Tru Blu Reddy:

Tru Blu Reddy:

A Poem by Eirinn

Humble habits climbing

up stone-way stair-ways


falling and balling,

Tumble, trumble and fell,

living fear here in hell, fall with laughter �" fall faster



Habitual rituals: Loose, choose, and get lost

Finding my mind in your hindsight, lives laster in limelight
Intersections in traffic in spastic space-case equilibrium



My eyes, they bleed; mouth choking, I feed
On blue: blue as your lies, blue as your sighs
Ice cold as breath, stone cold, stoner-eyes �" SLIVER.

Not no, not blue: RED, warm-blooded and dead-headed

Red (not blu) lips, soul, quivering�"shivering, hold up
Hands to the sky.


Red �" red as your eyes, red as your thighs,

Red as the heartache that’s making you blind


this bat bleeds absolute:


Fallacies covered by roots
Home run �" run home

Fast as fast as you can-can

Dance the way you wish you should,

Just like they taught you in grade school


“They” tell you to live, give, deliver groceries to old folks,

Poke fun at your soul, hoax, coax and deep wonder,

What you’d see without �" doubt it, shout it, and RAGE.


Revelations, hit me �" better this from that,  

stealing s**t from Disney

I know who I am, as for you?

Far as my eyes can see, you’re just obtuse

Bending mirrors, ship-shapely

Holding dinner like grape-leafs,

Holler up.

You can’t give f***s, cause s**t f***s you.

© 2014 Eirinn

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Added on March 1, 2014
Last Updated on March 1, 2014



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