A birthday wish

A birthday wish

A Story by Ms. R

the clocked ticked 12 , couple of minutes later i got a text from colleague reminding me to make my birthday wish.

what could i wish for on my birthday? After wondering for a few minutes it just hit me.
omg found it , i wish my brain would take a human form for 2 minutes only everyday, so i wake up prepare my coffee and we set down together those 2 minutes to reach an agreement about how my day will go, and it will be something like this.
so look buddy i have a real important day today at work , i have 2 meetings and that will be lots of human interaction, so you will have to behave very well today, no sending my mood down the drain in a blink, everyone their is really curious, you keep sending a different version of me everyday and they are all waking on egg shells around me, not cool buddy,not cool just give me a mood and keep it steady all day, and please make it an acceptable mood today as its really urgent, oh and please you know the usual wave of grief and sadness you send randomly during my working hours and i have to run to the bathroom to cry my eyes out and redo my whole makeup, i would really appreciate it if you canceled it today i don't really have time to redo my whole makeup on this tight schedule, and also no digging at any stashed memories that are older than 15 years, no i don't want to recall and regret what i wore to my 5th grade graduation party nobody actually gives a f**k , but tomorrow i have no meetings i will be at my desk the whole time you can do whatever you want but please don't make me get up to have a chatter with a colleague and then make me frown suddenly mid conversation and hate their existence and leave, not fun anymore buddy. so if you stick to the deal today i promise i will let you out for a couple of hours at night while i am consumed with candy crush, so you can perform all your tricks, i will be too tired to even have this fight with you.
but i swear if you do one of your usual tricks and fool me, i wont let it pass and if you finally manage to make me lose this job, and all the free time start picking at you and you finally wander till you go flying over the cuckoo's nest, i promise you that i will be too broke to get you the expensive medication that glow you back together, instead i will treat myself into some cheap seroquel or quitapex everynight so i can sleep for 18 hrs a day and leave you to suffer with all those chemicals, and no don't think anybody would pay my broke a*s to fix you and even if they did, hear me quite well on this, i won't accept it and i will leave you to fray, deal buddy? give me five and hobb back in.

and just like that we figure out a rigemen or a shcedule for everyday, well actually looking back on the whole wish sounds like my brain is already flying over the cuckoo's nest, damn

© 2017 Ms. R

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Ok that is cool I have never ever read anyone expressing there troubled thoughts with there brain before. THe idea of you and your brain having a conversation is unique and fun, I know D shouldnt have smiled but I did.
Reading this does make you wish you could jsut rip out your brain and come up with a game plan for the day so it didnt act on its own.
Very original creative and fun. Good work. I can see improvement in each piece you write.

Posted 3 Years Ago

Ms. R

3 Years Ago

Srchaud your reviews literally make my day , by far this piece is the closest to my heart, and dont .. read more

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Ms. R
Ms. R


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