Look no further

Look no further

A Story by rr458

A love story

Awaken by the smell of burnt toast, Sydney got out of bed and wandered to the kitchen. There her mother had made breakfast.
'Your toast got slightly burnt. Im going to work, don't touch anything.' Her mother snorted.
'You will never trust me.' Sydney sighed grumpily.
'No never' and with that her mother left.

Sydney longed for a bit of love in her life, she longed for someone to care. She didn't go to university and had no job. She was always looking for something, but never found it. Today was different, today she had had enough.

Sydney discarded her burnt toast, got dressed in her finest and sent herself to the job center. Upon arrival, she found a perfect job. 'Waitress in the Friendly Fridays'. Friendly Fridays is a restaurant in her town, where there are some lovely people. Sydney went there often when her mother wasn't around.

Sydney couldn't wait to go for an interview. Two weeks passed by so quickly and then it was her day.
She combined her finest clothes with some of her mothers clothes and set off down to Friendly Fridays.

She got there and was relieved to see nobody else going for the interview. In fact, she was the only on who turned up. She got the job without any qualifications or any experience! They even offered to train her.

A month later, and Sydney was ready. she had told her mum, and got the usual who cares response. Nothing could bring Sydney down as today, she started working.

She was at Friendly Fridays at 9am and her shift finished at 1pm. Long shift, but nothing was going to stop her.

She smiled, she took orders, she cleaned tables, she even got her first ever tip! and another and another! Everybody loved Sydney, especially one guy. 

Ever since Sydney had started working there he was also there at 9am for a Friendly Friday breakfast special. Every day he talked so kindly to Sydney. Then it happened.

'Sydney, when you started here i could tell you where looking for something, someone......Well look no further.'

© 2012 rr458

Author's Note

I only wrote this because i was bored. It's not anything good. But i would still like to know your thoughts???

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Okay, i just read my own writing. It's too cheesy and really quite bad!! LOL! Fail

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on April 14, 2012
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I like to write. That's it really. I love reading and i want to be an author! more..

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