Grand Central

Grand Central

A Poem by riskrapper

marking the 100th Anniversary of Grand Central Station


I am the grand central

swirling vortex of the known universe

pathway of consciousness 

a worldwide 



hub of modernity’s

magnificent  metropolis

prime mover of empowered citizenry


eye of a Mid-Atlantic megalopolis

bridging an expanse from Boston to DC

trajectories of an Acela Express

accelerates time, coheres a region

magnetic compass axis

gyroscopic core

web of iron rails

touches all 


cardinal ordinates 


my constitution of chiseled granite blocks

manifests steadfast immutability

opulent terminus of marbled underground railways

subconscious portals to inter-borough worlds

the Zodiac streaks across my painted heavens

splashing aspirational mosaics of

bold citizens onto universal canvasses

my exhalations burst galaxies, 

birthing constellations

promising potentialities of 

plenteous abundance as

a right of all 

global citizens

transit vehicle for mobilized classes

of fully enfranchised republicans

my tendrils plunge deep into

cavernous drilled bedrock

firming an unshakable edifice

-a new rock of ages-

rails splay out to the

horizons farthest corners

northern stars, southern crosses

nearest points on a sextants reckon

I am the iron spine

of the globes anointed isle

I co-join Harlem and Wall Street

as beloved fraternal twins

commerce, communication and culture

is the electricity surging through my veins

the worlds towering Babel

rises from my foundations

the plethora of tongues

all well understood

I open the gateways of knowledge

guarded by vigilant library lions

route students and scholars to

the worlds most pronounced public schools

beatific Beaux Art is boldly scrawled on my walls

in dark hued blues sung in gaudy graffito notes

swanky patrons sip martinis,

nosh bagels with a smear and suck down

shucked lemoned squirted oysters

reason, discovery and discourse dance

with violence and discordant dissonance

within my bowels

I am the road to work,

a pathway to a career and

the ride to a Connecticut

home sweet home

my gargoyles and statuary laugh

at pessimistic naysayers

I am the station for

centurions, bold charioteers

homeless nomads and

restive masses

I stir a nation of neighborhoods

into a brilliant pot of roiling roux

beams of enlightenment

stream through colossal windows

today's epiphanies of the fantastic

actualize resplendent zeitgeists 

sipping coffee in my cafe's

the full technicolor palette

of humanity is revealed

civilizations history is etched

forever upon the mind

eight million stories

of the naked city is bared

as splendorous tragedy

it's comic march

of carnal being


a million clattering feet

scurry across marblized floors

polishing the provenance

burnishing a patina

exuding golden footprints


I am 100 years young and

thousand years away from

the crash of a demolition ball


Doric Columns and

elegant archways

coronate commuters

each day with a new

revelation of a

democratic vista

I am the grand central

my spirit flows as

one with the mass

in the vibrant

heart of our

throbbing city

Music Selection: Leonard Bernstein, On the Town

To mark the 100th Anniversary of Grand Central Station



© 2013 riskrapper

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Not only do I love how you covered every entity passing through this beautiful work of architecture, guarded by Vigilant Lions, you brought me back to a place I love to people watch and shuck an Oyster or two. Nice Hermano!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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so detailed...
very creative write you share
you bring the reader right there walking beside you
and your words so precise and well penned
very lovely and gifted you are
thank you so much for sharing

Posted 11 Years Ago

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11 Years Ago

thank you Ms. Mason... coming from a talented and gifted writer like yourself is very gratifying... .. read more
I think that you are very talented indeed Riskrapper,

this is a fine tribute, comprising of structural engineering knowledge with architechtural expertise and brilliant use of language, to list just the main great facets of this poem, I like your first person approach and I think that this is unique, very well done

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Dearest Sheema,
your compliment coming from a brilliant wordsmith like yourself is a stirring .. read more

11 Years Ago

Hey Riskrapper
it is my absolute pleasure
I love your work xx

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