I'd Lie

I'd Lie

A Story by Rose Elizabeth

Based off of Taylor Swift's song I'd Lie. If you love Taylor Swift read this!


                It was only seven o’clock in the morning but my thoughts were still circling around him. When he was away all I could think of was him and when he was beside me all I could think of was having to leave him. I watch him pull into the parking lot in his old red pickup truck. I don’t think that passenger seat has ever looked this good to me. I felt my heart start to flutter as got out and walked my way.

                “Hey Taylor, what’s up?” he cried as he walked coolly over to my side clutching the left strap of his backpack to his chest.

                “Nothin’ much, what about you?” I smiled a huge smile that went from ear to ear.

                “Tiered as hell that’s what,” he said in a disgruntled voice as he went towards the front doors of our school, “I stayed up all night working on Mrs. Dame’s essay.”

                “Oh,” I ran to catch up with him with that smile still playing on my lips, “the one she assigned two weeks ago?”

                “No one likes a show off Taylor,” he turned around and shook his pointer finger at me. for a second we just stood there as I stared awkwardly into his eyes. I took much entertainment from gazing into his eyes; they were the most wondrous eyes I think I’d ever seen. With a dark blue around the iris that went to green in the middle and dark green around the outside. At this point I was starting to see the changes in the veins. He looked away suddenly and I looked at the ground where he had stood as it suddenly hit me that I really needed a hobby. Together we made our way into school. Of course at their normal post stood Cassandra and Leo by the cafeteria door sucking each other’s faces off. I smiled nervously at him as we walked on by and through the lunchroom.

                “Haha!” he laughed when we were out of earshot, “what losers, I’ll never fall in love,” I watched as he unconsciously ran his fingers through that beautiful brown hair of his. I gave him a nervous laugh, because I hope he’s wrong. I doubt it ever crossed his mind that I took note of everything he ever said, or did for that matter

                “What is it?” he looked back at me with a worried face.

                “Oh its nothing,” I sighed and waved it away with my hand. I followed a little farther away now.

                “Come on Taylor, I won’t bite,” he laughed and I faked a giggle, “no what’s really bothering you?”

                “Oh it’s just a French quiz I have to worry about,” I sighed and passed him by as he stopped by his locker.

                “Good luck,” he sighed hopefully, I turned back around to face him but the hall crowded at that point and I couldn’t see him. I sighed and headed off towards history. I knew everything about him down to his favorite songs. His favorite colors green, he loves to argue, he was born on the seventeenth, his sister was beautiful, and he has his father’s eyes. But whenever anyone asked me if I loved him, I’d lie.


                It was third period before I saw him again. I sat in the almost deserted classroom waiting for the bell to ring and watching the door for my friends. Cosmo was the first one I saw come through the door he sat down at the desk in front of me.

                “Hey,” I said as loud as I dared. He turned back and gave me a smile.

                “Fine,” he says in a curious way. “How are you?” he continued in a funny way.

                “Good,” I sighed quickly before he turned away to watch the board. I smiled and looked back down at my books before returning my gaze at the door. That’s when I saw him come in laughing at a joke one of his friends told him. He saw me and gave me a wink before saying goodbye to his friend and walking my way. He sat his books on the desk and looked around the now crowded room at all the talking students. I saw Milly gazing at him with a playful smile but he just continued to look over everyone with a smile on his face. He looked at the desk in front of us and waved hello to Lee. Together they laughed at something he said and then he sat down just as the bell rang and our teacher bounced into the room. The minutes flew by and all I could see was his shining face. Shouldn’t a light go on!? Doesn’t he know I’ve had him memorized for so long!? I knew everything about him and for what to sit here and stare! I turned my attention back to the board to hear our teacher go off about black and white photo shoots. I looked back and him and started to consider the way he viewed the world. He sees everything black and white just like those photos on the board. He was such a strait forward kind of guy who knew what he wanted and that’s why I thought he would never love me in all my shy pensive ways. I pursed my lips and looked away when he felt my eyes on him and looked to see what I wanted. He gave a smile and I could feel an intense heat fill my checks. I shook my head so that my dirty blond hair fell across my face hiding my expression. He laughed before facing the front again and I followed his gaze. I didn’t look at him again until the bell rang. I stood and waited as he gathered his books he got up and a sudden surge of frustration lit up my insides as he didn’t even look at me while he was so busy talking to Lee. They laughed and walked out the door with me following unnoticed not far behind them.

                “Oh, Taylor, I didn’t see you back there,” he laughed as we pushed through the crowd and Lee disappeared. I laughed slightly as I hoped he was joking and together we made our way through the hall. I accompanied him towards the opening of G pod which led to lunch and the gyms and other such things.

                “Well I guess this is goodbye I sighed and looked down at my feet as he waved and walked off for first lunch. I walked on up to EE pod and sat down in my deserted French classroom. When Diana came into the room she gave me a polite hello and then proceeded to ask me what I’d gotten for a certain calculation in our physics lab. I told her what I could and then we were back to our own sides of the room. I never really liked this class I just took it because I wasn’t sure what else to take. We started to talk about a new verb conjugation and I kind of zoned out. When the bell rang for second lunch I was off in a bound. I grabbed my lunch and headed towards G pod. I got there in just enough time to see him talk to his ex. I remember that he was so in love with her that he was totally crushed when she dumped him. It always took my breath away when I thought of that day. The halls were deserted and I came across him sitting with his head in his hands. I hid in a doorway and watched him shake and when his head would pop up I’d see his eyes were red and it squeezed my heart to see him hurt like that. I don’t know why he never let anyone see him cry but then again I was the one who wouldn’t let anyone see me wishing he was mine. I could tell you his favorite colors green, he loves to argue, he was born on the seventeenth, his sisters beautiful, and he has his father’s eyes, but if you asked me if I loved him I’d lie.


                Lunch was a little distracting as I sat with Zane, one of my funny ninja friends, and he told his little jokes. It was always nice when he’d give me the money to buy cookies but then again I wouldn’t go up to the snack bar sometimes without a reason. I got back to class and we finished our exercises and were off to fifth period. I had this one with Cosmo too but he mostly focused on his friends giving me the occasional hello. When finally it was time for sixth and my foods class I rushed to my locker and down the stairs and bolted for B pod as fast as I could to find him waiting at our table with his hands behind his head. I was glad to find that all we had was a worksheet which together we finished in only a minute.

                “You’re so smart, did you know that,” he smiled at me and stared lazily out from under his brown hair. It took my breath away for a minute.

                “Oh… I’m not that smart,” I blushed.

                “Of course you are,” he smiled again. Just then the bell woke me from my dream. He stood up and gathered his things.

                “I’ll see you later Taylor,” he chimed. For a moment he stood in the doorway and looked at me with a sad smile and then I watched as he walked away. I picked up my books and walked out after saying goodbye to my teacher. As I made my way to my locker I thought about how well I knew him. He’d never tell you but he can play guitar. Sometimes when he stood there in silent thought I figured he could see everything, everything but my heart. I met up with my friend Blair and we talked for awhile before I went towards physics. Somehow I struggled through another class and was finally on my way home. I got out and went to my locker taking my time talking to Kida as I got out my books and closed my locker. I walked towards my car and got in with a sigh. When I got home I settled in to work on my homework. Neither of my parents got home till seven and even then they were very busy so I just decided to put away the books and watch Friends on my DVDs. I went to sleep thinking about how he and I could be.

                The first thought when I wake up is my God he’s beautiful. So I put on my makeup and pray for a miracle. Yes, I could tell you his favorite colors green, he loves to argue, oh and it kills me, his sisters beautiful, he has his father’s eyes. And if you asked me if I love him, if you ask me if I love him, I’d lie…

© 2009 Rose Elizabeth

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Cool! It sounds like u are good at interpeting stuff into things we teenagers can get! Love it!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on December 5, 2009


Rose Elizabeth
Rose Elizabeth


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