Heart's Desire

Heart's Desire

A Story by Rose Elizabeth

Love story from a guy's point of view. I might write more depending on the number of reviews I get.



                “I hate you!” she screamed as she slammed the door in my face.
                “Yeah… well… I hate you too!” I yelled back. What a lie, how could I ever hate her? She was the one, the only one for me. My friends called me an obsessive wreck and I knew it was true but still… I loved her. I watched her stomp down the street with the moon shining on that long strait brown hair of hers. I heard the screen door slam behind me, sighed and stared down at the side walk. There was a little snail squirming along and I nudged it with my foot.
                “Don’t hurt it!” screamed my brother as he ran out in his superman pajamas with a cape billowing behind him. I came out of my reverie to stare out at the direction in which I’d known she’d disappeared. I knew my mother would be pissed that I’d gone out after dark but she wasn’t here and she didn’t have to know.
                “Hey I’m going out go back inside and watch TV,” I told my brother as I rubbed his head and wandered out to the sidewalk she’d taken. As soon as I saw that my little brother had gone in I broke out in a run. I was glad that she only lived a street away, so thankful. I came across her house not ten minutes after she’d stormed out. it was an old, tall, proud Victorian mansion, with white side panels and a big black door with a stained glass window at top center. The curtains were drawn but light still shined from inside. I looked up at her window on the second floor. The curtain was open and I could see the light on the ceiling blazing down at her shadow watching out the window.
                “Why did you come!” she screamed once she noticed me and opened the window. I smiled slightly for some reason then got a hold of myself.
                “Because you know you didn’t mean that,” I said calmly.
                “Yes I did!” in three words she managed to break my heart. A tear fell down my check and I lowered my head so she wouldn’t see.
                “Please, Grace,” I whispered at the earth.
                “What did you just say!” she screamed down at me.
                “I love you Grace!” I shouted suddenly up at her.
                “What” she said incredulously.
                “I love you!” I screamed again.
                “How dare you!” she said in a hurt voice.
                “It’s what you want isn’t it,” I said in a tiered voice, “look I love you so much and I’m sorry I couldn’t say it before but I’m ready now. If you want me to I’ll yell it to the world! If only you’ll come down and kiss me.”
                “You’re just telling me that so you can sleep with me!” she screamed, her arms crossed her chest. I couldn’t believe she’d think that of me. Her last boyfriend had been such a pig to her so now that’s what she expected of me.
                “Gracie, I would never do that to you and you know it!” I shouted up to her in a defensive voice.
                “No… no you wouldn’t,” she whispered in a voice I could hardly hear.
                “Come down so we can talk,” I pleaded. Slowly she turned and I couldn’t see her anymore but I didn’t care if I had to sit out here all night and wait for her to go to school so I could see her again. I heard the door rattle and my heart started to fly. The door opened and out onto the deck walked her father and brother. They were strong fearsome men with huge chests and harsh faces. My heart fell into my stomach and I could feel the blood rush to my checks. I turned in terror and started to run.
                “Yeah boy you better get out of here!” cried her father with a raised fist.
                “If I ever see you around my sister again you’ll be sorry!” called her brother in a harsh voice. I ran all the way back to my house and passed my screaming mother and plopped down onto my bed. As I looked up to the ceiling I vowed that one day I would get her back and never ever lose her again.

© 2009 Rose Elizabeth

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Rose Elizabeth
Please, please review! Thank you for reading!

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Added on November 1, 2009


Rose Elizabeth
Rose Elizabeth


I'm a chocoholic who loves to laze around. Thankfully I'm not fat yet! I suck at grammer and spelling so please don't insult me for it! I love music and movies and I totaly think school is a dra.. more..

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