A Story by Heather Clayton

Jules and Mila were fast asleep on their bed.


Garth came into the room. Garth the cat.




"What the hell," Said Jules. "Did you feed the cat, Mila?"


"Yes, but he wouldn't eat."


Again the cat meowed.


Garth jumped onto the bed and began scrathching at Jules face, turning him bloody, then Garth proceeded to go after his stomach.


"No, Garth, no!!" Yelled Jules, with bloody scratches all over his face.


"Oh my god, Jules!!" Said Mila. "What's wrong with Garth...."


"He can't be THAT hungry," Said a grumpy Jules.


Then Garth began walking towards Mila sideways.


"Oh no, you're not doing that to me!"


Mila got out of bed and grabbed a hairbraush, flinging it at the cat.


Then Garth left the room.


"I think our cat...is a...zombie!" Said Jules.


"You think!!" Said Mila.


Then they embraced as the cat began attacking the bird in the next room.


Zombie cat or not. Garth needed his food.

© 2013 Heather Clayton

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Added on February 2, 2013
Last Updated on February 2, 2013


Heather Clayton
Heather Clayton

Spring, TX

Hello, I love writing and have quite an imagination. Usually my writings are short stories and also I do some poetry. I'm 35 and I love animals, music and writing/reading. I studied creative writing a.. more..