Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 3: The Curse of the Dragon Lady

Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 3: The Curse of the Dragon Lady

A Poem by Davi Rodrigues

Phew. I can't seem to reduce or keep the length of the songs xD This is eight stanzas longer - again.

Much more than nice was the boy's day
He played and wrote and painted
All about that Princess Lily
With whom he got acquainted

His Papa, though, was a true mess
With circles around his eyes
Could it be the Dragon Lady
Was in the dreams of both guys

You had a real bad night of sleep
Papa, what'd you dream last night
I dreamt of a Princess Lily
And it was a real delight

I'm glad that you enjoyed your sleep
That you dreamed of a fairy
And not of the Dragon Lady
I did and now I'm weary

The smart boy knew they were the same
But his Papa prob'bly not
The boy called her Princess Lily
So that he would not get caught

Because the father seemed afraid
And he might not like to know
That the dreadful Dragon Lady
Was the boy's friend, but his foe

You mentioned the Dragon Lady
Last night before we both slept
Though I dreamt of Princess Lily
My doubts about her I kept

I promised that I would tell you
And tell you, my boy, I will
About the mean Dragon Lady
It's time to listen, sit still

One night I stopped at a lost inn
Just to rest and get some air
How funny, now, Princess Lily
Was a painting I saw there

So I wound up falling asleep
And I dreamed of desolate woods
And then came the Dragon Lady
Off'ring me delicious foods

What did the Lady talk about
Also tell me 'bout her looks
Did she look like Princess Lily
Or like dragons from the books

She offered a bowl of pottage
Which I took and gladly ate
She called herself Dragon Lady
When I ate she sealed my fate

She said that on turns of seasons
She'd play terrors in my head
Creatures like sweet Princess Lily
Would be but a fleeting fad

Now I am bound to have her come
Turn my dreams into nightmares
Victim of the Dragon Lady
Until her pottage she shares

And I'll tell you about her looks
She was a woman much more
Pretty than your Princess Lily
I'm sure, though I never saw'er

She had a tail and pointy ears
For sprites I think that's the norm
A dragon the Dragon Lady
Then became, that's her true form

Now you should go, it's time to sleep
Once more it's bedtime for you
Go dream of your Princess Lily
Go sleep without much ado

Sure I will, Papa, and I will
Dream of Princess Lily dear
Not about the Dragon Lady
I'll be safe, Papa, don't fear

The boy went fast to bed that night
Ever shut he kept his eyes
Slept to meet with Princess Lily
To hear truths and maybe lies

A cottage in the hidden woods
His dream's setting was the same
At a time the Dragon Lady
In the hidden cottage came

You showed up, my little list'ner
I'm so glad your way you found
Here's a gift from Princess Lily
I swear it's not ev'ly bound

It's a hood that fairies put on
Which hides them collecting teeth
That now I, the Dragon Lady
To you, my darling, bequeath

Thank you, Lady, that's kind of you
It seems you're in a good mood
What happened, sweet Princess Lily
You're not off'ring any food

You're surely happier tonight
As you come to tell your verse
Can it be the Dragon Lady
Has been set free from her curse

I'm afraid that is not the case
I'm as wretched as ever been
Ever since as Princess Lily
I cast a spell with my twin

But I'm happy to find a man
As young and faithful as you
You're safe from the Dragon Lady
'Cause your devotion is true

Now let us sit here in the flames
For me to finish my tale
Take a seat with Princess Lily
You're cold, I can see you're pale

Where I stopped, I still remember
I was just about to tell
How I became Dragon Lady
For casting the freedom spell

There I was with Princess Snowdrop
In my hand I had the rings
The sister of Princess Lily
The forbidden spell she sings

Her voice so shrill and out of tone
Sang of how the seasons changed
How I'd become Dragon Lady
When day and night rearranged

One ring the moon and one the sun
To rid you from all the locks
Of being our Princess Lily
On solstice and equinox

On those four days you'll be a sprite
With power to rule the fire
You will be the Dragon Lady
Only one thing I require

On those four days you'll be a sprite
Free to walk out and about
The one task of Princess Lily
Snowdrop will then carry out

You'll be a beautiful woman
Free to love and work and eat
And while you're the Dragon Lady
Your dreaming men I will great

Very well, it is more than fair
That you get what you demand
Have the job that Princess Lily
Still loves, but leaves on your hand

On those four days of ev'ry year
You can assume my duties
While I as the Dragon Lady
Enjoy the earthly beauties

And then I stopped wearing the rings
Keeping such a secret safe
From the Queen of Princess Lily
Not letting my fingers chafe

She did not know for a long time
That one of her daughters dear
Left home as the Dragon Lady
Four days and nights ev'ry year

Princess Snowdrop, who knew Nature
Created new types of dreams
Not singing like Princess Lily
She had it all in a scheme

She'd paint with colors of the winds
Some animated pictures
Every time the Dragon Lady
Was breaking rules from scriptures

Then Princess Rose rattled on us
Though she keeps her denial
Princess Snowdrop, Princess Lily
Had to face the Fairy Trial

And the Queen hesitate did not
To give me as penalty
Living as the Dragon Lady
Forgetting my specialty

Princess Snowdrop was not guilty
And I pledged in her favor
To replace me, Princess Lily
While bitterness I savor

Now all year 'round but on four days
I must live as a peasant
When I'm not the Dragon Lady
Trapped in a time unpleasant

I live human life as I wished
And on my four nights as sprite
I try to be Princess Lily
Singing dreams, but giving fright

For I have lost my gift of song
To those by my pottage bound
The voice of the Dragon Lady
Is a shrill and dreadful sound

And this is how, my little boy
I left the Fairies' palace
Lost the life of Princess Lily
And lead a life of malice

To save your Papa, boy, bring me
Golden oh, silver zero
To set free the Dragon Lady
Find my rings, be my hero

© 2013 Davi Rodrigues

Author's Note

Davi Rodrigues
"The Curse of the Dragon Lady" is an ambiguous term, referring to both victims: the Lady and the Boy's Father

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Added on September 13, 2013
Last Updated on September 13, 2013
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Davi Rodrigues
Davi Rodrigues

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