Whenever Two Agree

Whenever Two Agree

A Story by Bishop R. Joseph Owles

Jesus says "if two of you agree on earth about anything for which they are to pray, it shall be granted to them by my heavenly Father (Matthew 18:19)

I think this "agreement" not only applies to me and other Christians around me praying, but it applies to any Christian praying, and even shows why standing on the Word of God works.

If I have a need, I can get my church or a group of close friends, or some others to pray for me. If we all believe in what we are praying for, and are doing it in the name of Christ, then at least two of us are agreeing. There seems to be something logical about the notion that the more who are in agreement in prayer, the more powerful the prayer is and the more certain the thing being asked for in prayer will come to pass.

But when I read the Bible, I notice that there are often times when the people in its pages are praying -- and they are praying for Christians. Saint Paul does this a lot. In his letters he repeatedly states how he is praying for such and such about this and that. Yet, Christians believe that when he is writing something to the Ephesians or to the Corinthians, he is writing something to us as well (or else we would only read the Bible as an historical document and not as "The Word of God). So, when Paul is praying for the Ephesians to grow in wisdom, and what he writes to the Ephesians also applies to me, then I can be in agreement with Saint Paul and receive his prayer for me that I grow in wisdom. So at the very least, Saint Paul and I are in agreement about me growing in wisdom, so two of use are agreeing in the name of Christ; therefore, that prayer will be granted.

Now if I were arguing against myself, I would rebut with "But Jesus says that when two agree on earth -- Paul is not on earth. He is either dead and nowhere, or asleep in death, or in heaven, but not on earth." I would respond to myself, "That is true. But his words are still on earth. His intent is still on earth. His ideas are still on earth. They are in The Bible, and the Bible is on earth, and I am agreeing with the Bible, which is offering to me Saint Paul's witness and words and prayers for me and all Christians. God preserved those parts of Saint Paul in the Bible so that I could claim them for myself."

But it does not end there. If the Bible is the witness on earth, and it is the Word of God, then it is also the Will of God; therefore, when I am in agreement with the Bible, I am in agreement with God. Two of us (me and God) are in agreement about anything I pray for that can be found in the Bible. This means that when God says that Christ was wounded so that I could be healed, I can agree with God about that and pray to be healed in every sense of the word (spiritually, emotionally, physically). When Saint Peter quotes Isaiah and reminds Christians that we are healed by the wounds of Christ, I am now in agreement with God and Saint Peter. If I get a group of Christians together and we pray this verse from Peter's epistle and claim it for ourselves, now I have God, Peter, me, and all those assembled in agreement. Plus, being in agreement with God is being in agreement with "Three Persons" since God is Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). So, as Hebrews says, I have a "cloud of witnesses" with which to agree.

This is why Jesus says in Chapter 11 of Mark's Gospel that "all that you ask for in prayer, believe that you will receive it and it shall be yours." If we are praying what we find in the Bible, then we are praying for God's will and are agreeing with God, and whenever two of us agree on anything on earth in the name of Jesus Christ, it will be granted.





© 2013 Bishop R. Joseph Owles

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Added on October 3, 2013
Last Updated on October 3, 2013
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Bishop R. Joseph Owles
Bishop R. Joseph Owles

Alloway, NJ

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