Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 4: The Quest of the Little Hero

Of Nightmares, Dreams and Fairies - Song 4: The Quest of the Little Hero

A Poem by Davi Rodrigues

In the fourth and last song, we hear the unchallenging tale of the boy's expedition, and how the story ends for everyone.


Are you in shock, little list'ner

Upon hearing my request

Is it too much, little hero

D'you think giving up is best


It's not so much that I'm in shock

It's just the fear of a child

To become your little hero

Are the challenges too wild


That's not the nature of this quest

You can do it all, I'm sure

All you need, my little hero

Is for your heart to be pure


Well, I think it is worth the risk

If you say it's in my might

I will be your little hero

And bring you the rings tonight


You'll need more than the fairy hood

Here you go, you take this stone

Rub it and you, little hero

Of my voice will hear the tone


Listen, now, time has come so soon

You can use it once a day

Good luck to you, little hero

Find a witch, she'll say the way


When Lily said those words she poofed

Dust was in her place instead

And alone, the little hero

Quickly did the thing she said


First he walked around his cottage

Then he walked along a path

Through the woods; the little hero

Never stopped to catch a breath


He ran and walked all through the woods

In search for a gentle witch

But who met the little hero

Was - don't use this word - a b***h


You want a way to Fairy Land

Said the witch so conceited

Give me something little hero

If you pay I'll concede it


I don't have a thing to give you

But to bring something I swear

Have my word as little hero

I'll get what you want from there


I guess I can give you credit

So here it is, take this mug

Have a sip, now, little hero

It'll shape you as bug


Then you can fly straight upwards

As an animal you'll see

High Fairy Land, little hero

Bring a fairy wand to me


A fairy wand, ok, but why

You have magic already

But you see, o little hero

My spells are not so steady


The boy agreed and sipped the drink

He flew fast like an arrow

But alas! the little hero

Was brought down by a sparrow


I'm on a quest to Fairy Land

I'm a boy, not a true moth

I'm a disguised little hero

You won't like me in a broth


If what you say is really true

A question you can answer

How can humans, little hero

Fly with bones so much denser


We build something called an airplane

It's a machine made to fly

I see; alright, little hero

Your freedom I won't deny


But I'll be waiting for you, and

What I request is a must

To help me fly, little hero

Bring some of the fairy dust


For I am old, you see, my wings

Are now weak, and help I need

He let go the little hero

And the little boy agreed


He fin'lly got to Fairy Land

Straight up like the witch told him

And as moth, the little hero

Went in, no one to hold him


He saw the fairies gleam and float

Season, tooth, and nature sprites

Truly awed, the little hero

Saw the fairies and their rites


He saw a pool of fairy dust

And streams of liquid crystal

Where sprites bathed, the little hero

Also heard a fine whistle


T'was the sign of season fairies

Winter sprites now back from Earth

They flew by the little hero

For now it was a time of birth


The Fairy Queen was there as well

The princesses beside her

And it seemed t'our little hero

That they were drinking cider


He was amazed and saw a lot

And heard and felt a new taste

Sadly, though, the little hero

Had no more time to waste


He looked out for the metal rings

Which were in fact not hidden

Where they were the little hero

Read above'em "Forbidden"


Then down he came, down to the floor

And he wished with all his might

Be a human little hero

And he turned into a knight


Mortal, mortal in the plaza

It's a tall man in armor

I am just a little hero

Why, isn't he a charmer


Now, that was said by Fairy Queen

She too had a thing for men

One gift to this little hero

Why, in fact, let's get him ten


His quest was just too easy now

I don't want all of these things

Said the grown up little hero

I just want those metal rings


Have them, by my faith, just have them

I lost a daughter to them

Rid us of them, little hero

O, just how grateful I am


I have met your outcast daughter

Maybe I can help her back

So clever, the little hero

Earned more things than in a sack


Among them all the treasures asked

Fairy dust and fairy wand

Coming back the little hero

Was then carried to a pond


He turned into a boy again

When the ground his foot did touch

Let down by the little hero

Fairies put him in a hutch


You have deceived us, said the Queen

But now you're bound, we're even

Good luck, so-called little hero

I won't take what was given


Good thing you won't, Mama, for now

I can have the rings he took

You summoned me, little hero

Let me get you off the hook


I have been with you all along

And for help you didn't call

You're such a brave little hero

Come off the huch, rest and sprawl


My daughter, is that really you

It's been long, you are so changed

It's me, and this little hero

Helped my life be rearranged


Then Lily grabbed the metal rings

Placed both on just one finger

And thanks to the little hero

Again she was a singer


The boy set out to find his friends

That is, if you call them so

Those who met the little hero

Were relieved from all their woe


A fairy wand for the old witch

And fairy dust for the bird

Thank you so much, little hero

Were the words the lil' boy heard


And when he woke, Papa he saw

Who had slept beside his bed

Good morning, my little hero

Tell me what goes in your head


Papa, why do you call me that

And why do you look so proud

Why d'you call me little hero

You're a wee bit in the clouds


I dreamt of your story last night

I saw everything you did

I'm so proud, my little hero

I was set free by my kid


They hugged and danced so happily

Because dreams were in much need

For the dad of little hero

And now they were guaranteed


They led a normal life thenceforth

Almost normal, I would say

Cause indeed the little hero

Earned prizes on all those days


He could not have true fairy wands

Or fairy dust, or treasures

Even so, the little hero

Earned prizes in those measures


The Fairy Queen herself declared

His life would not be troubled

Rewarding the little hero

With earthly riches doubled


Each tiny spec of fairy dust

Each became a spec of gold

Given to the little hero

And all for his profit sold


And each and every fairy wand

Also any other prize

Thus earned by the little hero

Became wishes, I surmise


He fell for Lily when he grew

And when touched by Death’s right hand

The fairy’s dear little hero

Flew straight up to Fairy Land


He was the first among our kind

To become sprite when he died

And the former Dragon Lady

Was the boy’s heavenly bride


And so it all comes to an end

The tale of boy and fairy

Little hero, Princess Lily

In heaven got to marry

© 2013 Davi Rodrigues

Author's Note

Davi Rodrigues
The conflicts and solutions appear so quickly and superficially in this tale. It is a bit nonsensical. I have to say this was influenced by seeing my little cousins playing the other day, the poem turned out to reflect their spontaneity. That's how I see it.

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Added on September 20, 2013
Last Updated on September 26, 2013
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Davi Rodrigues
Davi Rodrigues

Brasilia, DF, Brazil

I like writing in English, don't know why. Sometimes I think I write better in English than in my own language. Portuguese is not so much my thing. more..

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