Stay Gold

Stay Gold

A Poem by Rose of Gondor

bit of language

It’s been months and months now,
And I still can’t do it.
The lines don’t come out right,
The wordsmith’s eloquence is lost
And even if you weren’t Sherlock Holmes you’d be able to tell,
The backspace button is the one I’ve used most
Because there just aren’t words to describe you.
How can I describe you?
With mere adjectives and nouns and verbs?
With “blue” and “punk” and “leather,”
And “reckless” and “kind” and “golden soul?”
I can’t.
I can’t sum you up in the space of a couple hundred words
Because your existence is singular and golden and extraordinary.
You’re like the Christ-symbol on the first page
Of every high school required literature book come to life.
You’re Shakespeare reincarnated as a slam poet, mixed in
With just the right amount of Einstein. 
You’re a scientist and an explorer,
An engineer and an artist, 
A friend, a fighter, a romantic,
You're so, so, so human,
But there's something so bright about your soul.
You’re a walking contradiction.
And do you know what I’ve learned, staring at a blank page
For the last half hour?
After all these months I came to realize
That you’re not a poem,
And you’re not blobs of paint on a canvas either.
You are the great and infinite universe,
All the dark, light, consequential and inconsequential things that come with it.
You are the beating of human hearts
And the black hole at the center of a dying star. 
You are guitar strings
And the warmth of a thousand suns from each and every galaxy.
You are the edges of the fabric of time and space,
Constricting and twisting and wrapping around your bones
In a reversed big bang
To form you,
The most human human being,
Blue hair, starry-eyed impossible girl,
At the heart of the universe.
And I’ll be the first to acknowledge
That what we don’t say to each other
Often means more than what we do,
But you deserve much more grandiose words,
Long and beautiful and structured and melodic,
But since I am not Shakespeare, or Robert Frost, or Emily Dickinson,
I’ll happily steal from an author both of us once read in telling you,
That I’m glad to have met you and to be your friend,
Even though the whole Christ-symbol thing
Did come back to bite us in the a*s in the end.
And I just wanted to say to you,
No matter where you are,
“Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.”

© 2015 Rose of Gondor

Author's Note

Rose of Gondor
written about a friend :D

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The Outsiders...This is beautiful. It's always nice to see true friends together doing something meaningful for the other. Amazing ^^ Keep Dreaming.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on May 16, 2015
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Rose of Gondor
Rose of Gondor

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