I'm here

I'm here

A Poem by poetry-kiddo alienbaba

I'm here

Friends and people ask me my address, I hesitate because it changes so very often... Today as I recollect the last day I left home in the March of 2001 less than a fortnight after my Wedding...a home that had almost got erased from my memory, just like the maternal home in Tuem, Tonight I see them in vivid detail, the rooms the roofs, verandas, store-rooms, attics, woodpiles, backyards, lavatories, pig-sties, gardens, canals, altars, floors, garages, steps,... the 5 rooms given out on lease to different whole families of tenants simultaneously, from Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh...God! WE HAD HALF OF India AS OUR PAYING GUESTS.....HILARIOUS...BUT THEY RAISED US..IN the absence of our mother who was abroad for 30 years..we grew on poha, upitt, bharith, dal, chappati, sheera, uppam, sambar, dosa, samosa, ross, pulao..we were pampered by them...I was a landlord yet being a Tenant of SOTTO-MAIOR ..(now that OVER 2 AND HALF-CENTURY OLD HOUSE AND its small property has been purchased by my parents like the others neighbors have too)neighbours WOULD COME TO SEE MY COMPUTER 486 deluxe 2 ...the first in the village someone said, and my armada of modified bike. ..since that day 18 years ago I have been travelling with my family. We have had the time of our lives and I think its been one big sequential holiday from Caranzalem to st.Cruz to Taligao and back to st.cruz (then my shifting the home studio from caranzalem to st.cruz to panjim to donapaula to kerant to Assnora to Moira to another part of Moira and now its there compacted in a Levi's bag) and now at a lovely house in Merces Goa India 18 apartments in total ...what a gypsy journey!
I thank all the landlords and landladies and their families and wish them God Bless and success along with all the new friends and neighbors we have met and left all along.
It's been a humbling experience, receiving your kindness and generosity.
There was a time when I would lose track of the air-flights I would take, hopping from catamarans on foreign shores, staying in luxurious resorts from 5 star to seven star, to exotic cars then Trains and rickshaws and trams and tri-carts and finally pedaling on my faithful racer-cycle back home.And A BULLOCK CART RIDE BACK IN THOSE OLD RUSTIC FIELDS OF YOUTH. That was the life.
Now friends ask me what I do...
So I just thought to myself what am I doing?
well nothing much, nothing worthwhile at all...

Well I'm asking you now what would you like me to do?
I cant do anything overly profitable for myself my nature prohibits me from doing that...
Would you like me to come to your Town and start another business...

But Is there anything I could do for you?

God Bless...life is a beautiful journey...make the best of it while you still behold it!

© 2021 poetry-kiddo alienbaba

Author's Note

poetry-kiddo alienbaba
May I help you?!

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Nah na na na nah na na na, hey hey hey.....

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Added on May 11, 2021
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poetry-kiddo alienbaba
poetry-kiddo alienbaba

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