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I want to have an opinion on how good this is so I can tell if this is really how I want to start my story


I had never been a great fan of parties; I belonged as far away from the spotlight as possible. Apparently my best friend didn’t get that because at that very moment she was literally dragging me down the sidewalk.

“Come on Izzy! Don’t you want to have some fun! This is our last year of high school after all,” Siobhan giggled back at me.

“I told you I’m not into parties,” I muttered.

“Oh that’s right, you’d rather be in your dark room blasting your music and writing angsty stories and what not,” she sighed and rolled her eyes at me.

“They aren’t angsty, they are my innermost thoughts and I’ll trust you respect them, thank you very much,” I growled.

“Well then your innermost thoughts are very angsty,” she laughed, “Come on, we’ll have loads of fun tonight.” She smiled back at me softly.

“Only because it makes you happy,” I sighed and started walking with her instead of against her.

“Yes!” she squealed, “We’re gona have a blast! You’ll see! You might even meet a cute guy!”

“Oh would you shut up miss perfect girlfriend material.”

“You know you would make a fine girlfriend too if you just gave it a chance,” she smiled.

“When you smile like that it makes me want to barf,” I sighed.

“You are such a Debbie downer!” she shouted at me.

“It’s not my fault you’re so obnoxious,” I chuckled. She shook her head and continued on walking.

“I could totally hook you up with someone you know that right?”

“Drop it.”

“No seriously I know this great guy…”

“I don’t care, you know I’m more of a loner anyways,” I sighed.

“Please don’t lock yourself up away from society, people can be real fun once you get to know them,” she smiled the same sickeningly sweet smile.

“I told you I have my own fun, I don’t need other people.”

“Does that mean you don’t need me?” she pouted.

“Of course I need you, but the rest of the world I could do without…” I sighed.

“Not even your own family?”

“Oh quit being difficult.”

“But that’s my job!”she laughed.

“And no one knows that better than me,” I mumbled.

“Oh look we’re almost there!” she giggled in excitement clapping her hands.

“Who’s throwing this shindig again?” I sighed.

“Oh Laura invited me, I don’t know who’s hosting,” she smiled.

“And you don’t care do you?”

“Not in the least,” she looked back at me and grabbed my hand, dragging me along, “Come on, let’s just have some fun!”

“You aren’t going to make me socialize are you?” I muttered as she dragged me through the front door.

“I don’t make you socialize.”

“As if, you’ll drop my hand the second we enter that door and then I’ll be forced to talk to… the others…”

“Hey baby,” a tall and tan blond boy bent over her shoulder and kissed her neck.

“Hey, hey Bobby, save it for later big guy,” she giggled as she patted him away.

“So who’s the new guy,” I whispered in her ear.

“Want me to get you and your friend a drink?” he smiled at me broadly.

“Sure,” she gave him a huge and highly flirtatious smile.

“Hey! You know I don’t drink,” I hissed in her ear.

“Oh chill, I’ll drink yours. You big baby.”

“I’m not a baby I just don’t drink, sorry you have a problem with that,” I sighed and walked away. When I turned back around she was long gone.

The music was pounding and the rooms were dark. I wasn’t sure how to fit in with all the grinding couples and drinking teens. It’s not like I really wanted to. I’d seen alcohol and underage sex ruin so many lives I knew better than to emerge myself any more. I watched Siobhan from the side lines to make sure she didn’t get into too much trouble and that was enough for me. That’s probably why she brought me along, otherwise I was a complete party pooper, in case you couldn’t already tell.

“Izz! What are you doing here?” sounded a high squeal in my ear. I was suddenly trapped in a bear hug.

“Hey Cammie,” I mumbled, “Just enjoying the party that’s all.”

“You will never guess who’s here,” she giggled in my ear while she grabbed my hand and started to drag me through the crowd.

“Well who is it?” I shouted over the music.

“You’ll see,” she laughed. I’d never been that found of Cameron but she always seemed to come back to me. She was one of those high energy girls who was friends with everyone, if only in front of their backs. I highly doubt she had anything against me but at the same time I highly nervous about who she wanted me to see. There were a number of people I could go my whole life without seeing ever again.

“Where are you taking me?” I muttered as we went up a slightly deserted grand staircase.

“They’re waiting for us upstairs,” she laughed.

“Wait, who’s waiting?” I started to panic, “What’s going on?”

“Just wait and see,” she turned and gave me a smile at the top of the steps.

“Fine,” I sighed and she continued to pull me. We stopped at one of the doors along the hallway of the enormous mansion house.

“Well?” I asked impatiently as she stood smiling at the door.

“Here we go,” she muttered happily slowly opening the door and pushing me in front of her. She pushed me through the door into a nice sized bedroom with about eight people in the room including Siobhan on the lap of her newest boy toy from the party. Poor Bobby he was probably left abandoned somewhere down in the crowd.

“You!” there was a loud shout from the other side of the room where a boy had been facing the window before.

“You!” I screamed back.

“Oh Izzy there you are,” Siobhan slurred from her spot on her boyfriend on the floor.

“Yes here I am now would someone explain what that mess is doing here?” I hissed.

“Actually I have as much right to be here as you!” It was Mickey… my ex…

“Would you two quit arguing, we’re about to start,” Cam sighed.

“Fine,” we huffed at the same time then looked angrily at each other.

“Well since you’re feeling so great, Izz, why don’t you go first?” Cam smiled. I looked over at Siobhan. She was already making out with her boyfriend.

“Is she playing?” I asked timidly.

“Yeah, I think she’s just getting warmed up,” Cam smiled at me. “Come on the fast you draw the fast you get out,” she said sweetly pushing a top hat in my direction.

“If I don’t choose I won’t have to go at all.”

“Well that’s not an option, now pick a number out of the hat and you can get this over with,” Cam pushed me with the hat and I hastily pulled out a piece of paper.

“Seven,” I sighed looking around the room at all the looserific guys who could be number seven.

“S**t,” I heard from the window. Damn it! Somehow I knew it would be him, it was just my luck. He silently walked into the closet.

“Do I have to go?” I whined.

“Sorry,” Cam gave a small smile, “Try not to kill each other in there ok?”

“Whatever,” I huffed and walked in after him. The light quickly vanished as Cam shut the door the second I entered.

“Seven minutes of this,” I sighed to myself as I slid down against the back wall.

“Don’t think I like the idea any better,” he grunted

“What the hell are you doing here anyways?” I hissed, “I was sure you would stay back in your precious London.”

“It is a thousand times better there but I have a lot better business opportunities…” he muttered.

“I’m sure there’s plenty for you to do back home,” I sighed.

“So I heard you hooked up with some idiot from private school I bet he’s living off mommy and daddy.”

“That was a long time ago and you have no right to call him an idiot… besides I heard you hooked up with some hooker.”

“Yeah that was a long time ago,” he laughed.

“Was she really a hooker?” I giggled.

“Well on her way to being one,” he smiled.

“Ha, only you…”

“Only me what? I’m not the only guy who would get with a hooker.”

“You’re the only one who would fall for her.”

“What makes you think I fell for her?”

“I can just tell by the way you talk about her,” I smiled bitterly.

“Macy told you didn’t she?” he huffed.

“She did no such thing, actually no one else could see it but miles away I could totally tell.”

“I think you’re just totally jealous cause I replaced you so fast,” he laughed.

“Really cause I think you were just trying to make me jealous seeing as I had just then hooked up with private school guy.”

“Why did you do it,” he said seriously.

“What does it matter?” I laughed.

“No really why did you leave me… for him?”

“It really doesn’t matter!” I almost shouted.

“Come on please tell me,” he whispered.

“Oh I see… you’re still not over me,” I smiled.

“That’s not funny.”

“Then why are you here?”

“Why did you leave me?” he half shouted.

“Because you were being an over protective dick of a boyfriend!”

“How was I being an over protective… dick of a boyfriend when I was overseas!?”

“Because you never gave me a moments rest… there was texting almost every minute… I just got tired of it.”

“Well there was no reason for you to start cheating on me!” he got up.

“Y’all doing all right in there?”

“Yes miss southern bell, we’re just having a little spat!” I shouted, “Give us a little longer!’

“We’re not having a spat,” he muttered.

“For your information I never cheated on you!” I hissed.

“The hell you didn’t!” he shouted, “What was his name anyways?”

“Why so you can go beat him up?” I giggled.

“Ha, maybe,” he said half joking half serious.

“You’re such a bully,” I sighed.

“Are you still together with him?”

“Maybe… why? Do you want to get back together?”

“Only if you want to…” he sighed.

“You’re serious aren’t you…?”

“Yeah, why else would I come all the way to bloody America,” he let his accent come out again.

“I think you should speak with an accent all the time… you would drive lots of girls crazy.”

“Is that your way of rejecting me?”

“No… it would drive me crazy to… but it isn’t a yes either.”

“So I take it you’re not still with him?”

“What do you think?” I huffed.

“Can’t you at least give me another chance?” he whined.

“Look who’s all upset now,” I laughed.

“This isn’t a laughing matter…” he said quietly.

“You idiot, I don’t think I’d ever go out with you ever again,” I sighed and stood up just as the door swung open.

“Wait! Izz!” He shouted following behind me.

“That’s it Izz, keep ‘em wanting!” Siobhan shouted from the ground.

“Hey, you shut up!” he shouted and grabbed my arm.

“Not now,” I frowned at him and continued walking.


“Outside!” I huffed. I marched down the stairs and past the crazy drunk teens towards the door. He followed me like a dog and I laughed as he almost ran into me when I went outside and stopped. I grabbed his hand and headed for the surrounding woods.

“Where are we going?”

“Where no one will find us…” I sighed.

“I like the sound of that…” he chuckled hesitantly. I pulled him deep into the woods like I had one summer so long ago when we first met each other. I pulled him around and against the tree.

“Are you really here for me?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes,” I whispered, “I really want to know.”

“What will you do if I say yes...?” he whispered back.

“I don’t know…”

“Would you let me kiss you…?” he slowly got up close to my face.

“Maybe,” I sighed breathlessly into his ear.

“Then yes, twas the only reason I came back.” He leaned in and slightly pressed his lips to mine. a rush of memories filled my mind and I was dizzy all of a sudden. I could remember growing up together in London and kissing him at the top of the big Ferris weal. The time we made out in a closet during a class trip to Buckingham palace. Of those days when we went on vacation to the country side and would make out for hours anywhere we could be alone.

“Baby why did you leave?” he whined into my mouth.

“Because my mom wanted me back,” I sighed.

“Your mom?”

“Well her parents, to be exact, they wanted me to be brought up like a proper southern lady.”

“You’re a ways from the south now,” he sighed.

“Well… at least I can get this far.”

“Are you going back anytime soon?”

“I’ll have to be back before school starts…”

“Then I’ll have to come down with you and meet this prep school dick.”

“Would you stop calling him that!” I squealed.

“As long as you promise me there is nothing whatsoever going on between you two.”

“I guess you could say that…”

“You have broken up haven’t you two?”

“Of course… he broke up with me a while ago but… I think he still has feelings for me…”

“Well he’s just going to have to get over you cause you’re mine now,” he laughed quietly into my ear.

“Yeah…” I sighed. Look at me. I came to this party hoping that I wouldn’t go back to having a boyfriend and now I’m making out with my ex in the forest. Maybe he thought we were a done deal but I wasn’t sure this was a set deal yet.

“Hold on, my phones ringing…” I sighed pulling away. “Hello?”

“Izz, Dan said you weren’t home,” my mother sighed.

“And…” I prompted.

“And it’s late I’d like you to be safe with your brother this late at night,” she said angrily.

“Mom it’s only eleven, I’ve been out way later,” I sighed.

“What your brother never mentioned that,” she said in shock.

“Yeah well Danny doesn’t tell you a lot of things,” I sighed.

“Would you please just go home,” she whispered.

“Fine,” I sulked, “but only because I’m not really enjoying this party.”

“Alright sweety call me when you get home.”

“Will do,” I sighed before hanging up. “My mom wants me to go home and quite frankly I would like to go home and take a nap.”

“When will I see you again…?” he pleaded.

“Actually I was wondering… if you drove would you mind giving me a lift home? I think Siobhan is drunk.”

“Sure,” he sighed.

“Alright let me go get her.”

“How did she get so drunk so fast?”

“Like any good Irish girl she can’t quit hold her liquor,” I laughed.

“Alright I’ll go get my car…” he sighed.

“Kay, see you in a minute,” I smiled. I ran as fast as I could back to the house and back up the room.

“Oh hey Izz. Are you two alright?” Cam asked in concern.

“Yeah, where’s Siobhan?” I asked breathlessly. She just gave me a weird look and then looked at the closet door. There were loud moans pouring from the small closet.

“How long have they been in there?” I asked in disgust.

“Since you left,” whined the guy she had been sitting on and kissing earlier. With a great sigh I went to the door and gave a loud knock.

“Shevy! I know you’re in there! I’m coming in!” I shouted. “Both of you better have on clothes!” I yanked the door open and was in shock at what I saw. She was sitting on top of him just staring at me… with no shirt on.

“Oh Shevy,” I whispered as I stared.

“Either come in and join or leave us alone!” she giggled.

“Neither, come on Shevy let’s go,” I muttered coming in and pulling her up. “Where’s your shirt?”

“I don’t really know…” she said loopily.

“Oh up on the shelf,” squealed Cam reaching up to get it and then handing it to me.

“Thanks,” I muttered, “next time we’re not coming.”

“Oh come on Izzy, you know she always does this sort of thing,” Cam said worriedly as she helped me carry Siobhan to the door. “Sorry it came out this way,” she said quietly.

“It’s fine, can you help me get her out the door?”

“Sure,” she smiled happily.

© 2011 Rose Elizabeth

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Wow. Loved this. It was pretty great

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Love this!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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