An ode to loss

An ode to loss

A Poem by Lina

what started as a confession to someone, turned into an ode to arab youth from its losing language


It’s clear who you blame for the distance between us, and I am certain that the finger you point is not aimed correctly. 

This distance is not measured with length, it is a matter so much more than metric equations and institutions.

Initially, I thought this was a pointing game too, often thinking that your fingers should point at you. But, now I found there os more to consider; your family, your upbringing and what you have for dinner.

I am not ashamed or offended, just a little bit sad; that you tossed me aside and thought I was bad. It’s not personal, you say... that much may be true, but I wash you would listen to me for once, instead of making me listen to you.

What you’re saying is great, I’m sure... But, I think I’ve heard it once before... somewhere “clean” and “pure”. 

-I’ll have to be blunt and say that I’m sorry... What you’re saying comes from somewhere which makes me worry! Are you sure this is you? You’ve got to be certain! I’m going to draw the final curtain...

Applause, applause!! You’re doing great... sounds rehearsed, researched but I won’t fall for the bate. - you love me, I know it! Even if you’re afraid to show it... I heard a slip here and there... you couldn’t help it- let’s be fair!

There’s more of now, being spread around... it’s making you finally listen and see! I’m not that for from you; you are part of me.

And I’m a part of you, I don’t deny it! If we learn to embrace each other, we can finally buy it; stop fighting each other, have grace, be content, and maybe finally we could learn to repent! 

© 2012 Lina

Author's Note

I wrote in that in between stage of half asleep and half awake. Enjoy?

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Added on August 13, 2012
Last Updated on August 13, 2012
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Amman, -, Jordan

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