One More Thing

One More Thing

A Story by roobato

A story of love that blossomed at the very end.

Atop a great skyscraper, they stood proudly - observing and admiring the chaos that sparked across the city line.

"The bonfire looks so pretty, especially at night." stated Lilin, with a calm smile on her face, staring down upon the streets. The sirens and panic only piled onto her euphoria, like piling logs to a campfire.
Tristan was at loss of words. The adrenaline, stress and vertigo that accumulated in his body only allowed him to look. They watched the destruction together. The night was as bright as a summer day, illuminated by the abundant amount of fire spread across the buildings.
"I can't believe it..." he eventually muttered, as another building gave in to its own weight, "It's finally over." he adds.
"I've never thought this day would come so fast," she exhales. "and here I am with you. It's reality."
Tristan looks over at Lilin with a look of bitter-sweetness and holds her hand. "I hope that's a compliment." They both chuckle.
"Of course it is, stupid.." she responds, "we've worked hard for this one night. But I am happy."

"Any regrets?"

An unsettling silence follows as Tristan anticipates her answer. Lilin tears up a little, while looking at the city. Flames glimmer in her eyes. She looks at him.
"We never did get to spend that much time together, did we?" She says with a tear-eyed smirk.
Tristan hugs her and whispers, "I think we did just perfect. It's all about the quality time, Lilin." 
They untwine and laugh. "Yeah, that is true. This really is quality." They chuckle again.
Tristan and Lilin watch the crimson bonfire together as they reminisce the events leading up to this night. They spend their time in silent elation, every second feeling better than the previous. The atmosphere is almost intoxicating. The ecstasy can be felt with almost every breath. A state of perfection has been unleashed.

Suddenly, the calmness is interrupted by a deafening beat coming from the rooftop doorway. 
"Open up and surrender! You are surrounded!" a distant force calls.
Both Tristan and Lilin knew what the barbaric beating and roaring of the doorway meant, and they accepted it with full acknowledgement of the events that were to follow. They embraced one more time, looking down from the giant monolith.
"But you know what they say - time flies when you are having fun!" She burst enthusiastically as she pulled a bomb from the back of her rugged, charred belt.
They untwined once again, but left their hands in a twist to feel each other's warmth.
"Don't worry, I will be seeing you very soon." He said with an honest smile on his face. Lilin radiates a smile of her own and gives him a peck as she pulls the pin of the 
grenade. She chucks it at the doorway.
They fly towards their conclusion, like birds leaving their nest for the first time. 

A faint whisper found its way out, fighting against the deafening vertical wind as they fly towards their paradise.

"One more thing... I love you."

The bonfire could be seen from the ground below and the sky above, as the state of finality was reached.

© 2015 roobato

Author's Note

Any feedback appreciated!

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Some great imagery in this.
Did you mean to mix tenses?
Personally I would stay with several more descriptive lines to set the atmosphere before any dialogue.
The ending is telegraphed in advance and not a surprise which is a shame great image of them jumping into empty air and descending to paradise.

If this was opening of bigger story that all culminates in this.. Would be good.

Nice work.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on November 14, 2014
Last Updated on September 5, 2015
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