Chapter 2: What happened to me?

Chapter 2: What happened to me?

A Chapter by rielovella

What will happen after that night?


The next day…


 “I just don’t love you anymore.” The words I don’t want to hear from him yet he said to me. He said it to me on the airport with his new girl friend Rainie.

“Why? Why did you do this to me?” I asked him and my tears fell from my face. I punched his chest and cried to his chest. But instead of letting me cry on his warm body, he moved away from me and left with Rainie.

“Why?” I shouted and I just woke up. “A dream? No, it’s my worst nightmare.” I said to myself.

I look around and I’m shocked that I’m on a different place, not on my room neither Selina nor Hebe’s room.

“Where am I?” I looked beside me and it’s a guy that is sleeping deeply. I’m surprised that it’s a guy, so I looked under my blanket and I have NOTHING. I’m naked.

“Waaaahh!!!” I shouted.


I’m sleeping deeply but this girl shouted and I’m just waked up.

“Hey what did you do to me?” she asked me and her tears were falling on her cheeks.

What did I do to her? I even don’t do anything to her except for that kiss. I look under my blanket and I saw that I’m not wearing anything. After I saw that, I fully understand why she’s shouting on me like that.

“I… I… I’m sorry.” I don’t remember anything what happened last night but still I said those words.

“Why did you do this to me?” she’s crying while she kept on punching my chest.

She’s kind of strong than I expected but after punching me, she cried on my chest and I comforted her.

“I’m really sorry if I’ve done something to you. If I can just remember what happened last night.” I said to her and she kept on crying and crying.


What he had done to me? I keep on asking him but he can just answer to me is ‘Sorry’. Is really don’t know what happened to us or he just want to keep it to me? But when I’m looking at his face, he looks like he’s really serious so I forgive him. Maybe something really happened but I know it will not cause a baby.

“Can I take a bath now?” I asked him. He looked at my face and he nodded.

So I take a bath now and I really cleaned myself. Even though I forgive him, I can’t forgive myself for being not careful. I listened to what Selina said but because of my carelessness, this happened to me.

After minutes, I finished taking a bath and I go back to the room. When I entered the room, I saw him wearing his pants and he doesn’t wear any top. I looked at his body and he’s really fit. He has 8 packs and very muscular.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” He asked me. Maybe he’s really curious why I kept on looking at him since last night.

“I just found that you’re really handsome.” I said honestly and he smiled at me.

“Really?” He went near me and he said that I could go now. “I’m really sorry.” He said and after, he left to take a bath.

So I left just like what he said. So I ride a taxi and went home.

Selina’s POV

“Good morning Hebe!” I greeted her while she’s cooking.

“Good morning too,”

I prepare the plates and sit down. While waiting, I looked around and I noticed that Ella’s not around.

“Where’s Ella?” I asked Hebe.

“Ella?” she looked around and she said that she didn’t know.

So I looked on her room and I found out that she’s not there.

“Hebe, there’s a problem. Ella’s not on her room and she’s been on the bar last night.” I said to her. Both of us now are trying to contact Ella. I contacted her cell phone and thankfully, she answered it.

“Hello?” she answered.

Ella’s POV

I’m on the way to our house when someone called me and I answered.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Ella, where are you?” I recognize this worry voice and it’s Selina.

“I’m on my way. Don’t worry Selina, I’m fine.” I said to her even though I don’t know if really something happened between that guys.

“Phew! Ok, we’ll wait for you.” After she said that, she finished the call.


I’m worried about Ella. Selina told me earlier that Ella left after the dinner and go to the bar. I hope that she’s fine. I looked at Selina and she put down the phone.

“Is she okay?” I asked her.

“Yup! And she’s on the way.” Selina answered.

Phew! At least she’s fine. I’m really worried about Ella. After Jiro left her, I can’t explain her face. She’s really sad and she almost killed herself. But thankfully, Selina saw and stopped her.

So I continue cooking and Selina’s sitting on the chair while waiting for Ella.

After a minute, I finished cooking and served it on the table. While serving, we heard that someone’s knocking on the door.

“Is that…” I said to Selina and she hurried to the door. When she opened it, it’s Ella.

“Ella!” she hugged Ella tight.

“Hey don’t worry about me. I’m already here and I’m ready to eat breakfast.” She smiled at me and I smiled back. “Selina? I’m already hungry.”

“Oh sorry.” She stopped on hugging Ella and they sit down.

I served them the food and we eat together. While we we’re eating, Selina asked Ella on what happened to her. I noticed that she couldn’t answer what Selina’s asking.

“Why can’t you answer, Ella?” I asked her.

“I… I… I’m just dizzy and someone helped me and him, uh I mean, she helped me to rent a room in a hotel because I’m totally drunk that time.”

“Are you sure?” Selina’s really worried about Ella. Selina is a person who really cares about us and sometimes she exaggerates. But this time, she’s not exaggerating. Ella’s acting weird after Selina asked that question.

 “Yup.” She said while eating.


After that we continue on eating.

© 2011 rielovella

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