A Poem by Rose of Gondor

I am weary

So weary

I can’t even find the strength

To keep my head up


They say what doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

They tell me I’ll be fine

But this is something time won’t mend


My eyes are dry now

I’ve run out of tears to shed

My body is so heavy

My numb is so numb


I want to fall asleep

To escape cruel reality

But deep down I know

I can hide, but not forever


I can’t do this any more

My heart is so tired

It beats so slowly

Everything is gray


You won’t know how I feel

To me, it was memory

It was the hard work I had done

In the past four years


You won’t know how it hurts

Watching memories disappear

Watching them fade as if they’d never been there

And I can tell you, it hurts like hell



Everything’s gone

Nothing left

Not even a scrap of cloth



Everything’s gone

Nothing left

Not even a single word


So tired

So slow

It’s as if everything’s a dream

And I’m only sleepwalking


But I know in my heart

All of this is real

And it cuts like knives  know

It’ll never come back


I’m soaked in rain

Covered in clouds

My eyelids are so heavy

I’m drifting, barely hanging on


What doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

Well, this does kill me

So why does it matter if I’m weak?


I struggle to get back

On my feet

Only to fall

Again and again


I am weary

So weary

I don’t have the strength any more

I can’t hold on


I lost a piece of myself today

A piece of my heart

A piece that I’d been working on

For the past four years



So tired

Can’t work my will

Can’t get up, because



Everything’s gone

Nothing left


© 2012 Rose of Gondor

Author's Note

Rose of Gondor
I'm so tired. So tired. I'm the shell of a girl that I used to know. I can't take it any more. Four years of hard work, laboring away, all gone in one night. I lost a piece of me yesterday, maybe not forever, maybe for eternity. I'm tired of wondering, so tired, of wondering if it's the last time I'll see those words sentences again, if they will fade forever, be nothing more than words from a half-remembered dream...

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I feel so heartbroken just reading this. I can feel all your pain, and although I don't know you or have no clue what happened, I am so sorry. But you have such a talent with writing poems, and from experience, I know that writing is the way to happiness, at least it is for me. When I was down, I wrote and it made me happy. It's like it takes me to a world where I am the creator, where the real world cannot touch me or stare me in the eyes. Keep writing, for it will bring you happiness when the real world cannot. Trust me, it will. And yes it feels like things will never get better, and it will take a long time to heal. But eventually it will, and I hope you stick with writing.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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:O Don't say that!!!! Recreate yourself and build something better! Become stronger and better and then be ready for whatever!!! I know it must be tough losing it all! But you'll manage! I know you will! :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

Rose of Gondor

7 Years Ago

Yep! WE charge headlong into battle and REPAIR the broken cities afterwards!

7 Years Ago

Rose of Gondor

7 Years Ago


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