A Poem by Ru Banerjee

A collaborative effort in writing poetry for the people of this earth--in the spirit of peace

[1] Sweet peace arising
O’er a world full of woe,
The Creator’s heart is shining,
Lighting troubled paths as we go,
Hold us forever safe,
Hold us forever safe.


 [2] Sweet dove, Peaceful Dove,

Sent as a message from Heaven above,

Chirping a message of hope to the world,

Keeping your peacefulness, little white bird,

Yuletide Harmony  be,

Yuletide Harmony be.


 [3] Joy floods our souls ’n our hearts

When opened to receive

Brothers in Spirit all fear departs

When we learn to love and believe

Trust His love and his word

Trust His love and his word


 [4] Sweet peace arising
Breathing life in streets of pain,
The crushed, the
battered pining
For a droplet of the holy rain.
Forgive us our blood and gore.
Forgive us our blood and gore.


 [5] Sweet peace in our hearts

Bring happiness to the world,

Jews, Muslims, Christians and more

Join our prayer for peace on each shore

No more wars on earth

No more wars on earth


[6] Come, Oh Come,
Jesus child,
May thy love undefiled
bring accord on this Holy Day,
driving war and strife away;
Heralding love and peace,
Heralding love and peace.


 [7] Sweet peace arising

Joyful hearts sing as one

Bowing to His will alone

We submit in humble gratitude,

Knowing that we are forgiven,

Knowing that we are forgiven.


 [8] Sweet peace, noble beliefs
You’re never far, always in reach
With a kind gesture to friends or strangers
One warm hand helping to guide another
Join me in humanity's dreams
Join me in humanity's dreams


 [9] O’er the moon shine

All tinkling hearts,

In Cadbury nights with rosy sight,

In laughter n’ love carrying baskets of gifts

It’ll come true…

It’ll start the year anew!


 [10] Let's look at the sky

stick to the hands

And Let's run together

to the star that shines

Hold us forever safe,

Hold us forever safe.


 [11] When chaos gets its grooming

We'll send it back to death zone

And march our people to the land so green

Where milk and honey flows

They'll forever have their peace

They'll forever have their place


 [12] Glorious smile

Nothing is vile

Dancing larks, joyful hearts

Enjoy the day where sweet peace is to stay

When we shall truly love,

When we shall truly love.


 [13] Sweet peace arising

Carried on the angels’ wings

Lifting melodies afar,

With the music of the stars

Sing over every heart,

Sing over every heart.

© 2010 Ru Banerjee

Author's Note

Ru Banerjee
In the spirit of peace on earth, 13 different poets representing unique faiths and countries form a collaboration and present to you this piece of work. "Sweet Peace" is a collaborative message from all of us to see the spirit of peace prevailing in the lives around us in the midst of the persistent terrorism, warfare, brutality and strife that has been a way of life for us since long. Poets who have contributed to this work are as follows: [1] Emma from England, [2] Shellie from Ireland, [3] Ellen from Canada, [4] Ru Banerjee from the United States, [5] Yos from Israel, [6] JohnL from England, [7] Helena from Australia, [8] Rock and Roll Cowboy from the United States, [9] Raja from India, [10] Jola from Poland, [11] Abd-afeez from Nigeria, [12] Charlène from Canada, [13] Craig Froman from the United States.

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this poem blows my mind, i wish i was part of it, because the messege restores a sense of peace in understanding the world, and the absolute beautiful messege sweeps the heart off its feet to ponder what desiring

the perfect sense of spiritual outlook can bestow, 13 brilliant poets
from around the world, in perfect harmony that i had no clue it was a mutli-national collaboration because the point of views blended so well. Amazing

Posted 11 Years Ago

Reminds me of evanescence, Wordsworth, Blake and AL Tennyson. Very eclectic piece indeed; so much said already in these stanzas. Liked the bold repetitions mostly.

Posted 11 Years Ago

This collaborative work is just mid blowing, i wish i was a part of it.... This overall piece sounds so classic and wonderful...

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is simply a magical collaboration..Heartfelt and endearing.
It makes me rethink my doom and gloom philosophy.. and quite
possibly restore my faith in mankind...Cheers to you all...

Posted 11 Years Ago

A powerful and beautiful poem. We must hold on to peace in our heart. One person had moved a whole country with the desire of care and respect for human life. A outstanding poem. Need more offers of friendship and less of hate.

Posted 12 Years Ago

wonderful poem... it breaks the divide and focuses on humanity

Posted 12 Years Ago

A very secular poem and enlightens the soul. Someone should write for and about the humanity. I feel you did a good job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Ru, it was such a delight and honor to be a part of this write with you! You are an exceptional writer and dear friend. Thank you for helping us see the world around us with wide eyes and open hearts...

Posted 12 Years Ago

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