A Poem by Rileigh Henson

Just something for me to remember.

You never really know what some ones intentions are with you.
They could tell you a million times that they do not want to hurt you or
They want to be with you forever.

They could tell you they never wanted anything to do with you.
They could tell you they were just using you.

All of that could be a lie.
You never know what someone is truly thinking.
You are not in their head.
You are not them.

People show how they are feeling through body language.

Some people have gotten so good that they could change their body language to match what they are saying.

Look in their eyes.
No one can change the way their eyes look when they are talking to you.

They will either be filled with so much love and emotion that it looks like they might explode,
Or they will be empty and so dull that you will want to look away.

Pay attention
Because you never know some ones true intentions with you,
Unless you pay close attention.

Maybe you're the one lying.

© 2017 Rileigh Henson

Author's Note

Rileigh Henson

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Added on January 31, 2017
Last Updated on January 31, 2017
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Rileigh Henson
Rileigh Henson

Indianapolis , IN

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