A Chapter by Michael Raymond Robinson

Alexis is rescued at a young age only to be told she was the lands hope.



 It was snowing furiously; the wind was coming from all directions.  She was running, as fast as she could well carrying her baby sister.  The snow was slowing her, nearly over her knees, and the monsters that destroyed her family wagon were quickly gaining.  Alexis Dylirhi was only six, and she did not know what these creatures were.  She heard her father yell the word Gruager before he was struck in the heart by a large arrow.

They swarmed on the wagon quickly; the snow did not slow them as it did her.  Her mother tried to fend them off with a frying pan, screaming for Alexis to grab her six month old sister and run as fast as she could.  Tears were nearly freezing on her cheeks as she plowed through the snow.  She heard her mother scream, and then an eerie triumphant cry by the Gruager told her that her mother must have died.

Finally her legs gave out; she fell to her knees holding Alegra up from dropping into the freezing snow.  From nowhere, a bright flash bathed her from in front of her.  She felt warm; the bitter cold was pushed away.  There was a man, shimmering white standing before her, his legs penetrated the snow, but left no imprints.  She could almost see through him.  Looking up, she could see his deep gold eyes, staring down at her; a smile was on his ghostly face.  Her fear was swept away with the cold as she looked up at him.  Fear of dying, fear of being alone, and fear of being lost, all gone.  She was at peace, she felt genuine unconditional love.

She was conscious of the war cries behind her, but she did not want to run, she knew she was safe.  The creatures grew closer; she could hear them tromp noisily through the snow.  Her phantom savior turned his gazes toward them, his eyes went red, and his face grew angry.  Waving his hand, a burst of flames erupted behind her, the Gruager cried out as the burned.  She did not turn and watch, just staring at the calming face, basking in the warmth.  He waved his arm again, another burst, more screaming as he stared behind her at what she imagined was a gruesome scene. 

In what seemed like an eternity to her, the ghost finally stopped, kneeling down to her, he again smiled.  His hand reached to her chest, pulling her cloak aside, his finger rested on a small shard of metal that her mother had given to her just prior to the trip that led to her death.  As he touched her sudden wave of emotions flood through her flesh, deep into her young soul.  She felt love, compassion, hatred, betrayal and various others she could not understand.  His eyes were gold again, but not smiling, they held a tint of sadness.

“Go to the falls, when you are older,” he said without speaking.  But she heard him clearly, in her mind.  “You will know of my fate, my failure, but yet success in my mountains.  Seek the falls, find the path, find me, and end this curse young one.  You have the power, you are my hope.”

She did not know what he meant, but she nodded in agreement.  Falls?  Where, what?  Who was he?

Standing he looked to the south, toward the town of Rhiwenna's Well, where they were trying to go and from what she understood, almost did.  He pointed, she followed is gaze, the wind paused, parted, allowing her to see the patrol hurrying toward her.  She was saved.  They were saved, but what was to become of them.  She turned to ask, only to see her savior had vanished.

© 2010 Michael Raymond Robinson

Author's Note

Michael Raymond Robinson
This is a new take on a tale I started a few years ago. Due to some changes in my personal life, I altered the tale a bit, added a few more players, and brought in a bit more depth, or so I hope.

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Added on August 28, 2010
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Michael Raymond Robinson

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