With Love .. to the Moon

With Love .. to the Moon

A Poem by Roshan Nair

A common theme I've observed in many poems, is the one that talks about/to the moon,what surrounds it, its beauty & scars, with the exact same passion,despite us being fundamentally unique poets


In the cold of evening, I wake up in the dusty living room,

How did the sun leave so soon, where did it have to rush to?

The people here give me the love that has shaped my soul

I call out to the streets where the sweetened breads bloom,

There is a dusty din as the devils knights seem to pass numbing us all.


The pen is as old as my father’s grey mane; it’s still got some life,

It seems to call to me inside, asking what I see, in a strange language.

I try to wrestle with it as it makes me surrender:

Look out the window, there’s someone waiting for you all this while.


I look at her, she looks at me and we have found love.

There is no mercy or forgiveness; I give in to my new language to speak.



This maze is my home, I run through and across.

The joy of my feet only compares with the beat in my heart.

I watch the life as it grows within each wall, creating my empire,

My city, my kingdom, my life, each hand moulding a precious part,

I see myself within a wall and playing my simple drop in the ocean.


The chalks seem as ragged and dry as fallen peaches in the alley,

The wall calls out to me, to speak to it, a language I haven’t seen,

I stare at it blankly, questioning all I know, as it asks me:

What is it you see through the window while staring at the sky tonight?


I look it at him staring at me with his glance ever pure and cleansing,

I know no more than to let my mind to its calling, but I can’t help but drift into his rhythm.



My neck, it hurts as I crank it to see the flicker of light I call home,

To get back from my masked march in the lined rooms and corridors,

Concentrating all along, my mind has condensed into a burning ball.

The release they say are these bars and foliage in the back,

Where I am to be what I am again, the only recourse, as they planned.


The stairs seem to be leading me today to a place I don’t know,

I climb to the sound of my muted footsteps as they hasten.

It isn’t the old that call, but the voice that is calling me out is anew:

I’m waiting at the highest perch, come and see me, I long for you.


My minds perplexed, My heart seems to burn in the heat of the journey.

There he waits in earnest longing, waiting as I shed my days skin bare.




There’s no connection as I look at you, yet I see a million eyes,

You’ve been the promise for many, of dreams you told no one would see.

I came here all alone to be in your presence, naked as I can be,

to feel your pulse as you feel mine, but wait..

We are not alone here are we? ...

I can see them now... 

I see the streets of dust and rust as you look,

I see the little houses of waste where from where you called,

I see the towers towering so clear; there are many but none waiting in line.


I see them... I see them all...

Can you...

Can you see me too?


We all get back inside after a while to bleed on any willing surface about our embrace,

 in the tender moments of nights care, that comforts us saying

...tomorrow you’ll meet again

Written By Roshan Nair
 Copyright © 2015 Roshan Nair

© 2015 Roshan Nair

Author's Note

Roshan Nair
No matter where we poets come from... I believe we are truly united by this one almost magical phenomenon of nature. I loved reading each piece by the other poets here about the moon and the unity of emotion comes through so beautifully across each writers penning this around the world.

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Featured Review

The opening is just wow! The transition from light to dark; mind still not set to the gloom whilst the eye catches a glimpse of the beautiful moon and falls in love.Clock as a Metaphor follows, envying it.
"in the tender moments of nights care, that comfort us saying
...tomorrow you’ll meet again" --Too Good(y)
Keep up Roshan :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Roshan Nair

8 Years Ago

Thanks a lot deepika :) Im glad you liked the piece, I tried getting scenarios from different enviro.. read more

8 Years Ago

I appreciate your creativity! :)


it connects, taking us all on same plateform

Posted 6 Years Ago

I like this piece, beautiful descriptions and flow. Great use of analogies, they really made the poem come alive!
'There is a dusty din as the devils knights seem to pass numbing us all.'

That had to be my favorite line in the whole piece. I don't know why, it just sort of spoke to me. Great job, keep writing!

Posted 8 Years Ago

I find it very creative the way you have described the entire action of seeing the moon. It is a very unique approach. The walls and windows all pointing out the beautiful light from the night sky.... forcing you to look up, craning your neck and be mesmerized by the beautiful moon of the night sky...

Beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.. :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

The beauty of the moon is enticing, alright!
Loved the imagery and the flow.
Effortless and flawless!

Posted 8 Years Ago

"In the cold of evening, I wake up in the dusty living room,
How did the sun leave so soon, where did it have to rush to?" - There are no use for commas here. That is just an example the overall piece needs grammatical revision.

Theoretically I love your play on punctuation with the bold, italics and the separation of each stanza.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love the transition of words, the restless mind and writing about the poet with their obsession with moon. How do you manage to write so much man?

Posted 8 Years Ago

The wordplay in this one is exquisite. I love the way you shift the view / poem from a descriptive point to a first person view where your words resonate the feelings of the main character(s).

Very well written. Good job :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

I can feel the magic expressed through this writing. I feel like I can exactly understand what you are writing about, even if I am not really sure if what I just understood makes any sense. Very beautiful and inspirering anyways!!!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Thank you Roshan for taking us on your moonlit journey! :) I love your imagery. The moon has surprised me twice recently, having been low enough in the sky to peek inside my window. But only to move in minutes, and hide behind the tall Douglas Fir trees. I love the way you gave the moon a spirit, because it most certainly feels that way.
The moon connects us, in that amazing way that you and I can both see it, yet we cannot see each other, divided by so much land. This is a great moon poem, and well written! :) Your poem inspires me to write a moon poem :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

Amazing! Liked it very much XD It felt both heart aching and yet magical!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Roshan Nair
Roshan Nair

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hey, I am Roshan, I am a poet, writer, musician and artist. I love poetry and it has gotten the best of my creative side off late. I sincerely hope you folks enjoy checking my content out and let m.. more..


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