A Letter to my loved ones

A Letter to my loved ones

A Poem by Rizaclaire

A letter to my children 


I lay here unaware of everything around me, 

My mind is fuddled I could not think straight, I see you yet not really, 

I see someone, standing right in front of me, someone who has my eyes, my lips 

But in the frame of my beloved’s face. 

I feel your touch but I could not sense your emotions, I can feel your tears on my face 

But I could not grasp your sadness, everything is a blur now, my understanding is fading. 

Perhaps this is what it would be like, slowly life is drawing and the curtain is falling  

Perhaps it is time to say our goodbyes but how can I, how can I say it? I have lost the ability to speak, to be heard, and to be seen. 


Is this how my life would end, strapped to a bed, strapped to a cold and inanimate object. 

Why should I have these artificial restraints, why not hold my hand instead.

All I ask is a little feeling, an anchor in these confusing times, I hear unfamiliar voices of sweetness, but they do not give me comfort, I am longing for something familiar, 

If my life fades, let it be your voice that I hear, let me pass my time in the comfort of knowing that I was never alone, and may loving words be the last things I hear.  

© 2020 Rizaclaire

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This is beautiful had a little tear in my eye. So compassionate, well done!!!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

A very moving picture of the way life ends for many. I used to work in a long term care facility and I imagine this one captures the way it was for many of those patients.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago


3 Weeks Ago

I work with patients as well and sometimes you deal with these scenarios in the healthcare field esp.. read more

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Added on June 15, 2020
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Chicago, IL

I am human, I am still looking for meaning and an essence to be one. I am significant only to a few but a few that I consider my world. I want to share my thoughts to those willing to give some time t.. more..