster squeaked and tried to get out of Ware’s grasp.

Ware realized what he had in his hand and set Barry down.

Barry glared at Ware and then went back to helping his brother make the pie crust.

Ware went to work crushing blueberries for the pie.

Barry, not being the brightest hamster ever, decided to eat the blueberries out of the basket.

Once again Ware almost stuck Barry into the bowl used for crushing.

Ware set his friend back on the table and Barry went back to helping Harry.

Ware got to work mashing up the blackberries.

Barry decided that he was once again hungry and decided to eat some blackberries. So Barry the hamster climbed into the blackberry basket.

So again when Ware grabbed more berries to mash up he grabbed Barry again.

Barry, who was tired of screaming for Ware to drop him, bit Ware in the hand.

Ware yelped and dropped Barry in the bowl of crushed berries.

Now Barry, finding himself in a bowl full of delicious crushed food decided not to swim out of the bowl to safety but stayed inside of it eating mashed berries.

Ware, not knowing that it was Barry the bit him, decided that he must have pricked himself on a sharp blackberry and went back to smashing stuff.

After he had smashed all the blackberries he dumped them into the large bowl that Barry was in.

Barry, who was about to leave the bowl, tasted the blackberries and decided to stay and eat just

a little more.

Harry finished the pie crust and Ware dumped the bowl full of crushed berries into the crust.

Barry tried to get out but was now too sick from eating too much to move.

Ware picked up the pie and walked towards the oven.

Barry, noticing the movement mustered up all his hamster strength to break through the crust. Barry popped up through the pie crust just as Ware was about to set the pie into the oven.

Ware nearly dropped the pie in surprise as Barry glared up at him for not realizing that he was in the pie.

Ware took Barry out of the pie and set him on the table and then set the pie into the oven.

Harry set a timer for the pie and Ware closed the oven door.

Ware, Harry, and the very full Barry sat in front of the oven and watched it bake.

Once the timer dinged Ware took the pie out of the oven, set it by the window to cool, and when it was done he and Harry each had a slice. Barry decided not to have any because he still felt sick from everything he ate earlier. So after they were done the three friends went outside.

The moon was full that night so Ware the wolf and Harry and Barry the hamster brothers howled at the moon till dawn.

© 2014 Katie Rose

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Added on February 12, 2014
Last Updated on February 12, 2014
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