Chapter 1: At the bar

Chapter 1: At the bar

A Chapter by rielovella

First chapter... Here we go..



I’m so tired of this life. I can’t take what happened between us, Jiro and me. He left me because of this girl, Rainie. I don’t know how they met but only one thing I knew, he left me because she’s a FLIRT! I really hate what happened but I still have friends like Hebe and Selina. They still give me hope and a life to enjoy. And because of that, I want to enjoy this night. I wear a black sexy dress and high-heeled shoes. I put on my make up and faced on the mirror.

“Jia You,” I cheered myself. After that, I go down the stairs and Hebe saw me while she’s preparing the dinner. Hebe is such a good cook. Selina and I are always shocked by her dishes. It’s terribly delicious and I can’t wait to eat again today but I have to skip this dinner to forget my problems.

“Hi Lao po,” She smiled at me while frying her best sweet and sour fish. She noticed my dress and make up. “What are you doing, wearing that dress?”

“Sorry Lao po, but I’ll skip my delicious dinner with you and Hebe because I want to forget Jiro and that flirty girl.” I sadly said. She stopped frying and cuddled me.

“Do you really have to skip my special sweet and sour fish?” she joked. “But if you really have to go, then go if that’s the only thing can make you happy just once.”

“Not only can that make me happy,” I moved from hugging Hebe. “Being with you and Selina can make me happy too. Thanks for being my Lao po, Hebe.” I smiled at her. “And especially your dishes can make me happy.”

“Of course, can you just join us then after you can go?” she asked me.

“Sure Lao po.” Actually, I just gave chance to Hebe because I really want to say thanks to her and Selina. After 5 minutes, she finished cooking and served her sweet and sour fish. I called Selina and she rushed down the stairs. She’s really hungry after making some dresses and accessories for her store.

“Gosh! I’m so hungry.” Selina rubbed her tummy and sit on the chair. She looked on the table and she saw the dish prepared by Hebe. “Wow! My favourite sweet and sour fish,” She said.

I sat down the chair on the left of Selina. She noticed my dress as how Hebe noticed me earlier and asked me the same question.

“I just want to enjoy this night so I will go to the bar after we eat our dinner today.”

“Oh, I hope that you’ll really enjoy going to the bar. But please be careful, there are so many bad guys inside the bar.”

“I know, I know. Thanks for reminding me.” While Selina and I are chatting, Hebe served the plates and sit down on the right of Selina.

“Okay let’s eat!” Hebe first grabbed her chopsticks and eats the rice with the fish she cooked.

“Hmmm,” I said. “It’s so delicious. I’m so happy that I didn’t skip this nice dinner.”

The three of us enjoyed the dinner Hebe served. After the dinner, I washed the plates and left the house. I’m so excited that I’m going to enjoy this night in the bar.

“But please be careful, there are so many bad guys inside the bar.” I remembered what Selina said me earlier.

“Thanks Selina for reminding me.” I said to myself. I ride a taxi and reach the bar after 10 minutes.

“Finally,” I looked outside the window and I can see the bright sign of the bar. I paid the taxi driver and go down the car. I stand up in the front of the bar. I take a deep breath and entered the bar.

It’s very noisy inside the bar because of its background music, people are chattering. In short, everyone’s enjoying this night and I’ll be going with them.


I remember the night we had the accident. I can’t forget the night I killed her, my girl friend. I can’t believe that I killed her with my own hands, I mean; I killed her because of driving. After she died, I don’t know how to live again. She’s my life and without her, I feel like I’m just no one. But thankfully, I have my best friend Calvin and my close friend Arron. They comforted me in the times that I don’t have her anymore.

I’m sitting on the couch while Calvin sat beside me. He comforted me.

“Hey Chun!” he said

“Hey bro,” I gave him a high five and he rubbed my back.

“Don’t think too much of what happened. It’s an accident and you don’t you mean it.”

“No,” I said. “It’s not like that. Because of me, I finished her life and she didn’t achieve her dream to be a nurse.”

After I said those words, my tears fell from my eyes. I can’t stop on crying and think about her. Calvin didn’t tease me but he cheered me. He said to me that I shouldn’t waste my life inside of this house and I shouldn’t be sad too.

“Chun, I have an idea. Why don’t you go to a bar and have fun with some girls there.” He picked a paper inside his pocket and gave it to me. Of course, I accepted it and smiled at him.

“Thanks for cheering me up. You’re the best.” I said. “But, I’ll not follow the girls’ part.”

“Ok bro.”

After that, I left the house and went to the bar he said to me. After some minutes, I reached the bar and I entered it.

As expected, the music is so loud and everyone’s dancing on the centre stage. I’ll join the people on the stage later and I sit on the corner of the bar and ordered some drinks.


“Yeah! Woohoo!” I shouted while dancing. After dancing, I sit on the corner and ordered a drink. While waiting for my drink, I looked around and I saw a guy drinking beer. I looked at him so deeply because he caught my attention. And because of that, he noticed me that I’m staring him.

I’m curious about him so I go near him and I asked if I can sit beside him and said yes. So I sit beside him and I introduced myself.

“Hi! I’m Ella, Ella Chen.” I offer him a hand and he shook my hand.

“I’m Chun, Wu Chun.” He smiled back at me. His smile is very handsome.


A girl kept on looking at me and she asked me if she could sit beside me. Because I don’t have anything to do, I said yes. She introduced herself and her name is Ella.

“I’m Chun, Wu Chun.” I said to her. She still keeps on looking at me so I asked her why.

“Why do you keep on looking at me?” I asked. Instead of answering me, she smiled at me and drinks the beer I ordered.

“One more.” She ordered the same beer I have. After she received the beer, she drinks it like a fish drinking water.

“Hey stop on drinking.” I said to her and I get the bottle from her.

“You,” She said like she was really drunk. “Don’t stop me from drinking this.” She grabbed the beer from me and she drinks again. While drinking, I noticed her that she’s crying.

She cried so much and I want to comfort her because I can feel that we we’re like have the same situation and I remember someone from this girl. But I can’t comfort her. I’m a stranger to her and I don’t know anything about her except for her name. After some time, she stopped on crying and offered me beer and I accept it.

�-�No one�-�

After an hour, they’re both drunk and they dance like a crazy in the stage.

“You,” she said. “Are you happy?”

“Of course, I’m with you.” Chun laughed crazily. Chun looked at the exit door and asked Ella if they can go outside for more fun. Ella nodded and they left the bar. While walking like crazy, they’re talking about anything on what they can think about.


When we we’re walking, she kept on talking nonsense. She kept on telling about this guy that I don’t know. She’s telling me the guy she’s talking about that left her. And I just nod so I can look like I’m listening. I looked around and I sudden feel so dizzy and I want to rest so I asked her if we can rest in a hotel and she nodded. So we searched for the nearest hotel and we saw this five star hotel. We entered the hotel and rented a room. When we entered, I just sit on the couch and she sits on the bed.

I stared at her and she looks like she’s already drunk and I’m already drunk too. While staring at her, she murmured something and I sit beside her to know what she’s saying.

“Why? Why?” she keep on asking herself. “Why did Jiro leave me?”

Jiro? Who is he? I asked her who Jiro is. But instead of answering me, she KISSED me. I’m shocked that she did KISS me but to be honest, I can’t just push her or stop her because I liked the way she just kissed me. Her lips are so soft and she’s a good kisser. So I closed my eyes and I just lay her in the bed and just continue on kissing her. After that, I don’t know what exactly happened..

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