Meet Jessie part 1

Meet Jessie part 1

A Chapter by romancewriter09

ok heres what ive got so far im not sure if there will be a part 2 of this chapter but just incase i put part 2. Well i hope y'all like it



Chapter 1: Meet Jessie
I was walking through the hotel and there she was hitting the bride with a pillow. What a site a girl with dark brown hair almost black with brown eyes, short and slim with poka dotted sweats on and a old t-shirt on wearing no shoes hitting the bride with a white pillow running down the whole and that poor bride, her short gold hair was knotted up and had feathers in it a clear sign that the pillow had broke. The bride was wearing a simple old fashioned white nightgown.
Now my part of the story: She would not could not get up. I pushed her screamed at her at the top of my lungs and she still would not move. We had to go on our morning jog and she was refusing to get up! Okay I have to admit that it was only 7am on a Saturday and it was kind of her wedding day and she didn’t have to get up till 10 because her wedding was at 2pm but didn’t she see how important this was? This was going to be out last jog as singles! So I hit her with a pillow. Yes you heard me correct, I’m 20 years old and I hit her with a pillow. I hit her smack on the head, but not only once but twice and then a third time and before I knew it I was hitting her repeatedly. That got her up; she ran away from me and out the hotel door. Before I knew it we were running through the halls her saying ‘stop it!’ and me saying ‘then get up and get your jogging cloths on!’ But she had the courage to still refuse. ‘No I will not! It too early give me at least another hour.’ ‘By that time it will be almost noon it’s called a morning jog not afternoon jog!’ ‘But why do we have to jog anyway? I’m in shape.’ ‘It a quality thing, it just about the time we share together.’ ‘Whatever, you’re weird.’ I finally stop hitting her with the pillow, face her and say, ‘ Now can you please get dressed?’ ‘But your not even dressed’ she says. Well, she does have a point. ‘Well then we can get dressed together’ I say. And what does she say? My sister of 20 years ( we are twins), she says ‘Eww gross.’ I grab her and say ‘come on now lets get ready for our last sister jog.’
I saw all of it, the hugging and the bickering. And all I can think is ‘Boy, that brown chick is hau-aut.
“Thanks a lot for this.” Mia said while we were jogging
“No Problem.”
“Why are we doing this again?”
“For the last time mia! For quality time!”
“ok whatever.”
“so, did u see that hot guy when we were fighting?”
“Oh Alex! Yea I saw him.”
“Idk but the guy with the long black and curley hair.”
“oh yea that’s Alex! You know him from the weeding rehursal.”
“No I didn’t go.”
“omg why?”
“I was out taking my Christmas shopping spree.”
“But its only September?”
“Yea its called my 6 months of Christmas. I go shopping every month for six months until is Christmas and yesterday was the 25th.”
“o wow”

© 2009 romancewriter09

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I really enjoyed your writing. I did like the story. I would like to offer up some suggestions if you do not mind. I Iloved the story it was very entertaining. Something you might want to watch and this is something I am developing in myself as well. Watch your run ons. Try to shorten the length of your sentences a bit in the first part. I love that they were sharing an sisterly moment. You displayed your story well. I can't wait to read part two.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on December 12, 2009



email me @ [email protected] if u want to know, CA

im 15 and im trying to write a book. i really need something like this because i feel like im in a dead end with my writing more..