Scrabble Wobble!

Scrabble Wobble!

A Story by Herl Rodrin

Two people who never had a chance of any conversation before but playing scrabble made a big revelation.




          It’s Friday night, the rain was so strong. And in the dormitory, Matt was sitting on the study area with some of his friends. While I’m watching the rain falls from the window beside the stair. We were studying in the same school and even classmates, yet never given a chance to have any kind of conversation even for a minute. Both don’t have any idea why, but that’s the way things go between us.


          Matt was having fun playing guitar and singing with his buddies. But after a few minutes the noise in the place turned into silence. It’s just me and him on the area. To my surprise the young lad called me and asked if I want to play scrabble with him. At first I was hesitant to join him.


“Just the two of us?”, I said. 


He smiled and nodded. Since I have nothing to do but to stare at the window, I decided to get up and play.


            Matt allowed me to have the first turn.


           BMOESNY are on my rack.


During that time while thinking of words to put on the board, I’m looking at him and watching him seriously arranging his letter.  Then a thought that he is really a snob one formed in my mind. He never looked at me. As if there’s something disgustful in me that he doesn’t want to see. Maybe he doesn’t really want to play with me. It’s just that he has no choice because I’m the only one around. I hate him!


I picked up the letters S-N-O-B for six points, with O in the pink star.


I grinned and he saw it.


So he asked. “Why? It’s just six points?” while strangely staring at me.


“That’s my impression on you.”  He couldn’t help but to laugh.


“Look, I’m not that person you think I am.”


He lay down WEIRDO then chuckled. “And that’s how I see you”, he added.


 I felt embarrassed. I stood up from my seat and planned to walk away. But he stopped me and grabbed my arms. He apologized and explained it’s a compliment. He said it’s the way I dress which is not so ordinary. And the way I act as if I need no one and prefer to be alone all the time but seems like I’m enjoying my life despite of that.  Though I find it strange, I stayed and continue to play.


His score is 11, 5 points higher.


I formed ENEMY and the last letter is in double word. It’s payback time! I’ve got 10, but since its double word, 20 will be my total.


I’m starting to enjoy the game. As I whispered to my self, that’s what we are now.


            It took him a few seconds before he revealed his word. I don’t know why but he couldn’t put his tiles on the board. It seems like his having hesitation whether to lay it down or just changed what he had. He said he has crappy letters! And to my dismay when he brought down the tiles, smiling and looking at me.


A MONSTER is formed.


Then I asked him “What are you doing? Do I look like one?” 


He shook his head and wrote his double word score which is 18 on the paper. And I caught him giggling in laughter.


I only got P and E. I want to poison him.


As I’m picking letters from the box I’m mumbling to myself.  I really do hate him now. How I wished I never got this chance to hang out with him. It’s better to watch the rain than to have this rotten moment with this wicked guy.


And alas! I got what I’ve prayed for.


I’ve got 5 letters in my hand to form POISON.


While I was smirking he was shocked and moved back. And I laugh loudly as I imagined his reaction. As I’m counting my total, he keeps on gazing at me. I don’t want to spoil the fun so I just told him that I’m just kidding.


I earned 12 points.


He smiled and stopped for a while.


He left ADORE on the board.


Get up from his place and told me “That’s the truth..” as he continued to walk to his room.


I was puzzled. And treat that as a joke.


“You’ve got only 8 points using that word. I’m beating you now.”


He paused and turned around. Stepped forward and uttered,


“Look, the first time I saw you. I’ve already fallen on you. I don’t know how come? It just simply happened. I love the real you. I’m coward to confess what I feel. And I thought by inviting you to play scrabble I can have the guts to show what’s inside of me. But I’m such a failure. I know I just made you mad and feel embarrassed.”


What Matt said left me in dazed.


© 2011 Herl Rodrin

Author's Note

Herl Rodrin
This is a shorty I've written few years ago and has been published on our university's Literary Digest. Please let me hear your thoughts..

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Posted 9 Years Ago

This is awesome and I was hooked the entire time. You have real talent (:

Posted 9 Years Ago

Love the ending! Cool story idea. Unique.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very great job! I enjoyed reading this :D

Posted 9 Years Ago

Thank's for sharing this story! Fab write :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece!!! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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