Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 2: The Tale of Princess Lily

Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 2: The Tale of Princess Lily

A Poem by Davi Rodrigues

This is the second poem in my narrative. Following the ending of the last song, now we hear the Dragon Lady's story

Now you are sitting here with me
And your legs, you see, don't burn
You can call me Princess Lily
Boy, my story now you learn

A long, very long time ago
I was brought to life, a sprite
And my name was Princess Lily,
I came out of one, so white

So fairies spring out of flowers
Like the ones I find out there
What a nice name, Princess Lily
Were you royal in your lair

Oh, I'm so sorry, not a lair
That sounds like you're a wild mouse
Your hidden home, Princess Lily
Is it a palace, a house

Two answers you request of me
Two answers you will receive
I was Fairy-Princess Lily
Till our palace I did leave

A lovely palace, crystal clear
Built above the white clouds high
There I lived as Princess Lily
With the Queen herself lived I

Now I must ask you, little boy
Don't cut the story again
My time as high Princess Lily
Long lost, I barely retain

Where I was living, Fairy Land
I had duties like them all
Of dreams took care Princess Lily
Dreams, they were Lily's downfall

I sang the dreams of humankind
Whose division goes like this
Men and boys for Princess Lily
Women and girls for my sis

Now, I had another sister
And her singing was a flop
We were three, me Princess Lily
Princess Rose, Princess Snowdrop

Snowdrop, the poor, just couldn't sing
She took care of winds instead
So she envied Princess Lily
Princess Rose she wanted dead

My God, she must have been the worst
I thought fairies were all good
What did she do, Princess Lily
To have you off'ring me food

Did she curse you, did she trick you
Did she rip your fairy wings
What did she do, Princess Lily
Tell me 'bout her evil things

I don't think her act was evil
She took advantage of me
But she hurt not Princess Lily
What she did was help me flee

Wait for me, my little list'ner
Don't you get ahead of time
I, the former Princess Lily
Will get to our fairy crime

If you stop me even once more
I will not tell you the tale
You'll never see Princess Lily
Saving your Papa will fail

Oh no, please do not go away
I want Papa to feel joy
Do not leave me, Princess Lily
I swear I'll be a good boy

Alright, you have this one last chance
But stop me and be sorry
My word as the Princess Lily
I give you, I'll end the story

You see, I got to know humans
Whose dreams were often so odd
Their wishes made Princess Lily
Feel sometimes a little awed

I sang of love, and flight, and friends
And of meetings so earthy
Then I, the pure Princess Lily
Wondered if life was worth it

I longed to feel the things of men
To know what I sang about
Though I was high Princess Lily
Sometimes I just wanted out

But, alas, the royal fairies
Don't leave the crystal palace
So I, being Princess Lily
From the far sang my ballads

Only fairies of the seasons
Those sprites with special duties
Went out, unlike Princess Lily
To set up natural beauties

Though you might find rare exceptions
Like a Tinker you might know
That's not so with Princess Lily
Well, it's past, it was not so

For us spirits know the magic
Rules that have forever ruled
So when I was Princess Lily
I did everything I could

Well, I learnt that if I were seen
A godmother I'd become
No more I'd be Princess Lily
I would help some human chum

Then to get someone to see me
I changed some lines in my song
Adding the name Princess Lily
Although I knew that was wrong

I let myself get too caught up
On a lyric changing spree
Once when I sang Princess Lily
A man fell in love with me

I was so desperate to be found
I didn't pay attention
He dreamt about Princess Lily
When full of earthly tension

He then devoted his whole life
To the search of Fairy Land
Where he would find Princess Lily
And fulfill his heart's demand

He took pride in an invention
He made to fly through the clouds
But he saw no Princess Lily
My land is not for the proud

I found that if someone found me
As their own effort's result
I would remain Princess Lily
A sprite that remains occult

They had to find me by surprise
I should go out to be seen
To make a plan Princess Lily
Called the daughters of the Queen

Rose declared I was an outlaw
Snowdrop said that I was bold
She agreed with Princess Lily
Of a secret spell she told

If you put on a silver ring
And also a golden one
Your will be free, Princess Lily
You can go out to have fun

I'll glide the winds and roam the earth
I can find the pair of rings
Your sister, dear Princess Lily
The freedom you want she brings

As fast as winds that she commands
Snowdrop darted through the skies
She found rings for Princess Lily
As fast as a falcon flies

Oh, I feel the sun is rising
I can't meet you in its light
The rhyme of this Princess Lily
I'll finish tomorrow night

Well, it's okay, I must go too
Papa wakes me up so soon
Bye bye, lov'ly Princess Lily
We meet half a day from noon

Have a nice day, little list'ner
Dreaming you'll hear in my verse
How they punished Princess Lily
With the Dragon Lady curse

© 2013 Davi Rodrigues

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Author's Note

Davi Rodrigues
I wanted to make these following poems shorter or as long as the first one, but I can let go of my pretensions. The story needed more stanzas here.

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Added on September 11, 2013
Last Updated on September 11, 2013
Tags: Narrative, Poetry, Fairytale


Davi Rodrigues
Davi Rodrigues

Brasilia, DF, Brazil

I like writing in English, don't know why. Sometimes I think I write better in English than in my own language. Portuguese is not so much my thing. more..

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